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A Letter To My Son On This Independence Day

Dear Son,

I know you are still too little to understand what freedom means. Yet I am writing this to you so that whenever in future you read this, you get to know that your freedom is really important for your parents. We are celebrating Independence Day today. And I want to tell you that freedom we celebrate is not free. It was bought with bravery, love, and sacrifice. Many men, women, and children in history have fought hard, cried bitterly and struggled so arduous for the freedom, we often take for granted. Maintaining freedom of the country is as necessary as to balance freedom of oneself. And as a parent, it’s my duty to tell what should freedom actually mean to you!

A letter to my Son on this Independence Day- Vibhu & Me
Son, as parents of a new generation, we respect your share of freedom with full of our hearts. You have the freedom to express yourself. As a kid, you are so pure in voicing your thoughts. You eat when you want to eat. You sleep when you wish to sleep. And you do want to want to do. In the future, we may tell you that not all the things you can do just because you want to do. Everything in life comes with a cost and we should keep in mind that our freedom should not violate other's rein.

You are now 4 years old and with age, your way of expression is changing. Some times you let us know your choice calmly but at times you get annoyed. But we are learning to regard your freedom of choices. We don't force what you don't want to eat. We don't force you what you don't want to wear and we never force you to keep your feelings inside. We encourage you to open up and tell us what you wish. And most importantly, you have the freedom to claim your rights over your parents. We are always there with you to guide you, to encourage you and to lift you in the case of failure. You can any time come to us with any problem of your life. And this would surely work till we are in this world.

But as I said, none of the freedoms are free. Freedom comes with the responsibility of sensibly executing it. Just because you would be having much freedom in your life, you should not let down other people. Always remember it is “freedom, not license.” You are expected to be considerate of others. With respecting the freedom you have, you should also value the freedom of a common man. With my life experiences, I understood that as we grow older our definition of freedom keeps on changing. Soon you’ll go to school/college/work and there you would get a chance to see freedom from a different angle. There will be rules, timings, and routines. You may feel your freedom is compromised but as I said “a different angle”, this means enjoying freedom with discipline.

Son, the real meaning of freedom is the pursuit of happiness with caring people and things around you. If you are free to do what you want to do, you feel happy. And in doing so, if you respect other’s independence also, believe me, you’ll be the happiest person.

Your mother!

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