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Top 5 Sensitive Wipes In India

For today's parents, the most go-to baby care product is wet wipes. From a newborn to even tweens, mothers are using these wipes, as they make a huge difference in the smell and comfort of the kid. My son is 4 now and I still keep wet wipes handy whenever I go out with him. They are easy to carry and use. These baby wipes are designed to give ease of cleaning any sort of mess with taking away bad odors. And I am in love with them.

Wet wipes are mostly safe for baby’s skin. However, if the baby's skin is tender, choosing the right baby wipes becomes a careful decision. For sensitive skin, water-based organic wipes are assumed the best. Also, the strong scent of wipes can cause skin irritation for younger babies. Hence, if your little one has sensitive skin, before buying any baby wipes from the market, you should keep in mind below points:
Sensitive wipes features (Image credit Amazon)
  • Check the ingredients mentioned at the back of the baby wipes pack. If you find more unknown terms, this may not be a good option to go with. You should check for terms like water-based, Aloe-vera extract, organic, Tea Tree oil, Eco-friendly etc.
  • Avoid scented wipes. Now it mostly comes to personal preference when selecting scented wipes, unscented wipes hold for very less chemical presence. Babies usually have a very sensitive skin which can react to almost any sort of fragrance or chemical.
  • Check the packaging. Make sure that they are packaged properly and are easy to carry. I don't really go with the sticker-on-top type packs as with constant use sticker fails to keep the moistness of the wipes intact. You should go for a rigid flip-up on top packets. It saves the moister of the wipes for longer.
The Options In India

What I have noticed that almost every brand in baby product market claims to have hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested, paraben free range. However, based on the above facts and my own experience, I find below 5 brands providing the best baby wipes in India:
  1. Mother Sparsh premium unscented 99% Water Wipe: Mother Sparsh unscented wipes are best for delicate skin care. They are water based and 100% organic wipes.  It contains aloevera extracts and Vitamin E which works best for protecting delicate skin from any type of rashes or irritation. Mother Sparsh wipes are easily available online at websites like firstcry & amazon. This is my favorite brand in the range of baby wipes.
  2. Trumom Hypoallergenic 100% Natural Vitamin E Baby Wipes: Trumom baby wipes are great for sensitive skin. They are also perfect for soft and gentle care for the delicate skin of newborn babies. These wipes are made from plant extracts and contain natural vitamin E, natural aloe vera and natural coconut oil. These wipes are available online on Amazon. The only thing I don't like about this pack is its sticker packaging.
  3. Mothercare All We Know Fragrance-free Baby Wipes: Enriched with aloe vera and chamomile extracts, Mothercare Fragrance-free Baby Wipes are also good for sensitive skin. 
  4. MamaEarth Bamboo Based Baby Wipes: India’s first organic wipes, MamaEarth is also a well-known brand. They are bamboo-based wipes and absolutely good for baby's delicate skin.  It also has a fine blend of aloe vera, shea butter, almond oil and lavender oil which again provide natural care for skin.
  5.  Bey Bee 98% Water Wipes: Bey Bee is the first India water-based baby wipe that is 98 percent water and ideal for healthy growth of the child. The wipe is made from spun lace and non-woven fabrics. It has all other features convincing, but it comes with a scent (which is mild). 
Not all wipes are the same. They differ in moisture, thickness, and softness. You must select the best baby wipe for your little one based on skin type and usage. I know it is not much fun to keep on searching the best option but keeping our babies healthy is really one thing all parents wish for and it worth our time. I hope the above options for sensitive skin care can help you.

Which Brand I Trust Upon

I always prefer natural wipes like Mother Sparsh. They come with all the features I look upon and they fit in my budget as well. These wipe not only works during diaper changes, I use them to clean up grubby hands, car seats, toys, spills, and even, occasionally, color pens marks my son makes on his face. I recently used 99% Water based Baby Wipes from Mother Sparsh range only. They are three times thicker and unscented too. Being plant based, these wipes are biodegradable which is such a nice feature. Not any other brand provides these many benefits in a single product.

Wipes are the second life-changing baby product after diapers that has made the life of parents a lot more fresher and mess free. As their benefits are so many, it becomes even more important to find safer, chemical-free baby wipes.

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