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A story like love story..

Hey Guys! Look there ,who came? Ms. Soniya Ghandhi from raebareli. He said with a cunning smile to other boys and girls sitting in the classroom, when I entered. Everyone laughed. I have told him when I first met him that I am from Raebareli, constituency of Mrs. Indira Ghandhi and Mrs. Soniya Ghandhi ,with some pride in my tongue. I hav’nt even guessed that this will give me a new nick name for all my years in college.

And who you are? Mr. Lalu Prasad from Bihar, I said with fake anger in my voice. Everyone laughed again. It was our method of greeting each other.

Sanjay, yes it was his name. A boy from Bihar, with around 6 ft height, fair complexion and warm attitude. He was not the topper of the class but was topper of some toughest subjects of electronics engineering. Once he solved a numerical of subject Signal and Systems, which even teacher was not able to solve. Each girl of the class was his admirer.

He met Shakshi first time in the Chemistry lab. He was not able to believe that most beautiful girl of the college was in his group. He thanked his father to give him a name started with the letter “S”. Shakshi  was from Delhi, only child of her parents. Each girl had envy with her , because of her looks. She was very attractive with long brown hairs, big black eyes, rosy cheeks and beautiful pink lips. Sanjay was aware that many boys had proposed her, but she had broken hearts of all of them. She was not very talkative. Sanjay tried to talk her many times, but could’nt got success beyond some very normal questions like, from where you are? ,what about your siblings?, and some questions related to chemistry . She was staying with her maternal uncle in the same city , where college was situated.

One day Sanjay saw Shakshi going to the library. He followed her and acted as he was searching for some book there in the same row where Shakshi was . Hey Sanjay! Have you seen that Control System’s book, which our teacher had in his hands in class, she asked him without any greeting or other formality. Oh that book! Let me check, Sanjay said. Here it is.

Oh thanks a lot! Shakshi told with a smile, her pink lips seemed more beautiful to Sanjay. Would you please come to cafeteria with me for a tea, sanjay asked her. No Thanks, I don’t like tea, she answered.

OK, No problem , Sanjay told with a smile while his heart was restless inside.

There was fresher’s Party in the college. Shakshi came in a purple saree bordered with kundan work, she was looking prettier than ever. In the whole place , Sanjay  was looking her only.

Sanjay, next is your turn, where are you looking, are you ready? A senior boy asked him. Yes Sir , I am, he answered. He went to the stage and sung an old Bollywood song in his soothing voice. There was silence for minutes , when he was singing. When he came back from the stage, everybody was praising him. that night, Shakshi stayed at the girl’s hostel with her friends. Every girl there was talking about Sanjay only. Next Monday, Shakshi came to him and told, you sung very well that day, I am your fan. Sanjay laughed and thanked her. Do you mind becoming my friend, sanjay asked her. Why, ofcourse, she said and they shaked hands.

After class, they went to cafeteria and ate ice-cream, with their normal talks. It became their daily routine. Shakshi , are you dating Sanjay? My roommate Nidhi asked her once. No my dear, we are just friends. On the otherhand, Sanjay was in the air. All boys in his hostel were teasing him with questions about Shakshi. He used to smile at them only.

Shakshi, I love you! Sanjay told her one day in cafeteria after finishing his tea. Shakshi still had ice-cream in her mouth. She gave him an ashtonished look with her big eyes and finished ice-cream in her mouth. What are you saying Sanjay, we are just friends.

But I really love you, I thought of you everytime, I miss you every time.

But that does’nt mean that it is love. Shakshi said in a low voice so that no one could hear them.

Then ,what is love?please explain.

You are mad Sanjay, she swept her mouth with a blue hanky and went outside straight.

They did not talk each other in the next chemistry lab .Sanjay tried to call her once but she did’nt picked up.

Sanjay, please don’t become mad, you are weeping like a girl , one night his roommate told him.

Everybody in the class was talking about their breakup. My dear friend! There was nothing between me and Sanjay, then how could we breakup?, Shakshi explained to her friends.

Actually they both were thinking about each other but stopped showing that they even know each other. Now, no one in the boys hostel was asking Sanjay about Shakshi.

In the fourth semester, one day a senior came in the class and announced, Boys and girls, Next week college is organizing our annual function “Spandan”. I am here to take participations from your class for singing dancing and other activities. Faces were brighten. There will be great fun, my friend whispered in my ear. We both looked each other and smiled. After giving some more detail about the events, Sir pointed towards Sanjay and said, Hey my boy, your singing performance is a must at the opening ceremony. No Sir, I am not singing any more, Sanjay said with a serious face. Why, I am your senior and this is my order. And for a change ,this time you will not sing alone. I need a girl volunteer to sing along with Sanjay, he said in a high pitch. Many girls raised their hands including me. I knew many girls in class who were good singers than me , but who cared, after all this was for singing with Sanjay.

Hey Shakshi, I know you sings well, why not you are coming forward. Sir was from same school in Delhi from where Shakshi came. No Sir, please, I was singing in childhood, but not now, Shakshi said. Fine , but I have already put your name , he said while writing something in his notebook for other girls disappointment. You both could practice in the hall at ground floor.

