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The Utopian World Of Smart Devices

I would like to start this post with telling readers my profession. I am a software professional who has a decade of experience in technology and software development. In those 10 years, I have very closely seen how technology has evolved. Of course, the first urge was the necessity that let every invention happen. And then technology got advanced to make the user experience better and further sound. In the chain of making every sort of experience pleasanter for users, the era of smart devices came. We all remember the time when smartphones came into the market. Before that, we had those dial phones and keypad mobiles. We were able to talk to the other party. But the progression of technology made it real to actually see with whom we talk. We still talk through phones but with added feel and warmth.

The Utopian World Of Smart Devices

The Utopian World Of Smart Devices - Vibhu & Me
Not only smartphones, but there has been an exponential increase in the number of smart devices around us in the last 5 years. When I first heard the term "Internet of things" in my office, I felt crazy observing the speed of technology advancement."Internet of things" or IoT is the concept of interconnection of devices via the Internet. Devices those are smart enough to analyze and compute something meaningful. We can control these devices from remote locations. We can even talk to them and get our work done. IoT truly took Internet connectivity beyond standard devices, like desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. This technology is thus making traditionally dumb or non-internet-enabled physical devices intelligent ones. Now everything, from indoor lights to the front doorbell, from your washing machine to coffee maker can be super smart. This is the charm of chic devices that we are seeing a new smart device coming every other day. Their ability to magically reduce friction in tiny ways that make life much more comfortable is making us go after them. Isn't it?

Smart Products and A Smarter Future

Let me give you examples of some of the common smart devices and smart wearable that people are heavily using these days. Almost every health-concerned new age person now wears a fitness tracker. Fitness trackers are the lightweight, fitness-focused devices that count steps and can measure sleep as well. Smartwatches are an extension to a smartphone delivering notifications, phone calls, and more to our wrist. Then the world is getting mad for smart speakers that come equipped with advanced voice recognition capabilities that allow them to accurately identify spoken commands. We all love devices that take command and perform things for us. And this came true to a fascinating extent when technology gave us assistance devices like Alexa and Google Home. With the popularity of voice command devices, now every other device is coming with this capability. And there is no end to creativity and imagination in the world of technology. With utilizing the power of "Artificial Intelligence" (AI), we are heading towards the time when the coffee machine will turn itself on as one switches-off morning alarm so that, by the time he/she gets to the kitchen, a steaming cup of coffee is ready. With the right use of IoT and AI, we will very soon live a full home automation, where lighting, heating, air conditioning, media, and security systems will work on our feelings. A Smart home with #SmartHomeRevolution where devices will be capable of far, far more.

In computer science, Artificial Intelligence, sometimes called machine intelligence, is intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans and other animals. ~ Wikipedia

Image credit : Flipkart
As of now, I only have a fitness tracker wristband. This small device keeps me motivated to get moving the whole day as I have a sitting job. I really like how it can sync everything with my smartphone and keep me aware of my health. I recommend this to every person who is a fitness freak and wish to closely monitor every step. It is a good way to keep your momentum check. A number of fitness band options are available at Flipkart. In India, upto 40% of fitness bands, smart watches and assistants are sold through Flipkart. So you can #GetFitWithFlipkart. I am hopeful to buy more smart devices for my home in the future. Although many of them are already available in the market, as of now they are out of my budget. Let us take this fact practically. Not everything is easily achievable.

The Flip Side Of The Coin

I know that technological advancement is not going to stop any soon. But I also think towards the cons of this so much automation and smartness. Every coin has a flip side as well. We need to mindfully decide when we need a smart device in our life. Recall when you had your smartphone; when it became a necessity for you or just for fun? It is easy to get addicted to the smartness of devices. Smartness of devices can kill our creativity too. They can lead us to sedentary lifestyles where people are more obese and iller in health factors. Still, we can make a balance in our lives with appropriate use of these gizmos. We should know our needs and requirements before having them so that we can make our life a more comfortable and balanced one.

Final Words

Technology is paving the way for a utopian future where every need of life will get catered by these smart devices,  when every home will have a Smart Home solutions to simplify mundane tasks with a click and when we humans will be even more farsighted. Let us all witness this magical technology elevation and get smarter too.

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