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When My son desired a head like Ganesha

Last night when I was tucking my boy to the bed, he asked me to tell his favourite stories. This happens every night. He requests a single story and then the chain of back-to-back stories keeps on going until I also start dozing off. Honestly, I cannot deny his next story call. Being a working mother, bedtime is the only peaceful moment when we both mother and son enjoy each other’s company. So yesterday, he asked for his favourite Ganesha Story. Let me tell you that Ganesha is my 3-year old’s favourite God. Almost a year back, when I visited a bookstore, I had picked a Ganesha comic for him. Although, he was not at all interested in the comic initially, slowly my husband started reading it as a bedtime story for him. And eventually, this has become my son’s favourite story. He calls it “Balaal wali story” because in the story there is a boy named “Balaal” whom Ganesha helps. 

My boy is such a fan of the uniqueness of Ganesha; an elephant head, big ears and a bigger nose (trunk). He often says "Ganesha is my favourite". Coming back to yesterday night’s happening, after enjoying “Balaal wali story”, my son asked me a question that almost made me sweat. “Ganesha ke paas trunk kaha se aai?” (How Ganesha became elephant-headed?) 

I thought for a while and decided to recite the real Ganesha birth story in a child-friendly manner. Now we all know that Ganesha’s birth was not a normal delivery. There is a whole lot of magic, drama and action involved. Hence I decided to skip some part of the actual story that we have been following since long. 

Because of the Ganesha comic, my tot already knows who are Shiva, Parvati and Kartikeya other than Ganesha. So, here is the story I told my boy:

Once Parvati ji was going to take bath. There was no one in her house and Shiv ji was about to come. So, she made a boy with her magical powers. Parvati ji asked the boy to be a guard outside of the house and not to allow anyone to come inside. The boy agreed and Parvati ji went to take bath. But, she forgot to tell the boy that he should allow Shiv ji come in. When Shiv ji came, he saw a boy standing at the gate of his house. When he tried to head inside the house, the boy stopped him. He said his mother has denied anyone inside. Shiv ji explained to the boy that it's his house as well. But the boy still didn't allow him to move inside. Shiv ji got angry and in anger, he separated the boy's head from his body and moved into the house. When Parvati ji came back after taking bath, she saw Shiv ji sitting inside. She asked Shiv ji where was the boy she created. Shiv ji narrated the whole event and how he cut down the head of the boy. Parvati ji started crying saying the boy was her own child. She demanded Shiv ji to get the boy and his head back. Shiv ji looked for the head that he separated but he couldn't find it. So, he brought a baby elephant head and fixd that over the body of the boy. This way Parvati ji's boy got an elephant head. The boy also got the name "Gajanana" which means elephant-headed.

After listening to this whole story, my son asked me a few questions. I answered all of them because I am now in habit of answering whatever he asks. Although sometimes his questions are so silly and boil me down. However, I have learned to give him age appropriate answers.

After staying quiet for a minute, he asked another question "Elephant ka hi head kyu lagaya Ganesha ko?"(Why only elephant's head for the boy whom Parvati created?). 

I replied because elephants are very smart and cute. They are so powerful and obedient. 

Then he summoned me something like this; "Mujhe bhi elephant head chahiye. Kaha milega?" (I also want an elephant head. From where I can get that?)

I was paused for a moment. Then I told him that he already has a head full of wisdom and power. He doesn't need to change it. 

To which he again asked, "Par Mujhe ek trunk chahiye Ganesha ke jaise." (But I want a nose like the trunk of Ganesha). 

I tried to trick him saying big nose is such a problem. Ganesha needs so many towels to wipe his nose when he gets cold (my boy hates wiping nose). 

I was again tested for my reasoning. My boy asked, "Aap Ganesha ko new head laga do fir." (Get a new head for Ganesha then).  

I was baffled by then. I rapped it quickly saying "Sleep Vibhu. It's too late now." 

Huff.. These kids!!

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  1. Hahaha.. kids these days.. loved reading the whole conversation between you and your child.. this time won't come again!

  2. Kids are such beautiful souls. They can amuse us anytime. The story you just narrated helped me to add this on to my list of stories to tell my daughter every day.

  3. Wow! I love how you let your child be inquisitive. I am dreading the stage when my girl starts talking and asking questions because I am afraid of not having an answer. I suggest you make a list of all question and answer rounds you have so it comes in handy for mommies like me 😂

  4. I liked how you made it interesting and informative for him. I am dreading when my son grows up and starts with his "why" questions.

  5. This is a funny funny instance that you have shared. I too have my experiences of telling my son the story of Ramayan. Lots of love to your and your little Ganesha.

  6. Hahaha. I loved the entire account . My daughter is 19 months olds and I have no idea how I going to answer her million questions once she is of the age . Bug then I feel motherhood teaches everything

  7. Haha! Kids are so smart these days and sometimes their questions totally fail us to give the right answer. It's great that you introduced such wonderful stories to your son.

  8. hahaha kids!! But I'm glad you keep calm and explain everything to him in an interesting way!

  9. Haha..this is so sweet. It's great how you explained the story to him. I remember telling this story to my girls when they were small.

  10. are too smart these days, you can't trick them. Loved the way you narrated the Ganesha story in such a simple way.

  11. hahaha that is so cute. Vibhu is a real smart lad. Kids ask the strangest of questions. And we have to be ready with creative answers.

  12. I was laughing by the time this post ended. Kids have the weirdest requests but it's so cute what he's asking.

  13. I so so relate to this.. Although my son hasn't asked for an elephant head but he did inquire why is not 'blue in color' like Krishna.. his favorite God.. Kids and their unending love for mythology :D


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