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As August is ending today, I want to say "August of 2014, I Miss YOU"

We always hear how demanding pregnancy can be to our body, but despite many pregnancy troubles like swollen feet, morning sickness, achy back, most of the ladies find pregnancy the best time of their life. Extra care, extra pampering, and freedom of eating anything. Who can deny the importance of these things?  I also loved my pregnancy days and I even miss them because of these luxuries. Howbeit, my pregnancy days were memorable for a few more reasons. 
2014 is a special year for me because this year my son came into my life. And I love August (the month) of 2014 because it gave me 31 days to understand myself more. It was my pregnancy’s 9th month in August 2014, and I went to my parent’s place in starting of the month, because travel was not allowed after that. During this whole month, I learned a new thing about life every day.  Like any other first-time pregnant woman, I was having many apprehensions. I used to think how this baby was going to make his passage through such a narrow …

Decoding Biology lesson and understanding Fatherhood

You know, I always feel it is my husband's rebirth happened when our son came into our lives. Biologically he became a father 3 years ago. Biologically I returned him (his Ys, you know) that he had given to me, in a transformed way. But I had never imagined that my genes can cast a spell as well, so as to make my unwitting man, a caring father. Is it the biology that changed even the toughest person like him into a tender soul who cries seeing his son in pain? Is it the biology that proves the existence of fatherhood? I don't have explicit answers. But, in three years, I have realized that fatherhood is more than a biological phenomenon.
Ever since our boy came into our lives, I am seeing my husband achieving milestones of fatherhood one after another. Day one was when I saw his talking to our hardly two days old baby in the night. Those were talks of his present, past and future. Then I noticed him breaking the rules of his family and doing things that mostly mothers do as per…

The Child City Magazine, an amazing book for curious minds

I love reading. But it’s not like that I always liked it. I am a late blooming book lover and started it thoroughly after I started working.  Now I do sensible reading and keep some hours of my day for reading only. I am also trying to make my 3-year-old a book lover and from now only. I get a lot of books for him and read them for him. As of now, most of the books are rhymes or story books because I feel, pictures and visuals can explain things in more cleaner and reasonable way. But my long term aim is to grow his interest towards books.
During my childhood, I had not had this luxury. My simple, common, middle-class parents, used to value course books more than the other kids' book. They wanted me to focus on my studies and books like History and Geography. Although I loved reading comics and other kids' books in my childhood, along with that, I found my big interest in history books as well. Thanks to them, I have a great understanding of Indian history. Howbeit, the summer …

Two Weeks Ago I Celebrated My Thirty-Something Birthday

2 weeks ago, I celebrated my birthday. It was not an extra ordinary birthday, which means it was one of those birthdays that gets blends with usual day and unusual things. It was unusual because I was with my parents (on my birthday) after many years. But at the same time, it was inconsequential because this was not a day to celebrate anything. It was actually one of the “something” birthdays.

A day before, on 31st of July, my father retired from his 38 years long work life. We knew how difficult the day of retirement was for the Man of our house, my close- to-60 father, who always had a special love for his office. So, the whole family was emotional and was trying to look normal to camouflage their feelings. Next day, my birthday started with wishing good bye to my sister and my cousins who came to be present on the day of Papa’s retirement. Although things were little tender, my sister and her husband brought a cake for me. I happened to cut the cake early morning so that they and ot…

Monday Mommy Moments 34 : "What money can't buy" A birthday celebration Idea

Birthdays are always special whether it's for kids or adults. We always have a hidden desire to get our birthdays celebrated, right? Birthdays have actually become another family festival which the whole family now celebrate with full swing. After I got married, one little "Birthday" incidence changed my perspective towards birthdays. I got married in Feb and in July came my husband's birthday. I asked him about his birthday gift so that accordingly I could buy something. He told me his answer and a supporting story for that answer. Let me first reveal his answer "What money can't buy". I was mystified after getting this answer. 

