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Here is Why and How You should ensure your privacy over social media accounts

The recent hoax about data leak from social media giant Facebook has brought a very important debate over our entire social developments and it pops us reads "Are you well aware of social media privacy concerns?"

If you are aware of privacy concerns, you can cancel this pop up immediately but if you are not, you must take a few minutes to understand why and how you should ensure your social media privacy.
  • Have you ever wondered how your personal email inbox is filled with promotional emails from people and companies you have never known about? Despite being married for many years do you get matrimonial emails telling you that many eligible boys or girls are looking for you? All this happens because somebody you do not know has access your personal email ID.
  • Have you ever noticed how any website you visit shows advertisements of products you had last looked for over the web? Yes, they have access to what you were looking for last time over any website. This might get you embarrassment if you are using a shared computer.
  • Suppose you visited a website regarding a personal health issue you have been suffering from. Now, will you be happy if anyone else gets to know about this? Certainly no. 
  • Suppose you visited a fun app via Facebook, now, would you be happy if that app fetches details of your personal chat that you were on with a friend? Again no. 
Because we all have a right to privacy. We do not wish the entire world to know everything about us. Still, if you don't care, you are under the serious threats like identity theft which means anyone might steal your details and claim being you. The possible threats are more grave than I just exemplified.

Now the question is, should we delete all our social accounts which connect us to things and people we like? Well.. It's all your choice if you can be social with your friends, neighbors, relatives and acquaintants all yourself. But if you think your social media accounts gives you a better platform to be socially connected, you must follow a few tips to ensure you are not victims of possible social media data leaks. Here we go:
  1. Never access a website logging in with Facebook. It usually allows that website to access your personal information like name, date of birth, recent social activities, stuff you like and your account password too. 
    • Spend few minutes to enter your details again on the website to better ensure your privacy.
  2. Always take time to look at what terms and conditions you are agreeing upon by checking the box that we often come across while accessing or installing a new app. By these terms and conditions, the app might take your consent to share your details, activities, and data with a third party. The details include your email ID and phone number too. 
    • So, better install apps with only reasonable terms and conditions. 
    • Your awareness regarding this will also push the app makers to come up with services that at least allow you to deny your information being shared with a third party.
  3. Be watchful while sharing details like phone number, address, bank account number and other passwords with anyone over a chat conversation. It might be accessible for the app owner too.
  4. Check for privacy management in each of your social accounts and run a privacy checkup in each account where this option is available (available in Facebook). 
    • The privacy managing options may be available at different places on a single app, like on the home screen, in the settings too and in manage my account option. 
    • You must ensure your posts details and even profile picture is visible to only the people you know. 
    • You may also choose a custom setting to list only selected people to get access to your details. Even on WhatsApp, you can block people from watching your profile picture.
  5. While accessing your banking website and before logging in to an account like you online banking account always ensure all other tabs are closed in your computer or smartphone. Any other active app might have smartly taken permission to access what other websites you visit or even fetch your data from there.
Hope these points can help to have a great social media experience with only legitimate details about your personal life shared on different social media platforms. 
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