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Vidya wants to give a wonderful message to all Housewives from the movie "Tumhari Sulu"

Have you seen the trailer of "Tumhari Sulu"? I think you must have and today the movie has released as well. After Padmawati, the next film that I am following bit time is this super talented Vidya Balan's flick. Ever since the trailer was released, Vidya is promoting her film with heart and soul. When I saw her candid interview on NDTV show, I was quite impressed by her way of thinking. Now I'll be honest in saying that when for the first time, I saw the trailer of Tmhrai Sulu and understood its theme, I was not much impressed. A wife, a mother of a tween child is talking sensually in a late night radio show, seems little inane for me. "Saari Wali Bhabhi Late Night Show". However, as Vidya started promoting her film on different channels and shows, I find myself taken towards the real intent of this film. The resolute that Vidya wants us to see and expect from the film is really a heartfelt message. "Mai kar skti hai..(I can do anything)."

vidya-balan in Tumhari Sulu - Vibhu & Me
In this comedy flick with a pinch of drama, Vidya plays Sulu aka Sulochana, a homemaker who becomes a radio jockey. Only Sulu has been brought in to host a show wherein she has to talk in a husky, seductive voice to the male callers looking for some nocturnal attention. While describing how Sulu is different from others, Vidya said “Being a homemaker is not an existential crisis for her. She is an enthu cutlet. She listens to the radio, participates in a contest and wins. It gives her a sense of achievement.” And then on last Sunday, I watched Vidya in Zee News' special program "Kya kahta hai India" and the topic of this debate show was "Why are housewives not credited for their work?" I found myself hooked on the show as only ladies were the audiences. Some of them were working and a few of them non-working or how we commonly say is Housewives. Vidya also played the role of the host for the show and for 45 minutes, all those women discussed how women can make themselves happy and contented, no matter they are working or non-working. Other than Vidya, for debate three more powerful ladies joined Vidya to help women understand their importance and value.

Here are the points that Vidya highlighted during the show:

1. Saying "I am only a housewife" is actually debasing yourself: Every woman no matter she is outside or stays at home has to work. The lady of the house is supposed to manage everything; chores, family and kids. But women who go outside and work in offices get paid so people generally value them. On the other hand, as housewives stay at home, they don't get much appreciation. But every woman should herself find the reason to feel valued and happy. Just like Sulu does in the movie. She listens to the radio, takes part in contests and when she wins them, this is how she feels pampered and valued.If you are housewife by choice then it's absolutely fine and you should feel proud in telling others that you are a homemaker. However, if you think there is a scope of doing a little extra. You need to work on at least one thing that makes you happy other than cooking food at home. This could be one simple talent for reading or singing. So, it is very important to nourish your telnet irrespective of your being a going out or stay at home women. Start with micro dreams and micro passion. 

2. Modern marriages need 50-50 partnership of both husband-wife: Whether a wife is at home or she goes outside, she is continuously working. She is always multitasking and thinking ahead for what next she has to do. So, husbands are now supposed to share equal responsibility for house, kids and chores. And giving concession to Men that they can't multitask is not at all fair. When they need the half share everywhere like in property and wife's salary, then why not in chores? 

3. The idea of Super Woman is fake: There is no need to be a superwoman. Why a woman is supposed to behave like having super powers when she doesn't get the equal recognition and respect in response? Since ages women are assumed less mindful and incapable. But in today's time when they are breaking every barrier and soaring higher, they should be given the same treatment as the society is giving to Men around us. Why concept like "Super Father" never came? A man who works in the office, comes back and help his wife in managing chores, and spends quality time with kidContraryaty most the of husbands go the to the office and after coming back home, they only watch TV, check their social media accounts and sleep. They get tired but hardly think about their wife.

4. Women fear of losing relationships, that's why they withdraw their fight of getting respect at home: Women have always derived their identities from men. In our society girls are raised in the such a way that they feel powered and secure only when they have a male or males for them to depend on; first Father, brothers and then husband and son. That's why women feel scared of demanding the equal respect at home. They start thinking about all the relationship threads that may get affected by their strong decisions. That makes them more insecure and incapable of thoughts. 

5. Men are not capable of changing their identity: Women change their names after getting married. They are supposed to get mingled in a new family. They are expected to take care of all the people of the new family even from the first day of their married life. This is seriously a lot to be expected from a woman in just one go. And sadly most husbands don't realise that the wife needs help in understanding the new family. Those who act responsibly become the bridge between the new and old members of their families.

6. Start giving first value to yourself in life: Everyone in the family is important but for a woman, she has to value herself first and then kids and other family members. Only a happy woman can make the family happy. If you are feeling satisfied from inside then you would automatically get the spark to think about the happiness of others. Love and care can never be developed by compulsion. Forcing to care does not make a wife or a mother devoted. Most of the women are in habit of ignoring themselves. But they should keep on reminding themselves that "You are valuable and you are important" then slowly things will change. You need to find your happiness inside you. 

Imbibe these golden points in life so as to become the strength that you really are. The movie has got good reviews as well so do share what you think about the actual movie. Vidya always motivates women around, this film is just not the only reason.


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