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Vidya wants to give a wonderful message to all Housewives from the movie "Tumhari Sulu"

Have you seen the trailer of "Tumhari Sulu"? I think you must have and today the movie has released as well. After Padmawati, the next film that I am following bit time is this super talented Vidya Balan's flick. Ever since the trailer was released, Vidya is promoting her film with heart and soul. When I saw her candid interview on NDTV show, I was quite impressed by her way of thinking. Now I'll be honest in saying that when for the first time, I saw the trailer of Tmhrai Sulu and understood its theme, I was not much impressed. A wife, a mother of a tween child is talking sensually in a late night radio show, seems little inane for me. "Saari Wali Bhabhi Late Night Show". However, as Vidya started promoting her film on different channels and shows, I find myself taken towards the real intent of this film. The resolute that Vidya wants us to see and expect from the film is really a heartfelt message. "Mai kar skti hai..(I can do anything)."
In th…
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Are we doing enough for our future generations?

At least now I accept that we humans are greedy beings. The fact that investing in the environment is not going to give any personal return is the reason most of us are reluctant towards this. If we plant a tree, the oxygen it would produce for us will not be debited into our personal accounts so that we can use it whenever we need. This is the most unfortunate thing with our environment as far as I believe because had this not been the case, all of us would have invested in the environment by now. I had got to know from trustworthy readings that one tree is equal to twenty Air conditioners when it comes to soothing us in summers. However, buying an AC is a personal investment we make. We get it installed for personal use and consume the benefits.
We are some 1.25 lakh crore people. If mere 0.01% of us plant a tree on a day, there will be a clean safe environment for all of us. I believe this is the only solution. I have noticed few concerned people investing in indoor plants and I r…

4 Ways To Teach Your Kids Important Money Lessons

I am raised in a family where every single penny spent was carefully thought of. My parents always planned their expenses very well with writing down how and when they spent a big amount. Even on petty expenses, my mother was very watchful. Their hard earned savings were always mapped to our more important needs like education, treatment, marriage, etc. As I grew up seeing them, I understood the importance of savings and how it could be instrumental in fulfilling our dreams and aspirations. Thanks to my parent’s savings, I received a good education which landed me a well- paying job in a reputed company. That's why I feel every child should learn good money habits like saving,  careful plannings and executions from the very beginning of his/her life.

Given how important financial skills are to navigating life, it is surprising that our schools don’t teach kids about money. So as parents, it is our job to teach our kids these important financial lessons. I also feel, that my better…

To, Dear Child in me…


Dear child in me..

First of all, Happy Children's Day..

You are an awesome personality. The way you look upon the world is just wow. Your way of talking, laughing, playing and not being judgemental at all make you really special. It is the quality of easily forgiving and letting it go in you that I always attempt to copy. Being such unaware of frowns or frauds is a blessing you have. You are a free person as your thoughts never bothered to go along with the theory of scare resources. You have it all which is why you are the most cherished part of my life.

 I am writing to you today because I am missing you. I seriously believe that life is the way you do. The phase in my life when you lead me I had a wonderful life. Mine was a stress-free life though I was not even educated enough to get a job. I was playful and joyful from within. I still feel like playing with a balloon, though I need to save those pennies for some other use which may be more practical and sensible. I st…

Making Memories for My Son

We all have our favourite childhood memories and we love to recall them again and again. A few months back when I was at my mother’s place, my mother started telling me my childhood incidences noticing my son’s naughtiness. Although she has told me those tales many times yet I love listening to them more and more. When she was telling me how she spent those five days when I, as a newborn, was in the hospital, I realized that all my childhood memories are around my parents only. I find no one else in my memory clouds when I look back, although I used to die for many other family members. A Facebook post saying “Kids don’t remember their best day of television” suddenly flashed in front of me.  And then my guilt trip started thinking am I giving enough memories to my son for his future?
I feel all SAH mothers are really lucky that they are participating in making beautiful memories for their kids. But for mothers like me who are working, the story is different. Working mothers don’t spe…

सिकुड़ते बचपन आज के बच्चो के..

चौदह नवंबर बाल दिवस के रूप में मनाने का औचित्य यह है कि पं. जवाहरलाल नेहरू मानते थे कि बच्चों से ही देश का भविष्य बनता है. उनकी यह अवधारणा सौ फीसदी सत्य है, क्योंकि आज जन्मा शिशु भविष्य में राजनीतिज्ञ, वैज्ञानिक, लेखक, शिक्षक, चिकित्सक, इंजीनियर या मजदूर कुछ भी बने आखिर राष्ट्र निर्माण का भवन इन्हीं की नींव पर खड़ा होता है. पर मुझे लगता है कि आज के समय में हम बच्चो के साथ अच्छा नहीं कर रहे. उन्हें भविष्य के लिए तैयार करते करते उनका "आज" उनसे छीन रहे हैं. दुनिया में धीरे-धीरे बच्चों का अकाल पड़ता जा रहा है. अकाल, बचपने का, अकाल भोली और सीधी साधी बातो का. पहले बचपन चौदह-पंद्रह साल तक रहता था. और मैं ज्यादा पहले की नहीं , बल्कि अपने ही बचपन के अनुभव से ऐसा बोल सकती हूँ. इस उम्र तक मेरे बचपन में ज्यादातर बच्चे अच्छा खाने और घूमने के आगे की बातें सोचते ही नहीं थे. पर आज के गतिशील समाज में बचपन सिमटता सा जा रहा है. हर जगह बच्चों में परिपक्वता सालने लगी है.

(गाय मीन्स काऊ (cow) - नई पीढ़ी की सीख)

कल TV पर एक शो देख रही थी. एक ७ साल की बच्ची ने कहा कि वो बड़े होकर ऑस्ट्रोनोट बनना चाहत…

Cheap vs.Expensive Bottled Water-The Cost of What is Free & Essential

If I ask you when you last bought packaged drinking water last, I am sure you would not count it from long ago. Obviously, because gone are the days when we used to count water as a free goodie from nature for all of us. We now buy this essential for life thing in various amount as per our needs. Be it a shopping mall or an amusement park, hospital or restaurant, travel time or even at home we pay for our drinking water.

During Durgapuja festival I had to buy drinking water from many places which made me notice how the price of the same drinking water changes from one shop to another. Buying a one-liter bottle of a reliable brand from a general store cost me Rs. 20, while the same brand bottle of an equal amount of water filled inside a pizza hut store cost me RS. 50 on the same day. The last bottle that I had bought was left in the car parked outside and I felt thirsty again while waiting for my ordered pizza. This made me ask for water at the cash counter where the person on servic…