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How To Live Happier?

As per a survey done over millennials asking them what their most important life goals were, most of them said that they wanted to get rich and famous. But is money the secret to the happiness? People say NO, money is certainly not the reason to bring happiness, but should we completely forget the cash? A few times, my wallet was stolen and this never made me happy. Even I was gloomy for days thinking about the cash loss.  Then how we feel happy? How brain gives us the signals so as to make us feel happy? Happiness is a brain created phenomenon, undoubtedly, but what brain does is never straightforward or simple to understand. Science says there are things called " Happy Hormones " namely dopamine, endorphins, serotonin and oxytocin. Dopamine is mostly linked to happiness. So, if you want to feel happier you need to increase your dopamine levels. However, this is not that simple as it looks. The brain’s functioning is maddeningly complex. And something like "increase t
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Vibhu and Web Series - First web series that we enjoyed together

Television has been our biggest medium of entertainment for long. However, with the evolution of the internet, the monopoly broke and people started looking for a new kind of fun through the internet. Social media is one such kind of source of refreshment. Then we witnessed how slowly OTT platforms established their roots in our country and web series became the most-watched content among people of the new generation. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar are few very popular platforms that took over the digital space like a storm.  Then Covid happened. We all were at home and those who had internet access lapped up multiple  web series  on OTT platforms. With lockdown outside, it was binge-watching; nonstop, morning, day, and night. That further accelerated the growth and business of the OTT platforms like hell.  I am also one such person who got caught by web series fever during the first lockdown time. I was on maternity break and totally mad because of postpartum bugs. So I thought to cha

Face Masks Are Harmful too.. Know The Right Way of Using Face Masks

So it's all opened up now and the lock down is finally over. Many people are busy condemning and praising the government for the sudden lockdown which was no doubt a hard time for all of us. But you see we are now under this #newnormal I had also stepped out with my 15 months old little charm yesterday. I have also shared my experience of taking the baby out under these new normals in my last writing. You can see street full of vehicles, traffic and all back to business now. Many people in my society are roaming outside like we have really come out of threat. I see them socializing and exchanging well being. The only thing that matters now is wearing a face mask. Wear it and your are good to go. Isn't it? To be frank these masks are seriously less good and more harm for all of us. Here I'm listing down the most common harms of wearing face masks for its users: Breathing trouble: Your face mask causes filtered air flowing in and out with a barrier that usually causes us to

Five must watch Basu Chattergee Classics

  Themorning news took me to a reason for expressing my soulful tribute to the Great director Basu Chattergee. I prefer adding 'Great' instead of 'Late' with his name as I am a super fan of his films despite I am born in an year later than most of his films I look ve were released. I feel the great film makers of that era were unfortunately deprived of the stardom they truly deserve. I mean, I told his demise to a friend and his reaction confirmed that he has never watched a Basu Chattergee film. I then hmmm the song thoda hai thode ki zarurat hai... and tagged that it belongs to my most favourite Basu Chattergee film. Here I am listing five of Basu Da classics that are a real must watch for any Hindi cinema lover: Khatta Meetha: With legend Ashok Kumar and Rakesh Roshan this film is going to involve you into the complex life of simple Parsi people in late 70s where Homi Mistry marries Nargis at an age when the children of both are supposed to get married. The movie

Let's Talk about Tea Today #internationalteaday

Imagine the world without tea. Is it not as good as before or do you find it not worth living? Congratulations, you are a gem of the huge group of tea lovers in this world. How so much the time would have changed, Tea is the most preferred beverage of people around the world. In our country tea finds place in almost every social gathering. Someone's visiting us, do serve some tea. We are visiting someone, sure to be asked for tea at their house. Even marriages are fixed here on a date whe n the girl serves to the boy and his family. The virtues of Tea Through various researches it has been proved that tea has various benefits for its consumers, such as; Rich source of antioxidants Source of refreshment to mind and body Regulates blood sugar and blood pressure level Rehydrates the body Protects against various types of diseases. In ayurveda too, tea is mentioned as one immunity booster as health lifting thing. Thus, the regular cup of tea is not just a taste charm, it has much to do

#CauseAChatter Digital Accessibility, What Is The Need?

Accessibility is not new. Braille was invented in 1824 so that visually impaired people can read and it was the first significant efforts toward accessibility. But when Braille was invented by Louis Braille, a Frenchman who lost his sight as a result of a childhood accident, no one had ever thought that the future will be the technology era.  Today we are internet age people. Every single information and option is available on the internet and just one click away. Be it related to studies, entertainment, policies, shopping or work. If we notice, our lives are very much aligned with the internet these days. Isn't it?  Typically, we use devices like a desktop, laptop or a mobile phone to exercise service that the internet provide us. And for the ease of use, we also have keyboards and mouse to get things done fast. Unfortunately, not all the people around the globe are capable of accessing the web by using a mouse and keyboard. Why? Because they have one or other type of disa

#TheWomanThatIAm #RRxMM I am not the woman who..

I am not the mother who.. I am not the mother who stayed longer with her newborn, I resumed office when he was barely 2 months old. I am not the mother who witnessed each of my kid's milestones, I got to know them when being told. I am not the mother who could tell breastfeeding stories, my child is a formula-fed gold. I am not the mother who keeps the house spotless, I let my son scatter toys and go overbold. I am not the mother who manages a detailed list for parenting chores, I often keep my to-dos on hold. I am not the mother whom people admire, I hear people calling me selfish and cold. ALSO I am a doting mother who tries to juggle between family and work every other minute.  I am a mother who watches silly cartoons with my boy.  I am a mother who repeatedly tells the same story every night.  I am a mother who cooks my son's favorite food every week.  And I am also a mother who is the closest person in my son's life! I am not the wife wh

#CauseAChatter Digital Accessibility, Why is it important?

It is been almost two years , I am working in the accessibility domain. I am a software project manager and accessibility is the thing I get paid for.  Accessibility is making things usable for disabled people. It says to make our surroundings accessible for people of all abilities and disabilities.  My work is in digital/electronic accessibility which holds to make sure that every digital information is perceivable for specially-abled people. We test websites and apps to see if people with disabilities can use them. We also give suggestions on how to make them accessible, if they are not. And one step ahead, we assess website and app designs beforehand so that eventually they can provide a great usability experience to people with disabilities. Interestingly, for normal users, those websites look no different. But behind a new age looking website, we put an extra layer so that to make it instrumental for all.  During #myfriendalexa 2018, I wrote on a topic which is my wor