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It's High Time to Be A Responsible Party Animal..

As the jingle bells are all set to greet us, we all are moving ahead to enjoy our year end celebrations. Beautifully decorated Santa has started attracting selfie taking crowed and most of us have planned their year end parties or perhaps would be ready to fix our presence at a club, disco, garden or such other place.
At one hand rich people are booking their presence at beaches, cruise and resorts others have plans visit to a country club, amusement park or zoo with their family and kids. Remarkable new year Eve celebration is also being planned by residential societies where all the residents enjoy in pocket friendly manner. All in all, we all love partying at the 31st Eve. But do we really have the civilized sense of partying is a big question here.
Unfortunately, most of us don't even have the etiquettes of being part of a celebration, party or such an event. This is not because i say this but because most environmentalists and social welfare activists are raising concerns about it  People love to do parties but they are hardly concerned about how harsh they hit on mother nature. One of the most preferred party destinations, Goa, is lying on serious environment issues that affects its natural beauty and balanced biodiversity after every new year celebration at its marvelous beaches. Untill a decade ago, new year Eve was cautioned for youngsters safety issues but thanks to development now it is being looked for the environment deterioration that people make on the name of celebrations.
People who can afford to celebrate the special occasion at beaches and cruise hardly know that they act like a garbage producer most of which is not recycled in time or is simply not recyclable.
Sadly, people celebrating in pocket friendly manner at amusement parks and other public places are no better when it comes to behaving like a garbage producer specially for new year Eve. Wrappers of chips, cold drinks, muffins etc. are seen thrown anywhere. As and when the demographic criteria changes the waste being thrown anywhere changes into beer bottles, cigarettes and other boozing items.
Although most of these places are appointed with the cleaning staff responsible for clearing the trash, it is anyways collected at some place to affect the environment inversely. When beer and other wastes gets mixed with sea water, the sea creatures suffer and when dumped on earth, our soil has to bear the loss.
To be frank, we are eventually degrading the nature for the coming years of our lives and for our coming generations on the name of parting.
It is high time to learn the right parting etiquettes. Before planning a party, let's first take the pledge to cause minimum loss to our environment. At residential societies, amusement parks and gardens, we should not use any non-biodegradable item like plastic cups etc. The items bought for the party time should be collected and served in paper packaging instead of plastic packaging, as far as possible. All party persons should be careful about collection of the after party waste. And above all, if we all take time to plant small saplings anywhere possible, this would become the true reason to cherish. 
Wish you a celebration that lasts forever without any harm for anyone anywhere on earth !!
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