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#CauseAChatter Digital Accessibility, Why is it important?

It is been almost two years , I am working in the accessibility domain. I am a software project manager and accessibility is the thing I get paid for. 

Accessibility is making things usable for disabled people. It says to make our surroundings accessible for people of all abilities and disabilities. 

My work is in digital/electronic accessibility which holds to make sure that every digital information is perceivable for specially-abled people. We test websites and apps to see if people with disabilities can use them. We also give suggestions on how to make them accessible, if they are not. And one step ahead, we assess website and app designs beforehand so that eventually they can provide a great usability experience to people with disabilities. Interestingly, for normal users, those websites look no different. But behind a new age looking website, we put an extra layer so that to make it instrumental for all. 
Digital Accessibility, Why is it important by Vibhu & Me
During #myfriendalexa 2018, I wrote on a topic which is my work. Digital Accessibility. ( With all the comments from my readers, I was sure that accessibility fascinated largest of them. They all acknowledged its need and were willing to know more. One of the readers also shared that suddenly the world changed for her due to an illness and things that we normally take for granted were no longer accessible for her. Not about digital accessibility, but we still don't have much attention towards making our transport usable for disabled people, public places are full of stairs, airlines at times don't agree for wheelchairs, and no law in place in our country to make sure the right of equality acts for Everyone!

When I first came to know about accessibility, I thought should I really care, as I don't have any disabled person in my family and among friends? Then I got to read a blog and I was soul struck. Some personalities come to this world with a by-birth disability. And most of them live with it for a lifetime. However, there is something called accidental disability which is a result of any mis-happening. Also there is a term called temporary disability, which a person experiences only for a short span. This means anyone can any moment join the other queue, wherein life suddenly seems unfair. Life is so unexpected, right!! Aging is another inability when low vision and cognitive strengths play poorly. Accessibility is hence a need of every other person around us. 

Digital Accessibility, Why is it important by Vibhu & Me
For #CauseAChatter, "Blogging With A Purpose", I will be sharing my insight about digital accessibility. Every day I learn something new and every other day I get surprised how technology is helping users with disabilities. There is a range of special software for them that provides the most convenient access to web-based and other electronic information. We now have specifications by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) representing the next generation of guidelines on how to make electronic information accessible. In my series of #CauseAChatter, I will throw light over why accessibility is important and topic around the same. However, one thing for sure we know that it is a good cause. It is an important step toward independence for individuals with disabilities. We all should contribute to make our world better!

If you also have an idea that you really care for and it can make the world a better place, do check this post at BlogChatter and get yourself registered for #CauseAChatter campaign. 

Until I publish my next post, please check this channel : by Tommy Edison. He has been blind since birth and now producing videos online that reveal a glimpse into his life and the funny challenges that he faces daily. He has been a radio professional for nearly 25 years now. He even reviews movies with his unique and interesting perspective. 

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