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4 Valuable Suggestions for Busy Mothers

Productivity is one such word that I really hate. I will be honest here. Being a working mother, the word Productivity is part of my everyday life. In the office, my managers want good productivity from me and my team. Back home, my family and even I myself want a decent output from me. But I have only 24 hours in my hands and only two hands for doing what all the things are expected from me. Another word that most of the busy mothers use is "Juggle". We all have seen juggling of balls in the circus or any other amusement show. The performer keeps on adding new balls in the juggle with making sure that all of the balls are falling to their places perfectly. We cheer the balancing tactics and confidence of the person. However, after a certain number of balls, the performer stops adding new balls as it goes beyond his/her capacity to keep any other ball moving in juggle. I find the same scenario applies to the life of today's multitasking mothers. They keep on adding duties, responsibilities and tasks in their basket, and then they juggle in between all those all the time, 24X7. But they forget the rule of thumb, stop adding tasks beyond your capacity.

With the multiplication of duties, we mothers should also think about accelerating our powers and capabilities. Else soon we may feel overwhelmed with all those expectations and responsibilities that automatically get written in our columns. We may feel physically low and mentally unwell. Stress, irritation and lack of energy make the plot even worse. Most of the mothers feel that they get no time for themselves. They work whole days still a few things go undone. No matter how hard they try the list (of duties) seems never ending. I have personally experienced this when I resumed office after my son was born. I was so tired at the day end that I used to sleep so deep ignoring my tiny baby. With time and with my husband's support I overcame those issues and now life is going smooth. I am managing my family, office and writing as well. I am less stressed and more smiling throughout the day. 

I would not say I am an expert now in telling how to do work-life balance. Nor I have any fixed mantra that can help all in being productive in life. However, I can give a few tips that can help in finding a solution based on one's lifestyle and support system.

1. Plan your work: This is the most important point. Planning is really needed and works like wonders. Planning gives you options to brainstorm well ahead and decide the best one. No matter you are working mother, or stay at home mother, planning can really help you. You can plan for the whole week at once or if you can manage, plan for the day ahead.
  • Make a TODO list and write down all the tasks that need to be done. From making breakfast to soaking chole for the next day, include tiniest thing in your TODO. This list can include your tasks as well as other family members task. 
  • Use some kind of trackers for this TODO. Tracker could be manual or automated. You can keep ticking the items of TODO list once done. Or, you can use automated technology solutions. There are many awesome family organizer apps available in both the app stores. Download them and keep you TODO there. These apps are so amazing in keeping you up with the pending work. They can give you reminders for any specific item. You can maintain your budget, grocery shopping list and meal plans there. These planners come with plenty of the features to make your like easy. 
  • Share your plan with your family members and with your husband for sure. A shared list can give them a fair idea of the tasks that are to be done collectively. Some of the tasks of the TODO list they also do and can free you there. Planner apps can maintain shared TODOs can remind assigned member. 
2. Delegate your work: You have only two hands and not all the things you can do all alone. So get some help. This could be work delegation among family members. Or, hiring a house help. Discuss with your family members and divide the work. Of course, tracking would be your onus but actual work will be done by others.
  • If most of your time goes in cleaning/dusting/mopping then if possible, hire a househelp. He/she would manage all daily tidying and during the weekend you can join him/her for detailed cleaning. 
  • If you feel kitchen is not for you and you don't find much interest in cooking then hire a cook. He/she can manage your kitchen and every day three-course meals. 
  • Ask kids to help you. Depending on their age, you can assign them work. My son is 3 and a half, and he helps in arranging dinner, wiping dishes and putting things in the fridge. Like wise give your kids suitable jobs. 
3. Stay calm: Until you are not under stress, the situation is always manageable. So try to keep your mind relaxed. Don't panic and don't come under stress. Listen to good music while working in the kitchen. This helps in keeping the mind relaxed. Keep taking breaks while working. 
  • Start your day with sitting some time in fresh air. Sip your tea or coffee peacefully and get yourself ready for the day. 
  • If time allows, do some meditation or yoga at home. This would give you ample of benefits. Don't worry about the schedule or duration. Start with even 5 minutes of yoga everyday.  
  • There is a famous book "Eat That Frog" that says we should pick up the hardest tasks first. I follow this rule. So try to work on trickiest things early in the day after sending kids to school. And keep small and quick things for later. Of course, plan your TODO this way. You feel more energetic during the first half of day so try to finish most tiring jobs first.
4. Don't try to be superwoman: The idea of Super Woman is fake. Why a woman is supposed to behave like having superpowers? 
  • Don't over plan things. A few things can wait or can get delayed for some time. Think about your capacity, availability and health before planning.
  • Learn to say NO. There is no end to the desire of the family. And a good amount of new work gets parked in mother's column. So, practice No with a smile on your face. 
  • Keep your health and happiness on top as you are the backbone of the family. if you are happy then only you can keep others happy. Give yourself some quality ME time every week and enjoy what you like the most. Salon, book reading, outing or a movie, reward yourself regularly. 

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