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5 Parenting Advice I Prefer To Ignore

You can't escape unwanted advice that comes along the way as you become a mother. Concerned relatives, overfriendly neighbours and even enthusiastic strangers who spot you with your baby, everyone thinks it's their duty to share expert parenting tips with you, no matter how crazy or strange they are.

A few days ago, my husband and I were watching a debate show wherein some parenting experts were discussing why kids of today's generation are so inhuman at times. They all were referring recent brutal crime cases done by juveniles. Many parents and kids were the audiences of that panel discussion. They were also asking questions and confusion in front of the experts. That discussion hit me somewhere. Although some problem that they pointed out like; today's over-protective parents and misuse of technology, were really true. But for most of their opinions, I found myself disagreeing. I was making a connection how the similar advice I received from different people despite…
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मन हारकर, मैदान नहीं जीते जाते..

पेड़ के ऊपर चढ़ा आदमी
ऊंचा दिखाई देता है।
जड़ में खड़ा आदमी
नीचा दिखाई देता है। आदमी न ऊंचा होता है, न नीचा होता है,
न बड़ा होता है, न छोटा होता है।
आदमी सिर्फ आदमी होता है। पता नहीं, इस सीधे-सपाट सत्य को
दुनिया क्यों नहीं जानती है?
और अगर जानती है,
तो मन से क्यों नहीं मानती इससे फर्क नहीं पड़ता
कि आदमी कहां खड़ा है? पथ पर या रथ पर?
तीर पर या प्राचीर पर? फर्क इससे पड़ता है कि जहां खड़ा है,
या जहां उसे खड़ा होना पड़ा है,
वहां उसका धरातल क्या है? हिमालय की चोटी पर पहुंच,
एवरेस्ट-विजय की पताका फहरा,
कोई विजेता यदि ईर्ष्या से दग्ध
अपने साथी से विश्वासघात करे, तो उसका क्या अपराध
इसलिए क्षम्य हो जाएगा कि
वह एवरेस्ट की ऊंचाई पर हुआ था? नहीं, अपराध अपराध ही रहेगा,
हिमालय की सारी धवलता
उस कालिमा को नहीं ढ़क सकती। कपड़ों की दुधिया सफेदी जैसे
मन की मलिनता को नहीं छिपा सकती। किसी संत कवि ने कहा है कि
मनुष्य के ऊपर कोई नहीं होता,
मुझे लगता है कि मनुष्य के ऊपर
उसका मन होता है। छोटे मन से कोई बड़ा नहीं होता,
टूटे मन से कोई खड़ा नहीं होता। इसीलिए तो भगवान कृष्ण को
शस्त्रों से सज्ज, रथ पर चढ़े,
कुरुक्षेत्र के मैदान में खड़े,
अर्जुन को गीता सुनानी पड़ी थी। मन…

4 Things Moms Should Do Alone Everyday

Being a mom can be overwhelming. You get no time for yourself. You barely talk to your friends. You have given up all your hobbies. And even TV remote control doesn't like to come in your hands. You feel as if you have no personal identity other than being a Mother. You are always there for your husband, kids and family member. But you often deem that no one understands you. You are doing things for doing and change of the day brings no change for you. Okay, enough of feeling negative!

If you are able to put yourself in a position like above para then you should know that you are not giving time to yourself. Other than loving your family, you should love yourself as well. You should keep yourself also in priority. Else the surge of dissatisfaction, loneliness, and tiredness will keep on haunting you. I am not saying that you should ignore the needs of your loved ones. However, I do believe that a mother needs to take time to remind herself of her identity beyond just being a mom. …

Why do I need a separate kid's room when my little one stays with me all day and night?

Last night I had my husband's office mate and his family as our guests. They were curious to see how the flat is designed in our society and looked at what is where at our 2 bhk house. 2 BHK means we have two bedrooms in our house and a hall. While we have a little one who sleeps with us only, the lady questioned me about making the other bedroom as kid's room while we could have made that our guest room instead.

