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शादी करना फायदेमंद है या नुकसानदायक?

आजकल शादियों का सीजन चल रहा है. जहाँ देखो किसी ना किसी की शादी हो रही है. मेरे अपने ही परिवार में दो बेटियों की शादियाँ है इसी हफ्ते. ऑफिस में भी शादियों के निमंत्रण मिल रहे है. पर ऐसे ही मेरे दिमाग में ख्याल आया कि जब शादी जी का जंजाल है और हर शादीशुदा आदमी (ज्यादातर) और औरत यही कहती है कि शादी का लडडू ना खाया जा पा रहा है और ना निगला फिर अगला हर कोई शादी के लिए क्यों तैयार हो जाता है? ख़ुशी ख़ुशी शादी करने वाले बाद में एक दूसरे की कमियां निकालने में ज्यादा समय लगाते है. और बीच-बीच में वो अपना संजीदा डायलॉग भी बोल देते है एक दूसरे को "तुमसे शादी करके जिंदगी की सबसे बड़ी गलती की है मैंने.."

अब लोग शादी क्यों करते है इसके पीछे कई कारण हो सकते है. कुछ प्यार में अंधे होकर शादी करते है. कुछ समाज और घर वालो के दबाव में कर डालते है. कुछ ऐसे भी है जो दहेज़ के लालच में शादी का लडडू निगल लेते है और बाकी बचे लोगो को सुधारने के लिए उनके घर वाले किसी और के मत्थे मढ़ देते है मतलब शादी करा देते है कही. आम तौर पर लोग समाज और घर वालो के दबाव में शादी करते है और फिर जब भी शादी के बाद झगड़ा होता ह…
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Thoughtful Gifts for the Men in Your Life

Giving a gift to your special ones is something that should not be a chore. It must come from your heart. Making someone feel special is more than enough reason to make you give more. It tells the receiver that you were thinking about them.

Three, the most important men in my life are my father, my husband and my son. For three of them, I thoughtfully juggle my mind and finally select the best gift. Buying gift for my father and for my son has always been easy for me. For the little master, being a mother, I can buy things that I pretty well know He Wants and I Want for Him. So that's always my call. For my father, I have a long list of items that he longed for in his life but due to other important family expenses, he couldn't buy them. He was the sole earning person of the family and being a responsible father and husband, he always gave his wishes least importance. He is an ideal father, I must say. So when needed, I pick one such item from that "wish list" and gif…

How to clean toys and stop your kids getting sick

With a baby at home, we try to take extra caution when it's about cleanliness. We keep our houses clean, the floor gets mopping many times and bed-sheet gets changing timely. We sanitize baby clothes after washing with detergent. We use good quality dish wash to keep germs away from baby's feeding utensils. But we often overlook baby's toys. Babies are constantly touching toys, putting their hands over them (whether clean or dirty) and many times take toys in their mouths so they can pick up germs and diseases easily. Washing and disinfecting toys help reduce the spread of germs, especially when many children are together. This means we can reduce the possibility of our babies getting sick by keeping baby's toys clean.

There are two basic steps to cleaning baby toys:  1. Cleaning: Most simple way of cleaning toys. Scrubbing with soap and warm water can reduce germs from the toys. It also removes the grease and grime. 2. Sanitizing: A sanitizing solution is needed for thi…

The Responsibility of Teaching Ethics to Our Children

A few days back, a shocking news made its place on the front page of almost every newspaper across the country. It was regarding the conviction of a class eleven child in charge of murdering a class two schoolmate. Putting to rest the questions over the intelligence of case investigators, the child confessed his crime too. Such incidents raise serious questions over the diminishing input of moral values in the children.
Children are, as we know, like we clay, who can be molded in any shape with the nurturing. The good and evil both encounter these little heroes every day when they face the world outside. From the neighbours to the school bus driver, from the school friends to the house help and from the teachers to family members everyone leaves their impression on your child every day. In such case, what the child should learn and should not learn from them needs to be managed.

I remember, how little bedtime stories had a deep impact on my thoughts and deeds which my parents or grand…

Insta Mothers, how you post such perfect shots?

Social media is no longer a time-pass thing engaging only those who have leisure time after work. I know many people who are running their businesses on social media only making it a professional engagement too. They endorse their skills, products and business offerings here. For instance, many of the mommies I am in touch with are mommy-bloggers who use social media to promote their blogs. This has also become a profession for many of them who get paid for their blogs’ content and promotion. Social media also brings many other paid opportunities for people who have the desired kind of talent in them. My changed view about social platforms encouraged me to develop my social wings too.

My raising social wings made me join Instagram recently. I followed many on Insta, mostly the fellow mothers, who are already popular Insta mothers. Honestly, I am a bit not set in posting my updates on this new platform as I am used to of posting my thoughts in clearly stated textual form instead of pos…

Vidya wants to give a wonderful message to all Housewives from the movie "Tumhari Sulu"

Have you seen the trailer of "Tumhari Sulu"? I think you must have and today the movie has released as well. After Padmawati, the next film that I am following bit time is this super talented Vidya Balan's flick. Ever since the trailer was released, Vidya is promoting her film with heart and soul. When I saw her candid interview on NDTV show, I was quite impressed by her way of thinking. Now I'll be honest in saying that when for the first time, I saw the trailer of Tmhrai Sulu and understood its theme, I was not much impressed. A wife, a mother of a tween child is talking sensually in a late night radio show, seems little inane for me. "Saari Wali Bhabhi Late Night Show". However, as Vidya started promoting her film on different channels and shows, I find myself taken towards the real intent of this film. The resolute that Vidya wants us to see and expect from the film is really a heartfelt message. "Mai kar skti hai..(I can do anything)."
In th…

Are we doing enough for our future generations?

At least now I accept that we humans are greedy beings. The fact that investing in the environment is not going to give any personal return is the reason most of us are reluctant towards this. If we plant a tree, the oxygen it would produce for us will not be debited into our personal accounts so that we can use it whenever we need. This is the most unfortunate thing with our environment as far as I believe because had this not been the case, all of us would have invested in the environment by now. I had got to know from trustworthy readings that one tree is equal to twenty Air conditioners when it comes to soothing us in summers. However, buying an AC is a personal investment we make. We get it installed for personal use and consume the benefits.
We are some 1.25 lakh crore people. If mere 0.01% of us plant a tree on a day, there will be a clean safe environment for all of us. I believe this is the only solution. I have noticed few concerned people investing in indoor plants and I r…