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Ten most virtuously talked about Female Indian Personalities of 2017

2017 has just winded up and I am recalling the year from the beginning in the spirit of feminism. Yes, I am making a note of the most talked about women through the entire year just passed off.

  1. Amrita Pandey: The Ahmedabad 38-year-old Vice President of Disney India Studios was one of the most talked about female personalities of 2017. Her talent has been behind several other Bollywood hits since 2003 since she had joined UTV as a management trainee, she was hot in talks for being the reason behind ₹261 crore making already told the story of Jungle book and making of ₹1,200 crore by Indian film Dangal in China.  
  2. Chhavi Rajawat: This Rajasthan lady is a ‘sarpanch’ (village head) who reigns the pace of development and transformation of a small village Soda near Jaipur. Well, you should not get her an ordinary sarpanch, she is an MBA from LSR who had quite a reputed corporate job for the sake of taking charge of development in her ancestral village. The woman has her own website, twitter account and enough capability to ensure the sanitation, education, dispute resolution and power facilities all fixed up in the village just in a short span of time.  
  3. Devsena: The 2017 blockbuster Bahubali portrayed a women character that everyone liked and talked about. This was Devsena. The role was played by talented Anushka Shetty. Just after watching the film there came a flood of talks about Devsena all across the web blogs, articles and common person chats. The three-hour film brought several reasons why every woman wants to be Devsena and the character become one of the most talked about personalities of the year. 
  4. Girija Devi: Thumari queen who breathed her last on October 24, last year left the entire folk and classical music fans in sob. A Banaras woman who was someone made for music and lived for music owns the crown of being the Thumari queen on top of her recognition as ‘Appaji’ (most respectable senior) in the world of classical and folk music in India. The immortal voice was searched and played in her tribute several times making her one of the most talked about Indian women of 2017. 
  5. Manushi Chillar: On 18th November, an Indian lady contestant of miss world 2017 clinched the attention of the entire world on the 67th edition of the contest held in China. This was Manushi Chillar. The crown of miss world was brought to India for the sixth time by a Haryana girl who is also a medical student. People watched her crown winning journey, read about her title-winning and talked about this extraordinary girl with joy and proud all across the country. 
  6. Malini Agarwal: The 40 years old Allahabad women is a social media sensation and founder of As we know the market of web-based chat and talks and blogs and articles went up and up in the last one year, this lady with more than 1 crore social media followers that just not need any other marketing tactic to be placed in for her blog. The controversy free unbiased social media plate served by Malini made her one among the most talked about Indian women in the year just passed. 
  7. Mithali Raj: the Rajasthan girl became sports sensation and was also started being called as Tendulkar of women cricket just after India’s appraisable performance at ICC women’s world cup 2017. Mithali is an icon for women cricket all across the world as she is the highest run-scorer in women's international cricket and the only female cricketer to surpass the 6,000 run mark in ODIs. Though she had been playing well since long her glory outshined after her record-setting innings at world cup last year and she became one of the most talked about Indian women of 2017. 
  8. M. C. mary Kom: The boxing star face of India clinched another gold at the Asian Women Boxing championship 2017 making her the gold standard of women boxing in the world. The five-time world champion and Olympic gold medalist keeps on proving herself despite being 35 years old and a responsible mother too which are considered common hindrances on the way to success for an Indian woman. She is truly the Million Rupee Baby and one of the most deserving to be talked about women of India. 
  9. Nirmala Sitharaman: The November expansion of Shree Narendra Modi cabinet outshined the name of this Madurai woman who has worked impeach-less-ly on several other important posts in the union cabinet since years. It was the honour of becoming the second woman defence minister of India and the first in independent charge on this post. The honour of being the head of world’ third largest defence force and her remarkable work on the post made Nirmala Sitharaman one of the most talked about Indian women of 2017. 
  10. Padmavati: Though the film could not get released, Rani Padmawati remained a hot topic all across the year we have just signed off. The original story, the controversy, the Dipika’ Padmawati Avtar, and ghoomer along with many other hot pillars associated with the film secured a definite section in every newspaper not only in India but in the UK also. All this made Padmawati one of the most talked about Indian women of the year. Well, there is no rank associated with these personalities while discussing them as I believe they all market equally virtuous leap.


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