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Dozens of pounds of coffee waste are thrown away every day, even though it is known to have multiple uses. Especially now that there is a possible increase in the price of grain, it is better to take advantage of each ounce, and get the most out of the waste. To know more tips how to reuse coffee powder just find here at

Here we tell you other uses that you can give the coffee eraser: 

In the fridge 
If you do not have baking powder on hand which is one of the quintessential odour eliminators, do not worry. You can also eliminate odours in the fridge by placing a little coffee eraser in an uncovered cup. The flour must absorb that which bothers your nose.

In your hands 
Garlic, onion, salmon, - there are some great ingredients to cook but if hours later your hands retain that aroma, the thing changes. To get rid of those unpleasant odours rub your hands with coffee residue, including under your nails and then rinse with warm water.

In the rest of your skin 
Cellulite creams almost always have one ingredient in common: caffeine, since it supposedly improves or speeds up the metabolism. A good solution is to collect coffee residues and mix them with coconut oil or olive oil. With that mixture rubs with circular movements for a few minutes on the affected areas. Then you rinse it.

In your home garden or patio 
The coffee eraser is one of the favourite ingredients as natural fertilizer. It can be used directly on the ground in those plants that require a higher level of acid such as hydrangeas or for growing carrots, mushrooms or radishes. If you have a little wilted tree, throw it also erased coffee to the ground and water it. It is understood that it also helps to grow the grass if it is sprinkled on it. As if that were not enough, it also helps to move the cats away so they do not use the pots to relieve themselves.

In your hair 
Coffee can add not only shine but also colour to your hair. Strain one or two cups of strong coffee and put it to cool. You wash your hair and then you put your coffee in your hair and leave it for 20 minutes. Then you rinse it and put on the conditioner as usual. You can do it once a week.

In the fabrics 
How many times have you tried to remove coffee stains from your clothes without success? Well sometimes there are pieces that you would like to dye and as you know it works, or better you can do is to dip the cloth in a little coffee and the natural pigments will give a tone of the most beautiful and economic. Simply sprinkle the used coffee already dry through the areas where the ants cross, this is enough for them to be claimed from the site. If you located the anthill, sprinkle it with coffee residue to help it disappear.

In your kitchen
The coffee is slightly abrasive and acidic, which makes it ideal for cleaning surfaces such as counter to the kitchen, sinks or sinks, among others. Use the waste alone or mix it with a little soap to wash dishes and clean.

In your pots
Do your pots have grease and accumulated grease? Coffee residues can help you. Remove the strong grease from pans and containers by rubbing them with coffee grounds, mixed with soap. Of course, then rinse.

In your pets
Rub wet coffee on the skin of your pet after bathing as an option to repel fleas for the same properties that we already mentioned: its smell and its natural acidity. Remember to rinse it. It also avoids the classic smell of dogs when getting wet.

In your recipes
The remains of the coffee can be added to chocolate desserts to give them a touch of different flavour. You can also use it as a meat tenderizer along with a little bit of vinegar to give a different and subtle turn to your recipe

On your furniture
Coffee residues also serve as varnish wood polish. When the waste is cold, apply a cloth and gently rub the wood. Then pass another clean cloth and in addition to brightness you will be at the same time repelling the dust.

In the drains
To avoid that unpleasant odour that sometimes comes out of the drains, put water to boil. Then pour 1/2 cup of coffee residue into the drain and then the boiling water. The effects will last about a week.
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  1. Interesting tips! Mine all goes into our compost bin. It is not particularly good for plants on its own, though (too acidic) - and may not even be very good for them in compost (unless you're drinking nothing but decaf) - see:


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