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My Journey in #BlogchatterA2Z - Reflections And Gratitude


Well, this is my enthusiasm for completing #BlogchatterA2Z. this year. The feeling of a success is already there!

If you don't know what this hashtag represents then, please let me tell you in brief.

#BlogchatterA2Z was a daily blogging campaign that happened during the whole month of April. In this campaign, bloggers were supposed to write 26 posts that represent posts from A to Z. 26 alphabets and 26 posts. The community that organizes this A to Z blogging challenge every year is a well-known name, Blogchatter. Blogchatter as a community promotes bloggers in achieving success through their blogs. For this, they keep organizing such blogging activities. This year's A to Z challenges was given the hashtag #BlogchatterA2Z. I could not take part last year in Blogchatter's A to Z blogging campaign. But this year, I did, and after completing this year's A to Z blogging challenge, I am feeling so thankful to Blogchatter for organizing such eventful and winning campaign.

Honestly, I had no idea how to execute this blogging trek when I got myself registered. Without much planning, I quickly decided a theme to follow in my post for #BlogchatterA2Z posts. I did not want to take bigger risks so I opted a subject which is common yet interesting. Spices. Yes, my theme in this year's #BlogchatterA2Z posts was Spices. Spices are nature's gems that not only add to the taste of our food but also give us health benefits.  They are part of our lives through the food, but we know only little about them. During whole April, I wrote on 26 different spices. It was really thought-provoking to first study about any specific spice and then write over it in brief. I already had a fondness for spices and now after studying so much about them, my love for them is on next level.

Although it was not that easy to write daily as I expected it would be. It was my first attempt at A to Z blogging challenge and I had not planned it meticulously. Somehow I survived. And the credit I would give first to my husband who encouraged to be in the challenge till the end. During this time, my son suffered sickness and for two weeks, I was on my toes. Balancing a sick child, office, domestic chores and daily blogging was really challenging. However, with my husband's support, I was able to write all 26 posts right on time.

Next, I would give credit to my twitter chat group to keep me motivated until the end. Initially, I felt that I am a misfit in the group. I was writing on a completely different domain and very limited I was able to take part in the group discussions. Yet I found group mates really inspiring and helpful. They all are amazing writers and I am still to touch the base where they all stand.

Now coming to what I gained with participating in A to Z blogging challenge, my google analytics report is flashing a few great things. All the numbers improved (DA, PA, No of visitors, session duration etc) and eventually bounce rate came down. I am really sunny seeing the performance of my blog for the month of April. A to Z blogging challenge has definitely given a boost to the numbers. For some, these numbers may not be important but I see them as a result of my efforts.

With this year's experience in A to Z blogging challenge, I am deeply encouraged. When I had no planning and I survived with writing posts daily, I am sure that if I plan the whole challenge carefully for next year, I would be able to add more feathers in my cap. Until the next year's A to Z blogging challenge comes, I would prepare myself with a better theme and better presentation ideas. I would also work to excel my writing so that readers feel contented after visiting my blogs.

Thank you Blogchatter to keep motivating me with those great mailers. I enjoyed all secret activities and all the insightful sessions that happened during the A to Z time frame.

Looking forward to next year's A to Z blogging challenge!
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  1. You did great, and thank you for sharing your spice knowledge!
    Blogchatter is an awesome group, and so supportive!


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