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New India spends more during Christmas than Diwali

How was your last Christmas? Weekend and Christmas on Monday was an ultimate combination for enjoying a family outing. The festive season was at its peak. isn't it? A few years ago, this would sound like some joke, as in our country, the festivities peak during Diwali and go down towards the end of the year. But now, mall-owners are saying, Christmas is the anchor period for festival sales. It is going beyond Diwali sales. 

New India spends more during Christmas than Diwali by Vibhu & Me
After coming to Delhi, I realized that the buying trend of people here is largely based on festivals, seasons and sales. In my hometown, giving gifts on Diwali is limited to offices only. People still prefer to visit family members and friends than sending them gifts or sweets. However, here in Delhi NCR, gifting is an important part of Diwali celebration. And that's why I see a huge number of gift shops getting aligned from September only. When it comes to Christmas, gifting even goes way higher. There is a growing trend of gifting on Christmas especially among kids. And now every other family is celebrating Christmas with decorating their own Christmas tree. Parents make sure to buy gifts for their kids as a token from loving Santa. And that's why people spend far more on themselves for Christmas as compared to Diwali as they buy gifts and goodies. Malls and local shops provide just the kind of shopping experience they need during this time. So our sales shot up.

Christmas decors in Malls by Vibhu & Me
As per a write-up of The Economic Times, Mall owners are spending more Christmas than Diwali. Three-fourth of their expenditure on Christmas is for decor only. Almost every Mall have a Christmas tree as tall as it could be. They also try to create the atmosphere of snow and kids friendly plays. These malls make sure activities are planned for kids which include theatrical and musical performances. All this contributes to more crowd coming to malls during Christmas season and eventually, sales go high. People end up making more purchases for their winter wardrobe when they go to malls. Moreover, people are in a celebratory mood, going to parties and meeting a lot of friends. So the nature of purchase changes. They even opt costlier brands and items. Clearly, Christmas fairs attract more attention as it combines the festivity along with the recent launch of the winter sales. At Diwali, the focus is more on durables kitchen and electronic items and apparel. However, for Christmas it is also about toys, gifting options and confectionary that see a spurt in sales and volumes.

Now, this trend is mostly for North India as Diwali is still much bigger down South. But there also shopping drift is changing. Malls are announcing special discounts and offer between 15 December and 15 January. Some 15 years back, this one month (from 15 December to 15 January) was considered in inauspicious as sales used to go lowest. But with changing times and liking, people are preferring shopping during Christmas season with the name "Year End Sale".

How much you spent last weekend? I bought a gift for my son. A few decorative things and a good number of confectionary items. Yes, it was close to Diwali 😀 although unintentionally!!

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