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Happy Birthday Vibhu & A Contest for readers

Hi all,

The most memorable day of my life is here again. Yes, it's my son's birthday on coming Saturday, 9th of September. I am busy in planning and making this day special for my 3-year-old. As a mother, I want to do so many things on his birthday. But you know, we all end up following a negotiated plan which suits every in the family. So considering my husband, the guests and the birthday boy, here is my birthday plan :

1. Celebration at home: Last two years, we celebrated my son's birthday in a near by hotel with taking a party hall for 4-5 hours. But this time I am going to arrange everything at home. Although my flat is quite small. But you know the dialog "Dil Me Jagah Honi chahiye.." and I have that so much. So this time party at home.

2. Smaller Cake: This time we have cut down our guest list. So only 2 KG cake and some sweets from a famous East Delhi sweet shop. The theme of cake is "Jungle Book". So it would be having a lion, a handing monkey, a snake and ample of green decorations. Something like this 
3. Home made food: Aah.. I am taking this as a challenge for myself. I am going to cook Chole- Puri (rayta, Pulaw, and mix veg as well) for my guests. If needed, we'll order some Paneer from outside. But as per plan, I would take help from one of my friends who is a fantastic cook. She is the master chef of our small friends' community. And of course, I'll take help from my husband. He only wants me to cook!!

4. Lunch Party: This time, we thought to plan a lunch party. The birthday is on Saturday and most of our friends work 5 days a week. So the weekend is for fun and dhamal. Also, this way we'll get more time to enjoy each other's company. There would be no hurry to rush home and no worry for next day school/offices

5. A Contest for readers: Now, this is for my friends who want to join the celebration sitting at home. I am running #VibhuAndPapa cartoon series for quite a while. And I am so happy with the response it is getting. Vibhu is my son's name and #VibhuAndPapa series is based on his amusing talks that he does with his father. And, the contest is around this series only. It is so simple. 

Just let me know 
1. Do you like "#VibhuAndPapa cartoon series?
2. If YES, then why and how much?

You can send me your answers by commenting on this post or by commenting on FB post. The most creative answer would get a surprise gift.

Now, as always Rules 

1. Like my FB page and follow me on twitter (@trivediship) else how would you get to know new #VibhuAndPapa adventures?
2. Either share this blog post or share the FB post
3. Don't forget to drop your precious comments.
4. Last Date: 21 September 2017

Please take part in the contest and make #VibhuAndPapa more successful. Cheers !!


  1. Wishing Vibhu an awesome year ahead. The preps sound amazing and I'm drooling over the 'chole puri!'

    1. Hahaha.. come home Manveen for Chole Puri. Please do take part in contest as well.

  2. First of all blessings for Vibhu. I love Vibhu and papa series as it's so much fun to read.His small and cute talks make me smile. I enjoy it even more as my girls are all grown up now and #vibhuandpapa series remind me of the time when they were small.

  3. Wow that cake 🎂 looks very attractive and colourful as best for toddlers. All birthday party arrangements sounds great and seems to very fun time for birthday boy. Congrats to parents and specially cute Vibhu.

  4. Wow that cake 🎂 looks very attractive and colourful as best for toddlers. All birthday party arrangements sounds great and seems to very fun time for birthday boy. Congrats to parents and specially cute Vibhu.

  5. Lots of blessings for the little one :) And your preparations seem to be awesome :) The contest is amazing too

  6. Happy birthday Vibhu and congratulations to the proud parents. Hope you have a lovely celebration.

  7. Blessings to the little one and congratulations to the parents.. Parties organized at home are much fun and challenging too. I wish you have a great one!

  8. Lots of blessings to little Vibhu and a very Happy birthday. Loved the way you are preparing everything, this home party will be rocking and Vibhu will have fun. Congratulations to the proud parents.

  9. Happy Birthday to dear Vibhu! I am still laughing at the 'Tauji' Vibhu and Papa cartoon. Great idea! All the cartoons in the series are fun! Mazaa as gaya :)

  10. Happy happy birthday to Vibhu!!! :) Wish him lots and pots of love and happiness always!!! Love your party plans and can't wait to see pics!!! :)

  11. Happy birthday to Vibhu. The entire cartoon series is so unique. I love reading all the posts.

  12. A very happy birthday to the little one. I really like your cartoon series.

  13. Birthday wishes for Lil one. I am a fan of your series. Wish I could participate.... Looking forward for more such Vibhu's illustrations.

  14. happy birthday dear vibhu! And I feel birthday parties at home are most enjoyed!


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