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#DefinitelyPTE Vision Your Future Abroad with PTE

English Language Test PTE - Vibhu & Me
The meaning of higher studies changes with time. Isn't it? 40 years back, the meaning of higher studies for my grandfather was to complete graduation, and he made sure my father did his graduation without any gaps. In fact, a graduation degree was sufficient to get a decent job 40 years back and my father got a nice job in one of the PSUs.  Then for my father, the meaning of higher studies was different. He gave me all the support and resources so that I  could do my professional course at a well-known college. I am referring this from the time when a professional degree meant a guaranteed job. Fortunately, I did get a nice job in a well established private firm. But as I said, the meaning of higher studies changes with time,  now when I am a parent, for me, higher studies means just not doing any course from a good college in India.

In today's competitive era, getting a satisfactory job that can secure your future, is a tough job. That's why the meaning of higher and better studies have changed in today's perspective. For most of today's parents, their dream is to send their kids abroad for pursuing higher studies so that they can widen their horizons and can get lucrative jobs after the course. After all, all parents want to see their kids settle in life. My husband and I also belong to the same parenting community who wish to send their kid abroad for an in-demand course.  However, like us, most of the people still don't know the exact procedure of getting admission in foreign universities.
  • You need to follow websites that provide information about courses and relevant information, regarding available opportunities in foreign universities with latest updates. 
  • Once you find a course as per your requirement in a particular university, you check the entry requirements and procedures for the respective degree.
  • If you fulfill all the criteria, you apply for that specific course in that particular foreign university.  
  • And if your application looks fine,  you receive a Conditional/Unconditional Offer letter from the universities and all other information regarding your application process.
However, just applying to the college of your choice is not enough. There are other requirements which one must fulfill in order to secure a place in a university abroad. One of the essential requirements is a valid score card of an accepted English Language Test. For Indian students, a good score in an English language proficiency test is a MUST criterion to apply at all major foreign universities in USA, UK, Australia, Canada and other English speaking countries. One such English language proficiency test is facilitated by Pearson India, with name PTE.
Pearson Test of English Academic - Vibhu & Me

PTE, Pearson Test of English Academic, is the world's leading computer-based test of English for studying abroad and immigration.
  • PTE  provides candidates the fastest, fairest and most flexible way of proving their English language proficiency. The 3-hour English Language Test checks English reading, writing, speaking and even listening proficiency of the aspirant.
  • The test is accepted for study applications by thousands of institutions worldwide, including 100% of Australian (Australian National University, University of Melbourne, University of New South Wales and many more), New Zealand, and Irish universities, 96% of UK universities (University of Surrey, King's College London etc), a good number of universities in the USA and Canada as well.
  • PTE is approved by the Australian and New Zealand governments for visa applications and accepted by thousands of institutions in the UK, Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Ireland, including Harvard, Yale, and INSEAD.
  • The test can be scheduled any time in 365 days. They run test sessions throughout the year, at over 200 locations worldwide.
  • PTE Academic typically delivers results in five business days, so no unnecessary waiting for results.
  • You can trust the course as it is very fair and secure. The test is scored by computer so no chance of influencing the marking. Also, Palm-vein scanning, randomized test forms, and data forensics fully ensure test score validity.
Of course, PTE is a TEST so, like any test, test takers should prepare by getting familiar with the test pattern and learn how to tackle questions correctly. Pearson thus offers aspirants a range of resources specially designed to help maximize their scores online. PTE preparation course is just like PTE Academic test, so test takers get the best platform for preparing themselves as for how they should perform on the day to achieve the real goal of PTE Academic test. Also, the test can be very conveniently booked online and their test centers are available not only in India but at 200 different locations worldwide. To know more about PTE, check this interesting video

There are a number of other useful videos complied at PTE Academic YouTube channel. You can refer them for further queries around PTE. #DefinitelyPTE is indeed a great initiative by Pearson India.

It is obvious that a good score in English proficiency increase of the changes of getting applications approved by foreign universities. And also, the command over the English language boosts the confidence in the person who dreams of going abroad. PTE is a hassle-free medium to get English scores before applying for VISA or course abroad. As a working individual, this test can help me as well if I plan to settle down out of India in future.

After getting to know these details of PTE, I feel very confident in saying #DefinitelyPTE to all those dreamers who are planning to go abroad for higher studies or for settling down. I am even happy that I got to know about PTE at the right time. This will for sure help my son and other kids of my family in visioning their future.

(For image : Credit PTE Website)


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