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As August is ending today, I want to say "August of 2014, I Miss YOU"

We always hear how demanding pregnancy can be to our body, but despite many pregnancy troubles like swollen feet, morning sickness, achy back, most of the ladies find pregnancy the best time of their life. Extra care, extra pampering, and freedom of eating anything. Who can deny the importance of these things?  I also loved my pregnancy days and I even miss them because of these luxuries. Howbeit, my pregnancy days were memorable for a few more reasons. 

2014 is a special year for me because this year my son came into my life. And I love August (the month) of 2014 because it gave me 31 days to understand myself more. It was my pregnancy’s 9th month in August 2014, and I went to my parent’s place in starting of the month, because travel was not allowed after that. During this whole month, I learned a new thing about life every day. 
Like any other first-time pregnant woman, I was having many apprehensions. I used to think how this baby was going to make his passage through such a narrow tunnel?  I was scared, confused, shy and irritated. Thankfully my mother was there with me to help me out. She used to give me the dose of positive talks and shots of funny tales every day. I had no work to do and absolutely no deadline to chase during those 31 days. I gained maximum wisdom about parenting during this month only. Credit goes to my mother and googles search. I googled N number of queries (around pregnancy, delivery, and baby care) and google always had the answer. Although the baby was growing so fast inside me. He was trying to occupy more and more space in my body, not only in my tummy but also in my heart. But, I enjoyed the month so much. 

Here are some more reasons why I love August of 2014:

  • First of all, I was with my parents after a long time. I came to Delhi in 2005 for my studies and since then I am living here only. After completing my professional course, I started working here and the demanding jobs never allowed me to stay for more than 3 days in a single stretch of leaves. After good 8 years, I got the chance to spend this whole month with my parents. And believe me, nothing in this world is better than your parent’s house.
  • I read many religious books. It is said that reading good books during pregnancy casts positive effects for the mother. So I read Ramcharitmanas and a few other religious books. I was so touched when I read the conversation that happened between Lord Ram and his mother Kaushilya right after his birth. It’ is actually beautifully written how Kaushilya, the mother expressed her doubts, her wishes and her musings in front of her new-born son, who was born as re-incarnation of God Vishu. I still sing that verse from Ramcharitmanas for my son. It’s something divine. I have even blogged about this heavenly conversation.
  • For the first time, my mother opened up and unfolded many layers of her life. She was hiding so many things in her heart and never shared with me earlier. When I asked her why she never vented out those feelings, she said she was waiting for the right time. I and my mother used to talk whole night. I realized she struggled so much ever since her childhood. How she was always a neglected child in her childhood, how she had to fight with discriminating in-laws and how she learned to face situations fearlessly, I was so proud to be with a woman who is a real fighter and my mother.  
  • That was the first time when, after getting married, I was away from my husband. We used to talk every day over the phone but I realized a strange distance between our hearts. He claimed to be caring about my pregnancy so much but a small family confusion broke all his claims. One day he called me at night and soon our talks turned into arguments. His words were so throbbing and pricking. After we hung up the call, my blood pressure shot up due to stress. I had to go emergency for taking the preventive injection. No matter how much my husband pretended to be caring for my well-being, he forgot all his promises when he was supposed to handle that composedly. This was a learning, an eye opener for me. No one should be able to make you feel despondent. You are responsible for your happiness and health.
  • And of-course freedom of eating, I enjoyed this whole month. My mother used to cook for me delicious things. Every day she used to ask me “aaj kya khane ka man hai?” and soon the dish used to be there in front of me. I ate so much and put on so much of weight that I am still trying to shed. This eating includes different types of laddus, Pedas, Chat, Pakods and other things my mother could have made. 
  • Being free, I used to think about my childhood, my school days, my college time and used to laugh how silly I was then. I along with my parents recalled many of my childhood memories. We three, relived the days of my childhood when there was so much of peace and zero troubles in life. 


  1. What a wonderful time you have had. Especially with your mom. Am sure this brings back tonnes of memories for you !

  2. awww... No one can love us like our mothers! I'm sure as this month comes to a close, all those memories of last year must be overwhelming your heart with love! :)

  3. I loved reading your post. Infact August is really special monthfor me too. I am sure these memories you will be there in your heart forever.

  4. This is such a beautiful post. I loved reading this. I too loved my pregnancy and the time i spent at my parent's place. It brought us closer again. And while reading this post i didnt even realise when my hand moved to my belly and started stroking my tummy, just like I used to do during pregnancy. Your post really took me there.

  5. Spending the whole last month of pregnancy at parent's house with so much care, love and lots of delicious on demand food, you are definitely one lucky lady. August is my favorite month too not because my baby was born in the same month but Me :) yes its my birthday month and hence the most special. I loved going through your post, took me back to my pregnancy days.

  6. Is it OK to say I hated my pregnancy? :( and wouldn't like to have it again..

  7. This is such a heartfelt post Shipra. Enjoyed reading your experiences. I agree there is no better place than Maika. Hugs.


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