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B For Black Salt - A Digestive Stimulant

There is hardly any person around this world who does not know the importance of salt. From our daily food to the water we drink, salt is an integral part of our lives. How so healthy our meal be, a pinch of salt is always required to make it tasty enough to eat. Even the 'sharbat' that we often drink to re-energize ourselves cannot be prepared without adding a pinch of salt to it.  Thus, whatever the type of food we eat, salt has a very important role in its making. We can also say that salt is very important for our healthy living. Though we usually add it as a tastemaker to our food, salt has a very important role for our skin and overall health.

Like most other things, salt also has different variants, for example, rock salt, sea salt, black salt etc. The different variants serve for different kind of purposes as a salt for us. There are two forms of salts one can find in market; one is refined form of salt, also known as iodized salt, and the other is crystalized form of salt. The regular white colour salt that we commonly use at home is technically refined salt. The other crystal form salts are usually sold in their powdered form in stores though at wholesale markets they may be found as pieces of salt too. Rock salt and black salt belong to this crystal form of salts.

B For Indian Black Salt
We are usually aware enough of the ordinary white salt we use at home but there is little knowledge about Black Salt to most of us. Yes, the Black Salt (काला नमक) is the brown color salt often added to the fruits, salad or rayta we eat. This salt is made of rocks of the volcano which look dark pink in crystal form. In our country, this black salt is used in quite many things. Despite usual dishes, the black salt is also an important part of Indian spices like 'Chaat Masala' and 'Jal-Jeera'

The black salt contains sodium chloride (NaCl). Besides this, sodium sulfate, Iron sulfide, Hydrogen sulfide etc.are also contained in black salt in their given proportions. Because of the quantity of Sodium Chloride, the volcano pieces taste salty. While the contents of iron sulfide make it look that violate color. This salt also has a particular smell that is because of the various other salts and sulfur it contains.

As there is a deep connection of Indian culture and spices, the first mention of Black Salt is found in the time of Ramayana and Mahabharata. There it was prohibited from being used in ceremonies for the ancestors. Charaka, who is told to be the personal physician of the Kushan Emperor Kanishka as per our historians, and is famous as the  "father of Indian medicine", also mentioned black salt in his list of five types of salts. In Ayurveda, Black Salt is considered as a cooling element and hence it is assumed super beneficial for digestion. Ayurvedic healers suggest to use Black Salt to pacify the bowels, aid weight loss, combat hysteria and produce good dental hygiene.

Health Benefits of Black Salt as per Ayurveda
Black Salt is considered as
  1. An antacid that cools down the acidity and heartburn 
  2. An Anti-flatulent that helps in accumulation of gas in the stomach
  3. An antioxidant that helps in skin issues 
  4. An Anthelmintic that expels parasitic worms 
  5. An Adaptogenic that is a stress buster.
  6. A Demulcent that relieves irritation
  7. A Carminative that relieves flatulence.
  8. A Digestive Stimulant
  9. A Haematinic that increases hemoglobin levels.
  10. A Hematogenic  that helps in the formation of red blood cells
  11. A Natural Fat Burner
Dadi Maa Ka Nuskha
In case you are suffering from dandruff or acute hair fall, apply black salt with tomato juice on the scalp. Then rinse off with plain water.  

How to buy
Black Salt is easily available in every departmental store or local kirana shop. You can either buy the powdered salt or the Crystal Black Salt. 

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  1. Awesome! Such a favourite and readily available item like Black Salt, which always makes our chaats, raita and cut-fruits so yummy, is packed with so much of health benefits. Thank you for writing in detail about this! I read both of your posts and must say you are very well researched and informed about spices. Looking forward to your next posts..

  2. Finally I am getting to know the history of some spices.. Beautiful theme and essential for those women who cook at home. A is for acceptance. Accept my invite to have your say on my post B is for Beautiful. Have a nice day:)

  3. I use black salt a lot in my cooking - from adding it to buttermilk, coriander chutney to other things. Thanks for reinforcing my faith in black salt with your post.

  4. Can we use black salt as a substitute for white one?

  5. Reading this post, I feel like drinking paani that we get along with golgoppas. My mom makes it with black salt and I desperately feel like drinking it now.

    Do check my post on b

  6. wow! Black salt for dandruff treatment! Amazing! I love the tips and benefits you share.
    C at Kohl Eyed Me
    C at Something's Cooking

  7. Another fantastic post, Shipra. We do use black salt from time to time. Is it good to be used continuously as a substitute for white salt?

  8. I use black salt often while cooking but was not aware of using it on the hair.. This tip is amazing.. Looking forward to reading more posts in this series

  9. Oh wow, I've never known about black salt before! Thanks for sharing!

  10. In the seventies when I used to visit my grandmother's house for the holidays she always used crystal salt. My mother went for iodized salt but my granny would argue that salt crystals were healthier for the body. Wonderful article on how the common salt which we take for granted is so imprtant.


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