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My fight with tuberculosis.. (On World TB Day Know How I Fought With It) #SuperBloggerChallenge2018 #Instacuppa

This post is dedicated to my younger sister who fought with TB very strongly and now living a happy healthy life. This is her story in her own words.

Sometimes, a few things in life are ignored because we have limited awareness regarding the issue. This holds true for how I went through a critical illness period in life.

My fight with tuberculosis - Vibhu & Me
Some 4 years back, I was suffering from cough problem while living in Delhi and perusing my career as a content developer. The problem became incurable in two months and I was tired of antibiotics dose being increased to a level I was not able to cope with. I felt pity for myself that how just for fever and cough problem I had to leave my job and go back to my hometown.

I was treated with even powerful antibiotics which made me sleep all day and I was on rest for most of the time. I was suspected to be lacking in vitamins and immunity also. It was also agreed that I would first get completely healthy and look forward to my career. I was on courses of medicines that could build my immunity for about one year and it seemed that I had improved a lot of health wise. Meanwhile, I had done some preparations for competitive exams and could clear the written phase in those. And everything was back on track. I also tied in the knot of marriage with my love and life was beautiful again.

Just after my marriage, I started feeling lean. I started feeling tired with little work only. Within one month, I was admitted to hospital for the problem of loose motions with my BP severally low. Within one month of getting discharged from there, I was again admitted to hospital for food poisoning issue. And it became a usual thing for me to remain in the hospital for one or two nights, take drips and injections. Stomach pain, vomiting, feeling feverish, tired all the time were no new things to me. I was suggested oil-free light food diet and a lot of supplements. Tasteless boiled food forced me to lack appetite and also all made me lose a lot of body weight. Life was going painful day by day and I was sinking from inside as I did not know what is going on. The moment I felt I was recovering another need to take me to Hospital stood before me.

This was on for about 10 months and my body weight tired 37. When I was giving my bank PO interview after clearing the exam for this, the first question of the panel was, "you look so lean, how will you serve our bank?" I had no good answer to them but I decided to find out what is wrong with me. I started meeting specialists in every medical field from gastrointestinal to ENT. The ENT doctor at Tata mains hospital Jamshedpur (Dr. Dubey) did not give me any prescription but the address of Dr. B. S. Rao. This doctor did not say anything to my long persistent issue and interrupted me while I was going on with what all I had been suffering from by saying, "get these tests done and see me with all the reports".

I was not happy at this as I thought he was lacking interest in my problem. But I went for all those diagnosis and tests. Those tests were also like a nightmare for me. Endoscopy up to level d3 was the most frightful among all. The barium powder I was given with water before abdominal CT scan made me lie in the toilet only and there was nothing in my body that could make me even stand properly.
I remember I felt I would have preferred remaining undiagnosed over such diagnosis process that had turned me absolutely pathetic at that time.

Dr. B.S. Rao told us that I have all the symptoms of kochs abdomen though we can go to some bigger hospital to become 100% sure of it. I had lost another 4 kgs and had turned 33 KGS in last 10 days. To me, any other diagnosis was mentally as well as physically unaffordable and I asked him, " are you sure that I am suffering from the disease you said? And the doctor said, "yes". I gave him consent to start the treatment though I could not notice why he had asked for me and my husband's consent before prescribing the medicines.He instructed me of certain side effects of those medicines like urine and stool might look blood red.

I searched the Internet about Koch's abdominal and found that I was going to be treated for tuberculosis. I had gone for montex test and tb-pcr test when I was suffering from severe cough problem and all the reports were negative at that time. So, I consulted with few more doctors and found out how difficult it is to catch tuberculosis in our body. I found out that this virus can affect any part of our body not just lungs and take away life through very absolutely measurable ways. I found out I needed this treatment.

The first dose of anti-tuberculosis drugs made me shivering like an evil spirit is lying inside me. I felt extremely cold in May's (the month) hot weather. My husband wrapped me in a blanket and as I was shaking like haunted, he laid upon me holding me tight..very tight. I was better in few minutes but that was just the first dose. The urine from then become blood mixed and in 7 days I was required to be admitted to hospital with the immediate need of blood. The phase after that hospitalization was quite improving. The body adjusted with the medicines and the treatment was over after 6 months.
When I thanked the doctor on the day he said your treatment is over, I had tears in my eyes. I will also remain thankful to all the doctors at the diagnostic center who understood my fear and cooperated a lot with me in that condition.

Though the treatment was over, the issue of weakness persisted till very long. I learned to walk again like a child and after two years since the treatment is over, I am still trying to build up myself back.
I had received very unsupportive behavior from few people after telling them about my tuberculosis issue and had stopped telling anyone about what exactly was the problem I faced until one day I met with my husband's office mate's wife who is an MD and practices at Jadavpur hospital Kolkata. She told me the story of her friend's fight with tuberculosis that had affected his spinal cord in the back. All that she told was quite motivating for me and I am sharing my story to motivate all other to fight.

Don't give up, do fight!

#SuperBloggerChallenge2018 #Instacuppa

The article is written as part of the #SuperBloggerChallenge2018 by #Instacuppa conducted by, FashionableFoodz, and should not be repurposed, republished or use otherwise. The content herein is owned by the blogger. SuperBloggerChallenge2018 is not responsible for any infringement caused.

Author~ Manjari Pandey

Manjari is an experienced content writer and has worked with one of the well-known publishing houses in Delhi in past. Being a management student, she has a good understanding of market trends and she writes case studies and white papers for many of the brands and companies.
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  1. Your sister is indeed a very brave lady to have fought tooth claw and nail with such a debilitating disease and to have overcome it. Kudos to her #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

  2. Omg she had to go through so much ?? Bravo ! She fought and is back with a strength . I never knew that it's so difficult to identify TB , it's gud that u shared

  3. Hi Manjari! Thank you so much for sharing this article...Its a wonderful inspiring story and I´m so happy for your sister that she has finally overcome her health problem. I´m amazed with all her health issues, she cracked competitive exams ...loved her message at the end to never give up and keep fighting. A true warrior story. Please read my Week 6 post for #Superbloggerchallenge2018 here:

  4. Hats off to your sister Shipra. Indeed she is a brave lady and I know, it has been a very difficult journey for her. I had seen this kind of difficult situations in my family as well and it feels really heart breaking when our dear ones have these kind of dreading disease elements. but as you had end the post, never give up...this is the main mantra that can help a lot to make a come back and lead a healthy happy life. really inspiring! #Superbloggerchallenge2018

    1. Thank you Surabhi. Yes, my sister has become a role model for us. She faced this difficult time with patience and strong will power.

  5. Taking treatment for TB is one of the hardest challenges we face even as doctors in India. The long duration, the side effects of these strong drugs .. all of this cause many to stop halfway which in turn leads to far worse complications. Which is why I am happy you took the full course in the end.

    1. Hi Roshan, there was no option to follow what doc was saying. SO my sister did exactly what he suggested. Good thing is she came out of it and now is healthy and happy.

  6. Thanks for sharing your story out in the open. I’m sure it would have not been easy. Best wishes always.

  7. Thanks for sharing. It is good to always be informed. Never know when one of us might need it. I am sure it took a lot of resilience and support for your sister to regain her health. And i am happy she got there.


  8. Thanks for sharing this article. Your sister is a fighter and an inspiration to all. I wish her the very best. Adversities in life can at times be too harsh to handle but people like ur sister torchbear to carry on.

    Pls read my week6 post for #superbloggerchallenge2018 #instacuppa


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