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To The Penguin Dads Of India..

Recently a survey is done by Flipkart over the fathers of our country. Close to 1700 fathers of different cities (metro and tier two both) have been surveyed and the results are really welcoming. First, let me tell you what was the purpose of the survey. It was done to know on the ground level how much today’s Indian fathers are involved in raising their kids. And contrary to the set image of Indian fathers, today’s fathers are really inspiring. They are productivity playing their parenting duties. As per the results of the survey, fathers in Bengaluru were found to be most active, doing 91% of activities with their children. On the other side, fathers in Hyderabad contributed the least, with only 20%.  A couple of other findings of this survey are:

  • Close to 80% fathers attend school activities regularly and half of them wouldn’t mind being stay-at-home dads.
  • 58% of the fathers had become more patient.
  • Around 27% quit cigarettes and 22% gave up drinking.

Isn’t it a great news for we mothers?

I myself have seen a change in the trend right in my own family. I am married to a family where there is a clear-cut declaration of roles of both the parents. Father for earning bread and mother for taking care of kids and home. However, my husband broke this norm. He was involved equally in taking care of our son right from the day one. He learned everything just like I as a mother did. When needed, he did work from home with keeping our barely one year boy at home and I was going office. That’s why I call him a trend changer and tread setter both.

To The Penguin Dads Of India - Vibhu & Me
And like my husband, most of today’s fathers are equally muddled parents. They don’t mind cleaning poop. They happily make kids finish their meals and tuck them to the bed with telling crazy stories. Now there are loving dads who make a better braid for their daughters than the mothers. They proudly buy hair clips, nail paints are hair bands. Indian fathers these days want to be involved in every aspect of their child’s life. Interestingly, most of the surveyed fathers said they are driven by the motivation to be seen as dads better at fatherhood than their own dads were.

Psychologists called today’s Indian dads “Penguin dads”, as they are deeply involved in their child’s upbringing all the way from birth to adolescence. Like the penguin fathers, they literally hatch their chicks without caring what the conditions are. It is a proven fact that children who grow up under the care of equally participating parents, do better in life. They become more empathetic and responsible humans.

Thanks to this survey done by Flipkart, we could know how Indian fathers are changing. These dedicated fathers are really the torchbearers of a revolutionary transformation in the Indian society. This father’s day, I want to say a big Thank You to all those Penguin dads who are the face of progressive India. Because of you there are more smiles around.

Watch is touching video for celebrating dads who are #PenguinDad.

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(Note : This is not a sponsored post. I myself found this study, done by Flipkart, apt for the father's day celebration post.)
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  1. Fathers are just as involved as anyone else when it comes to raising a family or caring for a home. I believe this has always been the case. It is a grave mis-conception to believe that my father or my father's father or any father, say a hundred years back, was not caring enough... yet, what we see today is because -- well, I will answer in detail in a blog post soon on my blog. Do reach out by the end of this week.

    A nice, warm-hearted article. Keep it up.

    Arvind Passey


  2. Father's have always been there albeit a little subtlely in earlier generations. In today's generation sons and daughters walk hand in hand with their father's and share a positive rapport. The fear or so called Hitler dads don't exist now. It is a good change to see children bond with dads in various thoughts and actions without fear. Dads can earn.respect without being too strict too:). #NISSATalks

  3. Seriously scenes are different now! Fathers are much more active and they should be. #OpeNTalk #BloggerBabes

  4. This is amazing!! Glad to see the positive changes in parenting where fathers are becoming more hands on and take decisions for kids. It is definitely a good picture. Thanks for sharing. I didn't know about the term "Penguin dads" until I read here. #roarwillrock

  5. We are lucky to have good husbands who prove themselves to be #Fantasticpapa #OpenNTalk #jamss2018

  6. Time has changed. The ones who change accordingly are the wise ones. Indeed Fathers are giving much more support to their families.

    – Anami from #InvincibleGang for #OpenNTalk #Week2

  7. Some lovely observations there!
    But it would be a little fair to categorise fathers into types, wouldn't It?
    It's as if their love is put to test .
    I believe every father does the best he can for his kids, and is a 'penguin dad' in his own right. Maybe it's not that obvious in some cases as it is in others. With trchnology and modernization, we are now better equipped for a more inclusive participation. But the sentiment behind the effort was genuine even back then. Just that it couldn't be translated better.

    Cheers to all the dads in the world! :)
    (Because as the saying goes 'Anybody can be a father. But it takes a special someone to be a dad.')

    #OpenNTalk #CrossBorderSisters

  8. It's really good to see Father's taking part actively in parenting duties. The trend has changed and it's changed for good.
    #Bloggingdivas #OpenNtalk

  9. I love the term penguins dad. It has such a soothing ring to it. Three cheers for better times :)

    #OpenNTalk #BlogAmile

  10. its nice reading on this topic.. tnx for sharing

  11. So True, my brother who is a father for about a year now is more involved with his little princess than my husband was with my sons. He was so scared to hold them when they were small!! Love this change in Indian fathers.
    #OpenNTalk #BlogAMile

  12. Yes, the role of Father has gone tremendous change and they are quite supportive nowadays and walk alongwith their partner to help her. Interesting Survey done by Flipkart. #BlogAMile #OpenNTalk

  13. Beautiful post. Truly, modern India is filled with heartening stories of "Penguin Dads". I really wish that the concept reaches every corner of our country. Shared parenting will make way for a wonderful society. Thank you for writing this post. Keep writing. #RoarWillRock

  14. There are lots of factors due to which fathers are now more actively involved in parenting than they were before, and its a good thing. It keeps both parents at equal footing and kids learn to respect them both for what they do.
    #OpenNTalk #BloggerBabes

  15. Amazing post dear, I loved to read it whole. Totally a new concept and i agree to the same. Beautifully written. Thank you!! #OpenNTalk #BloggerBabes


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