Well, this is a question I was ready with the answer for as I had to face this several times before and I am expecting it to be repeated there for me in future too.

I politely smiled at her and said, "I could not name it anything but the kid's room." I then explained her why.
The wardrobe in that room is filled with stuff that I have to buy in bulk to keep it an economic purchase like, the baby diapers, baby wipes, and bags in which I dispose of them. I also showed her how the wardrobe is filled with the clothes that are bigger in size for my two years old…

#BlogchatterA2Z Theme Reveal - It Is All About Spices

When I started writing in 2015, my son was 14 months old. He only was my inspiration to start writing. I used to write my own parenting experiences and everyday problems. In many of blogs, I shared my wisdom as a working mother. I also gave importance to share how my husband supported me all through being always there for me. I never imagined that one day I would have my own blog and I would expand my horizons of writing. In 2017, I got my own blogging space with the name "Vibhu & Me". Vibhu is my son's name and he would always remain the biggest inspiration for my posts.

Now I write in diverse subjects. Parenting is, of course, my best-loved genre because I have practical insight there (I am a mother of a naughty boy). However, I love to write about Indian art, culture, cuisines, folklore, and mythology. Because this way I research a lot and reading about India and Indian culture always make me spirited. I also feel confident in expressing my views on relationships …

Be Healthy With Infused Water And InstaCuppa #SuperBloggerChallenge2018 #Instacuppa

Two things are in my mind mostly these days: Having a healthy Lifestyle and Staying Happy.
Happiness and good health are very much connected to each other, isn't it? If you are happy your health remains good. And if you are healthy, you keep on increasing your happiness. The easiest trick to stay healthy is to have a good water intake every day. However, as simple as it looks, for most of the people, drinking sufficient water every day is a task. They somehow ignore this very essential need of the human body. Every single cell in our body needs water to function properly. The result of less water intake is eventual dehydration, dull face, fatigue, bloating and weak immune system.

Can drinking water help you stay healthy? Spoiler alert, YES IT CAN!

Now, if you are bored of having the plane, tasteless water, then you must know about INFUSED WATER. Infused water is adding different kinds of fruit, vegetables, and herbs to water and letting it settle for some time. This way, all antiox…

Let’s talk about the kidney concern among women

We all have talked enough about women this Women's Day and had enough dose of Nari Shakti (strength of women). Let us now move further in the same direction by talking about keeping our women strong and by caring about the maintenance of the strength of women too.

World Kidney Day is observed every year on 9th of March by the world kidney organization. Specifically this year, world kidney day is celebrated with a women-centric theme that is “Kidney’s and Women Health: Include, Value, Empower”. The reason that women are so important to the universe when looked upon with the fact that close to 195 million women across the globe are victims of Chronic Kidney Diseases. Studies have pointed out that kidney problems stand for the 8th biggest reason of death among women. Approximately 600 thousand women die of some kidney disease every year in the world. Yes, the risk is quite high to care about the kidney health of women along with the care and concern showed for them at the internationa…

Because I love the Women in Me..

There are so many women achievers to count for us who have been an inspiration and role model for many of us. The list includes great women from our ancient history to those who have become achievers just this morning. Almost all of us would name a woman who has inspired us in life. I myself have remained influenced by the acts, life, and achievements of many women at different phases of my life. Yes, I had started with an assumption of being a great dancer when I had made my maiden moves on Shri Devi’s Nau Nau chudiyan song. Later, I remained influenced by Kalpana Chawala, Sushmita Sen, and Indira Nooyi also. My marriage made me look at my own mother as how she could manage a family life and workload in that much required balanced form and I became influenced by her too. But now, I feel I am a fan of my own self.

I am a housewife who had left job a few years back and could not join back after being indulged in marriage family life. I certainly would not recommend my name to a list of …