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How Much You Know About Green Tea?

How Much You Know About Green Tea - Vibhu & Me
I like reading about natural and local food. When I read about their origin, benefits, and consumption, I find myself more connected to our food wisdom. Because of all these traits, our ancestors included  specific food item in our diet. And based on their natures, certain food items became part of daily intake while others got the place in celebration feast. A few years back, when I first heard about Green Tea, I was confused. I was already a tea addict and milk tea was my every morning cuppa. But to try it out, I made mind to buy it myself as the whole office was going gaga over green tea benefits. I bought my first pack of green tea bags and slowly my taste buds started liking the unique flavor of green tea. We all know that green tea comes with ample of benefits. However, in this post, I am going to cover some other aspects of green tea.

Green tea has its origin in China. It is believed that during the reign of Emperor Shennong , (a popular figure in Chinese mythology), around 2737 BC, Green tea was first steeped. Chinese culture is known for Tea ceremonies and they only formalize the idea of ‘steaming’ the tea leaves. Another culture that is famous for herbal and green teas is Japaneses. After studying abroad in China, two Buddhist monks, Saicho and Kukai, returned to Japan with young tea trees. Then a young monk, named Eisai, used his experience growing and drinking tea gained in China, to popularize the tea drinking within his own community of Buddhist monks. Then having tea became a meditation ritual in Japan. Thus the most popular and widely consumed types of green teas hail from these places where green tea originated: China and Japan.

You might have sipped several different types of green teas but not all green tea tastes the same. Even though it all comes from the same plant variety (Camellia sinensis). The taste and color of green tea depend upon the cultivation and processing methods. During the processing step, typically oxidation of leaves is stopped that would turn the green leaves brown. This oxidation prevention also maintains a fresh-picked flavor of tea leaves to a great level. The difference also comes based on the environment the tea is grown in. Although most of the South Asian countries have started producing green tea, two popular green teas come from China and Japan. And their distinct flavors comes from their unique processing methods in both places; pan fired in China and steamed in Japan. A few famous Chinese teas are Dragonwell and Gunpowder.  Matcha, Sencha and Hojicha are a few well known Japanese green teas.

I got to know from many people that they don't like sipping green tea. They claim the bitter taste of green tea that they bought. While tea never really go 'bad' as it is dried much to stop contamination, it can get stale. So, people who claim they don't like green tea because of its bitter taste, most likely they sipped stale or low-quality green tea. Hence to ensure you are getting a green tea worth sipping, you should buy tea from a trustworthy brand. Also, make sure to check when and how the tea was processed and packaged. There are other mistakes that people do while preparing green tea. As the leaves are less oxidized, they are more delicate and their flavor gets changed easily. So if you make your tea in extremely hot water, the tea will release more bitterness and astringency more quickly. Now when you are steeping your tea, cover it to keep all the heat in the steeping vessel. Steep it for 2-3 minutes, as most of us don't live close to the places where tea is actually harvested. It is all a game of taste and steeping makes the taste robust. .

Green tea recipes are also very widespread these days. However, as it has a very mild, light and delicate flavor, it is advised to not mix it with any strong flavored food item. In case you want to make a healthy drink that has green tea benefits added, you can try out a few tea variations. Like; a minty lime ice green tea. Lime contains vitamin C which boosts our immune system and fights free radicals. Mint is known to ease digestive issues and to provide freshness. To lower the risk of diseases and boost your metabolism, an option is turmeric green tea.

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  4. I knew that green tea was an Asian elixir but I hadn't researched so indepthly about it. Loved the post.

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