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This Freedom Is Because Of You Our Soldiers

This Freedom Is Because Of You Our Soldiers - Vibhu & Me
 Independence Day is an occasion when we celebrate the freedom of our country which is due to the efforts and scarifies of many patriotic people. Most of us would be having a different plan as the day is a holiday. But should we not celebrate this day like a festival, the festival of freedom?

We, today's Indians, will never be able to pay the debt of being people who now breath freely here, who have the rights given by our constitution and who holds the power to choose their beliefs.  And this was made possible by our freedom fighter who did not even care their lives. Though 15 August is a national holiday, it is essential that we take some time this day to remember the struggles of our freedom warriors and those who are treasuring this freedom. Our Soldiers!  Hence I have decided to share an indecent that let me peep into the life of a fighter, an Army person. It was a short 2-3 hours meeting, however, his talks shook me till deep.

2 years back I was going to my hometown by train. Coincidentally I found a stranger asking me if the birth in front of me was empty.  I replied carelessly that I didn't know. Half an hour later the person was settled on that seat, and he started asking me about my son who was playing sitting at my birth. My tot was 18 months old then. He said my son reminded him his daughter. I was kind of miffed the way he was trying to be open with me. But casually I was answering his questions. In next few minutes, I came to know that he was not an ordinary person as he introduced himself, Major Vikram Kumar Singh, Indian Army.

Officer was going home after 2 years. Suddenly my prospect about that person changed and I started talking to him in a more respectable way. My husband asked him about his job and posting, and he then opened chapters of his tough yet proud life. That time he was posted in Pampore, Kashmir. We both, husband-wife, suddenly got our neurons working speedily and we collectively asked "Where an attack just happened?" and he replied "Yes!"

I was getting emotional as Officer continued telling us about his family life. His wife is SP (superintendent of police) of one of the districts in UP. their daughter was 2 then. His father is also a retired army man. I inquisitively asked who takes care of his daughter. His wife is in police services and he is in the army, and most of the times both are out of the home. He said his wife has got many security staff for that. Sir then shared how soldiers in Kashmir are struggling iron to maintain peace. He put before us the type of casualties happen there and so many things about an army man's life. Till very long he and my husband were talking about the army, government, politics, and other stuff. He also told us about the reward that he was going to receive from our President, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee (our President of that time). Officer and my husband shared their numbers and Sir invited us to visit Kashmir.

No doubt, his life is rugged, demanding and arduous. And this is the case of every soldier who is unconditionally working for the good of our nation. Amazingly, during his talks, not a single time, he regretted that he is an army man. I always admire our soldiers and armies. Major Vikram Kumar Singh made me see their lives from a different perspective. They are not only fighters, they are family people too, who are working rock hard all away from home. Mare imagining their lives makes me get a lump in my throat. I feel our soldiers have a different blood that made them so cohesive that they can face any situation how bitter it is. And because of them, we are breathing the fresh air around us. I feel Thank You is so small that one can use to show gratitude to our Soldiers. Still, I would like to say Thank you from the bottom of my heart to them for what they are doing for our motherland and for us.

A big salute to them!

"Either I will come back after hoisting the tricolor, or I will come back wrapped in it, but I will be back for sure.” – Capt. Vikram Batra, PVC

*This post is written as part of "Freedom Blog Train” hosted by and https://theotherbraininc.com I would like to thank Judy ( for introducing me in her post of the train and would like to introduce Rasmi ( She is a teacher by profession and blogger by passion. she loves to share her daily life and parenting style in her blog. Don't forget to read her article, which is the part of our blog train.


  1. Well, the current state of affairs would make these brave soldiers very sad. While they shed blood at the borders, our politician bandwagon is busy scratching each other's backs.

  2. That's a beautiful account.. even as today Kerela is trying its best to cope with floods, armed forces are making things simpler for the rescue and daily life. Yes we are indebted to such shaheed!


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