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4 Things Moms Should Do Alone Everyday

Being a mom can be overwhelming. You get no time for yourself. You barely talk to your friends. You have given up all your hobbies. And even TV remote control doesn't like to come in your hands. You feel as if you have no personal identity other than being a Mother. You are always there for your husband, kids and family member. But you often deem that no one understands you. You are doing things for doing and change of the day brings no change for you. Okay, enough of feeling negative!

If you are able to put yourself in a position like above para then you should know that you are not giving time to yourself. Other than loving your family, you should love yourself as well. You should keep yourself also in priority. Else the surge of dissatisfaction, loneliness, and tiredness will keep on haunting you. I am not saying that you should ignore the needs of your loved ones. However, I do believe that a mother needs to take time to remind herself of her identity beyond just being a mom. You should do a few things every day for yourself that can help you reclaim your inner self back.

1. Go for a Walk Alone
I love going for evening walk alone. During this time, I buy vegetables, fruits and stuff I need for myself. I spend time in enjoying the aromas of fresh fruits. Without any hurry, I buy green vegetables with having a little chit-chat with vegetable sellers. I get this alone time and I make most out of it. Walking alone always gives me clarity and time to organize my thoughts, and it leaves me to come home to a more peaceful mind. So, it is ok to ask your husband to watch the baby and then just go and get out of the house. By allowing yourself this alone time, you will be able to align yourself with the priorities of life. You can decide how I should react to problems instead of allowing your emotions to decide for yourself.

2. Read Alone 
I know for mothers with kids under 3, it is difficult to manage reading with all chores and baby care needs. But even if you can manage to make 15 minutes only for reading alone every day, this could make a huge difference in your life. I don't want to list down how reading is so beneficial, but other than giving you wisdom, reading also improves your personality. You can either read a chapter of any book or a post online. If you want to be a mother who is insightful, believes in educating herself, and tries new things, then you must read every day with a focused mind.

3. Call your mother/parents
For a mother, one best friend for life is always her own mother. So call your mother every day and talk to her in peace. Why I am saying talk her being alone, because this way you can ask the silliest thing of the world to her without fearing that your husband would make fun of it. You can make your mother realize that she is the most important person in your life even if you stay in a different city or place. I do this every day.

4. Give some time to your face and health 
Being a mother is the busiest job in the world. And most of the mothers, keep their health in the lowest priority. They keep on ignoring their body signs and delay visits to the salon and even to doctors. This is one such thing you must improve. Give sometime every day to your health and overall body. You can do some yoga or give a quick clean up to your face. Scrub your face in every two-three days. Massage your feet, oil your hair and follow a daily skin care routine to look younger for a longer time.

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