And now comes the story. During his studies, he used to save some money using different ways. Ways, for example, not returning the changes to my mother in-law after he did any buying, charging her some amount for getting things from the market etc.. On his sister's birthday ( which comes during winters), he decided to use hi…

With Pathshala Funwala, English is so much fun

“I am blogging about Pathshala Funwala by Nihar Shanti Amla Oil in association with BlogAdda
A few weeks back, 7 years old grandson of my cook aunty ‘Jimmy’ came to my house.  Jimmy’s mother and my cook aunty’s daughter was busy somewhere so aunty accompanied him along when she came to my house one evening. Such a smart and sincere boy he is! I welcomed him and offered him some cookies. While aunty got busy in her kitchen work, I noticed him sitting quietly, so I asked him for watching a cartoon on TV. His eyes sparkled and with so much of enthusiasm, he said yes for the cartoon. I scrolled one of the cartoon channels and felt happy that now he would not get bored. Within a few minutes, I found him disinterested for watching the cartoon running on the TV. I thought maybe he did not like that specific cartoon so I asked the little boy to change the channel. But his reply made me little emotional and worried as well. He said “Aunty this cartoon is in English. I can’t understand English …

Learning English Has Never Been Better Than This!

All of us are social beings who love to share our views and feelings among one another. Though we also need to overcome certain barriers to effectively communicate with one another. The most important among these barriers is the barrier of language. We often fail to express our views, wishes, feelings, thoughts and ideas just because there is a language bar. A language bar is created when the person with whom we want to share our views, wishes, feelings, thoughts and ideas hardly understands the language in which we speak. Such lack of proper knowledge of language also creates issue when we fail to understand the views, wishes, feelings, thoughts and ideas of others.

With increasing grips of globalization, knowledge of English language has become a must for everyone. According to a recently published report by K-International, close to 840 million people across the world are English speaking, that is a very significant part of the world. English today is not limited to those who speak …

The Captured Patriotism

This independence day, somewhere around 11.30 in the morning when I went online on facebook to upload my picture with the national flag to flaunt my patriotism, I noticed a post in which few people were saluting the national flag standing in waist deep water in front of a primary school building. I just hit a like, as it was not at all ignore-able but I thought somebody might have intentionally created such a scene to fetch thousands of likes on social platform. However, this morning the news paper front page with the same picture helped me understand that it was not artificial. 
This picture was taken by Joydev Roy who is Assistant Teacher in Naskara Lower Primary school. The other four personalities in the picture are Tazem Sikdar (the Headmaster of the school), Miznur Rehman (a teacher in the school) and two of the third standard students of the school. They all are standing inside water due to school premises affected by flood in the state to celebrate the national day. According t…

Six Things That make 'Toilet-ek prem katha' a Film Below My Expectations

This independence day, I was exited to watch this social message film starring Akshay Kumar the last years’ best actor national award winner. Last night I watched the film in spirit of my expectations, but found it quite unable to leave its impression the way I had expected. Here are the points that caused the film remain as unimpressive I had not expected:

1) Weak love story: A man of 36 years who already has 18 affairs found his right girl out side a train toilet in a seen that fails to convince me that it was love at first site. Similarly, a girl who had no soft corner for the over-aged man suddenly starts loving her after he deletes his number form her phone. But what made them fall in deep love remains an unanswered question for me!

2) Overacting: I found most characters doing more overacting than fitting inside their character. Specially, the grandmother of Keshav (Akshay Kumar), Shubha Khote. Shubha ji somehow put no impression of a real village women in the film though the clima…

The Independent People

The independence day is here and we are all celebrating it our way. The retail stores are expecting more shelf space with increased sales. The movies are going to attract good business. The malls are expecting increased foot fall. The schools are expecting splendid performances at events. Some offices are expecting at least a few to come and perform the formality of flag hosting. People who have a complete day off have plans for day out or late wake up. Some others have to work as they have to be on duty to serve those opt for day-on, on their day off. 

Independence day, for all generally aware educated people, is the day when our country got freedom. So we express joy in our freedom and remember our martyrs on this day. But, is this all we should do for the nation?

