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Born Wet, We Keep On Drying - Drink More Water

The more we talk about the importance of water in our body, the more we realize that Water is such a boon. Almost every health post suggests having plenty of water every day. 60% of human body weight is due to the water itself. This is a fact that every cell of a human body needs water. Every organ and all tissues use water to regulate its temperature and maintain other bodily functions. Thus it is important to have our body hydrated well all the time. The amount of water that one's body needs depends on various factors
  • The climate of one's region: Dry/Cold/Humid
  • How physically action a person is. 
  • The medical condition of a person
Let me share with you an interesting thing about the human body. Do you know that empirical molecular formula for a human being is being calculated by scientists? Just like the molecular formula of Water is H2O. The human molecular formula is the chemical formula that shows the total number of elements that comprise a typical person. So, here the atomic formula for a new human being, arranged by elements (see the pic right side) All these H,O,C,N etc. are atomic symbols of elements that make our body. These terms are actually jargons of chemistry. However, in layman's term, these are symbols scientists have given to different substances on this earth, to simplify their indication and understanding while studying them. For example, hydrogen is represented by 'H' and oxygen is by '0'.

Notice that the two most plentiful atoms we have in above formula are H (hydrogen) and O (oxygen). This does not bring much surprise since 2 H's and an O is the constitution of water and the biggest part of a human body weight comes from water only. Another fact is that we humans are very moist, especially when we're born. A newborn human baby has around 75 % water content. Besides this, inside the uterus of a pregnant woman, there is an amniotic sac. This sac contains amniotic fluid and the growing fetus. Now, water is the thing that helps convert a fetus into a full grown baby. Amniotic fluid is basically 98% of water and 2% of salts and cells from the baby. Thus, you can say water has made us. Do you know, we born as wet as a fresh potato? Tomatoes are wetter (93.5 % water) though.

As we grow, we keep getting dried up and we keep loosing attachment with water. The longer we live, the drier we get. Some researchers explore that a human baby is only 65 % water just one year after taking birth. This means– a ten % drop only within a year. That's why when we are old our body looks dry. It is the water that lubricates our joints, flushes out body’s wastes, assists seminal reproduction, and absorbs shocks to our bones. And aged people face such problems as the water slowly goes away.

However, nature has given options to retain water in our body. Our muscle tissues work as good water stores. Our brain, lungs, heart, liver, and kidneys contain the wettest tissue containing 65 and 85 % water. Bones are dryer comparatively, (still 31 % of water). Water is also there between cells and only a small fraction of our body’s H2O is there in blood. Most of the water inside our body is stored by our 100 trillion teeny cells. I know this post is giving facts mainly in percentages but in simple words, Water is almost Everything we have, so water is actually our life.

Clearly, drinking water is adding more to life. However, the impurities mixed with water may cause fatal diseases. So, "Pureit before you drink it" if you have any doubt in its purity and give your body water in the form which gets no harm. Try variations of water like sharbats, lemonade and infused water.  They give more health benefits along with quenching the thirst and keep you hydrated.   Loren Eiseley (scientist) put it rightly, "we're a 'concentration' of water,  an indescribable liquid which is compounded in varying proportions of salt and sun and time, and on the day we're born, we're at high tide. After that, very quietly, the sea within us ebbs and ebbs and as it goes ... so do we."
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