Sanjay and Shakshi started practicing in the free time in a corner of that hall ,with many more other students, who were participated in the events. Some times Sanjay used to correct her , other wise there was no talks between them. They used to finish their practice and return to their friends. Sanjay was thinking of her eyes, her lips and her voice again but he did not talked her. Then the day came ,when they had to perform. They both were some nervous. They wished each other all the best and smiled. After a very long time they smiled together.

Their performance was great. Everybody there was screaming for once more. All teachers praised them. Next evening, they were again at the cafeteria together on their same seats , they used to sit previously, and with same chocolate Ice cream. The only difference was that they both were in love this time.  Boys in the hostel started to tease Sanjay again and girls were astonished to see blush on Shakshi’s cheeks.

Semesters came and went, they got good marks in all their exams. In the final year, every student was concerned about  campus recruitment. Many companies came to college and Shakshi got selection in a good MNC. Sanjay was working hard, but had not got selection in any of these companies. Shakshi tried to console him that he will surely get a job. He smiled every time but was depressed a little bit. After some more failures , he got a job in company. It was not his dream company but he was happy. Then there was the farewell party in the college. Shakshi came in a saree again , she was looking very beautiful. Sanjay was not able to look anywhere else. They danced arm in arm and then they kissed.

After college, Shakshi started to live in a girl’s PG in the city, where she got the job. Sanjay did’nt joined the company, in which he got the selection. Because it was far from Shakshi’s place. He joined a small company in the same city in which Shakshi was living. Sanjay used to go her place as her cousin to meet her and then they used to go movie or shopping.

One Sunday, when they came out in a local park, Shakshi informed that her parents were looking for her marriage. Sanjay gone mad on hearing this . Really ,he said, then why don’t you told them about me, and even we are not big enough for marriage. Sanjay they have already choosen a boy for me, he is a businessman and earns very well, she said. But what about our love Shakshi?.

We can not spend our whole life with love only. I need everything in my life. Now we are grown ups ,don’t you understand, Shakshi said in a cold voice.

Have you gone mad Shakshi, how could you say like this.

Sanjay, becoming emotional everytime is not an intelligent thing.

But being emotionless is not same with being Rude. And you are behaving rude,Shakshi. Have you ever loved me really, Sanjay questioned her.

Yes, I like you and I am not going to forget you ever , but I have some responsibilities for my parents. So ,Its better that we should move in our lives separately.

Sanjay was shocked totally. He was not able to understand that he should cry or laugh at this moment.

Don’t be so tensed Sanjay, you are not a child. I am leaving now and will try to meet you soon. Shakshi said and went from there.

Sanjay was feeling like hell,  he skipped his meal and wept all night. He thought of the time when he was with Shakshi in the college. This could’nt be real , she could not do something like this to me, he said to himself. He felt like talking her immediately but controlled himself as it was 3 am in the morning. He waited for some hours and then called her. Hello Sanjay, Shakshi said from the other endwith no emotions at all, what happened? Why you called me so early?

Shakshi, are you really going to marry that businessman?

Look Sanjay, I love my parents a lot and I am not going to make them disappointed.

And what about me?

You will be fine after some days. You will get a beautiful wife and then everything will be fine. This time she said in a strong voice and cut the phone.

Sanjay did’nt slept properly for whole next week. He refused all his friends to meet. He was not doing properly  his work in office and responded every person in auto mode. Then one night a thought came to him. Next day he went to Shakshi’s PG. Ha had a beautiful buke of red roses with him. This is for you ,he told her .Then after a few seconds ,he picked up a pistol from his pocket suddenly and shoot at her. A bullet torn Shakshi’s left hand. She became faint and fell down on the floor.Then he put the pistol near his ear and shoot himself.

Next day , he found himself in a hospital room. His mother was sobbing beside him. His father was rubbing his hand. Are you alright my son? he questioned. Sanjay said nothing, he is alive, he realized. How is Shakshi? He asked his father. Her father took her to delhi with them, she is fine, his father said with some anger in his voice. Sanjay stayed for some days in the hospital , then he went his home.

How could I did this? He asked himself. I should have thought for my parents at least. A girl, whom I know only for some years does’nt deserve my life. Years of my life are gift of my parents, I will not waste it any more.

After a few days , Sanjay  left for his workplace. Before leaving he touched his parent’s feet. Love you my son, take care of yourself, his mother said with tears . Don’t worry mamma, your son has been grown up now, Love you too, he hugged  her and then left to start for a new journey.


  1. Tears in my eyes.. Very touchy.. Love is like this.. This doesn't let you think what is right n what is wrong. Brilliant Aradhana..

  2. Really very touchy. This real story tell us Parents Are Always Right For Us , always Think About Him Also. Then Take Any Action.

  3. Really aradhana u Are Also good in writing. Dheere dheere Sabki Pratibhaye Dekhane Ko Mil Rhi H.

  4. Thank you Shipra n Alka for your praise ..

  5. Wonderful Aradhna. It was a lovely story. I loved it. Very well written. N socha nahi tha koi aisa bhi kar Sakta hai, abhi Tak toh bas TV pe hi aisa dekh hai. Very emotional. Great Aradhna!!


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