In a country where people are still fighting against prejudices, castism, gender bias and baseless superstitions, we all need to give a better salute to the national flag. Freedom does not mean merely having ou…

क्या हम सच में आजाद है..?

आजादी ऐसा शब्द है जो हमे एक अजीब सी ख़ुशी देता है, है ना? आजाद, मुक्त और स्वच्छंद..जो मन करे वो करना, जैसे मन करें रहना.. खुली हवा में सांस लेने का अपना मज़ा है..आजादी के साथ हमे आने वाला समय भी बेहतर नज़र आता है, अपना परिवार और खुशहाल दिखता है और जिंदगी आसान जान पड़ती है. 

जब १५ अगस्त १९४७ के देश आजाद हुआ था तो हर तरफ ख़ुशियाँ ही ख़ुशियाँ थी. लोग नाचे-गाए, दिए जलाए गए, मिठाईया बाटी गई और आजादी का जश्न मनाया गया. मैंने खुद तो नहीं देखा है वो जश्न, पर जब भी किताबो में इस बारे में पढ़ा और खुद को उनके बीच महसूस किआ तो लगा कि इतनी लम्बी दासता के बाद जब आजादी मिली होगी तो सच में दुनिया की सबसे बड़ी ख़ुशी मिली होगी लोगो को. उन्हें लग रहा होगा कि अब हम गुलामी की बेड़ियों से आजाद हो गये. वे समझ रहेे होंगे कि अब शोषक सरकार (विदेशी सरकार) चली गयी तो चारों ओर शांति ही शांति होगी,अब लोग सुखी होंगे. धनधान्य से सम्पन्न होंगे. बेकारी मिटेगी. गरीबी हटेगी एवं विषमता दूर होगी. भेदभाव की खाईं पटेगी, समानता आयेगी और इसी परिकल्पना से देश का आम आदमी खुशी से झूम उठा था. 

पर कागजो पर मिली आजादी के ७० साल बाद भी हम पूरी …

भारत का रहने वाला हूँ, भारत की बात सुनाता हूँ..

देश भक्ति आजकल फैशन बन गई है, समय समय पर नया रूप ले लेती है. ये लोगो के हिसाब से कही, सुनी और समझी जाती है. हम जैसे आम लोग हर बात पर फौजियों की, सरहदों की, शहादतों की बात कर अपनी देशभक्ति दिखाते हैं, वक्त मिले तो नारा भी लगा लेते हैं. इनसे हटके जो जरा ज्यादा समझदार हैं वे  देशभक्ति को अपनी रोजी रोटी बनाते है, यानी हमारे नेता गण. उनकी देश भक्ति की बाते तो जितनी की जाए कम है पर आज मैं उस तबके की बात करने जा रही हूँ जो एक ३ घंटे की कहानी से देश भक्ति का बीज बो देते है देखने वालो के मन में. जी हां, मैं अपने बॉलीवुड की फिल्मो की बात कर रही हूँ.कलाकार, निर्देशक और संगीतकार ये तीनो मिलकर कोशिश करते है कि देश भक्ति की छठा आ जाए उनके ३ घंटे के चलचित्र में. पिछले कुछ एक सालो से फिर से देश प्रेम दिखाने वाली फिल्मो का ज़ोर होने लगा है और वो भी इसलिए क्यूकी दर्शक उन्हें पसंद भी कर रहे है खूब. पर क्या आज कल की फिल्मे वो मुकाम हासिल कर पा रही है जो कभी "भारत कुमार" (मनोज कुमार) की फिल्मो ने पाया था?
1965 में हुए भारत-पाकिस्तान युद्ध के बाद तत्कालीन प्रधानमंत्री लालबहादुर शास्त्री ने यूं ही अ…

अपने लिए जिए..

