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Do you admire the new Facebook messenger for kids?

Do you admire Facebook messenger for kids by Vibhu & Me
Yesterday, the social media giant launched the first of its kind messenger app for kids under 13 years by naming it as Messenger Kids. The new app it is expected to become a new galaxy in the universe of social media. Facebook said there will be plenty of safeguards built into Messenger Kids. Parents will have to sign their kids up for the service and have to approve any person their children communicate with. This means Messenger Kids will be downloaded onto a child’s device but will be controlled by the parent. The child will not have his or her own Facebook account.But how reasonable it is to allow kids on messenger app is something everyone has a different tone upon.

On one hand, there is already enough hoax upon kids spending time on gadgets and lacking interest in physical activities causing serious issues to their physical and mental health while on the other hand, we have a new feed to engage the children to smartphones. I would hardly appreciate if parents are letting their kids be on some messaging app but then we parents spend a lot of our time on social messaging apps. Kids need a personal smartphone right from 8th standard and by that long, they are done with all the functions in their parents’ smartphones. When a 5-year-old performs all the functions in a smartphone, people admire calling him a great engineer. But how practical it is to expect our kids online on a messaging app launched just for them?

Technical companies have made a progress in targeting younger users and this strategy began in 2015 when Google launched YouTube Kids, which includes advertising. Parents create an account for their child through Google’s Family Link, a product to help parents monitor screen time. FamilyLink is also used for parents who want to start an account for their kid on Google Home, which gets matched to their child’s voice. And now has come Messenger Kids, a very their messager for kids.

Whatever is said, who does not want his/her kids to have friends and followers? Many kids have their Facebook and Insta account by dealing diplomatically with the machine called a computer. I know many parents who create a Facebook account for their kids at the age of 7 or 8, as their kids are added to my social media friends list. Facebook launched the app because it knows the number of kids already using social media site for their social connections. And the Silicon Valley company is sure it is going to help the concerned parents who can now see whom their kids are interacting with on social media with the new app launched. While otherwise, the parents may remain unaware of the good or bad interactions their kids might have over the social network.

The great philosopher Aristotle had well quoted that human beings are social animals though this great thought of him is flawlessly utilized by Mr. Zuckerberg only. We all are connected to the web of social media now. Although the new app does not decides the lower age limits for kids to be a part of social networking web, it is upto the parents now to decide, allow and control the social media interactions that their young ones should and should not be a part of.
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  1. Wow! I had no clue about this! Honestly I wouldn't be comfortable with my child using social media so early on in life.. but to each their own. Every parent knows what's best for their child and can take a decision on what works for them! Our lives are being invaded by social media enough already !

  2. Exactly as the previous comment. I had absolutely no clue & thanks to your article I am aware. I think I would rather have my child call friends home or have a play date, actually play, chat and share stuff physically than on social platform.

  3. I haven't yet come across this but certainly ly would not approve of it for my kids. You are right that as it is kids are spending a lot of time on gadgets and this new app will only worsen the condition.

  4. oh.. I dint knew about it. Our lives are being dictated by different social media sites. I feel the new app will create more issues

  5. I had no idea about this. I suppose kids these days are already using smart phones and social networking apps, so if this is something that can be controlled by the parent then in a way it is good.

  6. I had read about the launch few days back and like everything else related to technology, I bekuecr this too shall have it’s own set of pros & cons. What’s most important is for parents to stay connected to kids and have a tab on what’s happening in their lives.

  7. Wow, this really was news to me! I'm sure this comes with its own set of dangers, but it's good to see Facebook making an effort to make the internet safer.

  8. Heard about this through your post and I have mixed feelings. I am not sure if I am ready for my kid to be using it. Will wait to see how it pans out before I let her to it.

  9. Woh..when did this happen!! No one even said about it! Anyway, need to check it out ASAP!

  10. This was new information to me. I’s Rather keep my son away from all these things. But then again I don’t know for how long ��

  11. I had no clue about this app and honestly why would a kid that young need an app like that...I agree with you completely...a 5 yr old performing trick on gadgets is not something to be in awe with bit time for us to realise the amount of time his brain is occupied with such stuff...

  12. It's quite a dilemma to keep the teens of gadgets especially when there are such fancy features introduced. I guess constantly educating the kids about the internet is a good idea to keep them safe in cyber space and enjoy all the advances that it offers.

  13. These days already kids are addicted to so many gadgets. Like all others, I have the same question- Why kids this age, need an app? We need things which can keep them away from smartphones and not addicted to them.

  14. It is really impressive to see how facebook is always coming up with new features for its customers. But we parents should always be watchful of the online activities of our kids. I think this app is another trap for kids to stay hooked to fb.

  15. I had no idea about this. All these apps want to lure kids too.

  16. An interesting topic. Glad to know parents have options and can help guide their children through social media

  17. Messenger app for kids sounds interesting yet questionable. Instead of connecting via social media, it would be better they meet and play with friends physically.

  18. I have very mixed feelings on this update. On one hand it does concern me on how we are succumbing to the demands of a social life online for our kids. On the other hand, it does promise to be a great platform for kids to have exposure from across the globe and learn much more


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