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No WhatsApp/ No Facebook Challenge - Can You Take It?

You must have heard of ice bucket challenge, dare to do challenge, rock climbing challenge, fitness challenge etc. But have you heard about the recent No WhatsApp/ No Facebook Challenge?

No Social Media Challenge - Vibhu & Me
Yes, this is a new and exciting challenge that brings a lot of rewards to those who take it.Taking on the No WhatsApp or No Facebook requires you stay offline on one or more of your social media accounts for a certain period of time (say, 24 hours). Basically, the idea is to keep you look and feel things beyond the virtual world. There is no doubt that the virtual world has become a very important part of our lives. Simply because of the huge means of benefits and aids, it brings to us. But there is no justification for being addicted to it.

There are comics circulating on social media about the social media addiction of people. But to be frank this is a serious psychological issue we all need to be aware of. When I had heard about this  No WhatsApp or No Facebook challenge for the first time, some six months back, I was quite reluctant of taking it. However, a description of the possible advantages encouraged me to try at least once and I gave it a shot last week.

The No Facebook No WhatsApp challenge might cater to you the following amazing benefits:

  1. Remaining offline gives you enough time to pay attention to the real world that is incredibly beautiful.
  2. Feeling the real world and meeting people in person instead of on typing and sharing a way of life gets you a better contentment, greater confidence to face the world and improves you intellectual thoughts process.
  3. You would certainly attain a better sleep if you stay away from social media for some time. Continued social media chats linger your brain to what more is going on in a post you were following today and thus affects the time of rest to your brain resulting into loss of sound sleep.
  4. Social media is a means not an end. But when one gets addicted to it, your way of looking at the world is also affected resulting in more stress, whether one realized it or not. Staying away from social media for a while helps in managing stress in a better way.
  5. There is no counting of seconds that one social media addict wastes on typing in a day in which he needs to attend to more important jobs. At least your focus on your job is badly affected in this way. You can get time to reintegrate your focus to your responsibility. 
  6. Not just this, many people staying away from social media for a certain while cite that they could get time to pay attention to their own selves. They afford to eat better, sleep better and perform better in their job too.

When you go back to a life where there is no WhatsApp or Facebook, you don't worry about the notifications, you don't care about battery getting low, you get enough time to pay attention to yourself. You look at your figure in the mirror you make better diet plans because merely keeping away from these two apps for a day will give you enough

I know, some people might simply decline it as they find it extremely difficult to spend a day without getting online on WhatsApp or Facebook. But that's the challenge for you!

If you have played dare in school/ college, you are well aware of the self-esteem that you earn after completing such a challenge. But along with the same, this No WhatsApp No Facebook challenge brings you many other advantages. Give it a shot and share your experience with us too.

Take this New &Exciting Challenge and experience benefits like never before!!

Author~ Manjari Pandey

Manjari is an experienced content writer and has worked with one of the well-known publishing houses in Delhi in past. Being a management student, she has a good understanding of market trends and she writes case studies and white papers for many of the brands and companies.
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