अभी कुछ दिनों पहले आई एक खबर ने हम सब के रोंगटे खड़े कर दिए. आशा साहनी नाम की एक ६३ साल की वृद्ध महिला अपने घर में मृत पाई गई. मुझसे तो ठीक से वो न्यूज़ सुनी भी नहीं गई. अकेलेपन की शिकार आशा साहनी ने एक साल से अपने बेटे से बात भी नहीं की थी. वो अपने फ्लैट में अकेले ही रहती थी पति की मृत्यु के बाद से क्युकी बेटा US चला गया था अपने परिवार के साथ. आशा साहनी एक संभ्रांत महिला थी. जिस सोसाइटी में वो रहती थी उसमे ५-६ करोड़ की लागत के दो फ्लैट थे उनके पास. पर सबकुछ होने के बाद भी परिवार का साथ नहीं था. 

फिर एक और खबर मिली जिसने मुझे सोचने पर मज़बूर कर दिया. करोड़पति विजयपत सिंघानिया सड़को पर आ गए है और इसके लिए वो अपने बेटे को जिम्मेदार बता रहे है. ७८ साल के विजयपत सिंघानिया अपने देश के कुछ जाने माने संभ्रांत लोगो में से थे जिन्होंने रेमंड नाम के कपड़ो के ब्रांड को लोगो तक पहुंचाया. 12 हजार करोड़ रुपये की मालियत वाले रेमंड ग्रुप के मालिक विजयपत सिंघानिया को उनके बेटे ने पैसे-पैसे के लिए मोहताज कर दिया. आजकल वो किराये के एक घर में रह रहे है, बीमार है, कार नहीं है कही आने जाने के लिए और बेटे के खिलाफ …

The Independence Prep - My brainstorming

While passing through elite streets of my city, a few days back, I noticed logs and tri-colour clothe being arranged near open fields. The view made me count how many days were left to our independence day. 

When I was a kid and was in school, I used to be absolutely ready to participate in cultural programmes to be performed on this red letter day. For others patriotism used to develop on or just before 15 august, though for me it used to develop at least a week earlier. This was because the preparation and rehearsal sessions of my performance on this day used to start at least a week ago. Teachers used to pick names of the participants from all the classes in my school but my name was kind of fixed in more than one performances. After the list of programmes were finalized and all were allocated their place of the stage, the costume and color scheme was decided. Almost every performance was supposed to be filled with one or more of the tri colors. 

As I grew up, my connection with this…

A Letter to Teen Me - Passing wisdom about Motherhood

Dear Teen me,

I know you have many dreams and aspiration for your future life. I very well understand the hard work that you are putting in for a bright career. I do admire your sense of identity and individualness. You are going great. However, there are few others things, about which I want to make you prepare well ahead. 

Life is more than making your own path, especially when you are a woman. God has made women with additional responsibility for running this universe. You know which responsibility? It’s "Motherhood". I know that as of now you don’t have much understanding of this whole motherhood phase and what is being a Mother oneself. But, you see, you will be a Mother one day. And when you are a mother, you carry many other responsibilities on your shoulders other than just living for yourself. You are seeing Amma every day but that is the only single sided view of big Motherhood world. A mother lives for her child also. She lives for the dreams of her kids and she put…

#MondayMommyMoments Vibhu's Rakhi

Rakhi used to be a fun festival during my childhood time. Days before the Rakhi used to be full of planning and putting heads together for buying so many Rakhies and sweets. Although, we are two sisters only, but all my cousins used to come to my parent’s place to get Rakhi tied. I always feel those were beautiful childhood days when all my elder and younger cousins used to willingly come and give us gifts and cash. They had no problem making us happy on the day of Rakhi, despite they have their own sisters. The whole day used to go in making fun with them and putting our gifts in the almirah (confession, it was such a joyful moment whenever I received a gift on Rakhi ).

Soon our lives changed. Cousins didn't come to us on Rakhi. Elder brothers started feeling it a waste of time to visit us. We understood, they had the pressure of higher studies. So we both sisters started tying Rakhi to each other and to our father. Then some of my Rakhies went completely gloomy as none of the bro…

A Friend in Need is A Friend iNDeed

Well, all of us must have heard about this saying which helps us identify our true friends and also helps in keeping away from false friends. This I believe is probably the real sense of this saying. Isn't that? However, in most friendship examples I find this saying inspiring a different sense of friendship. 

Instead of waiting for the hard time to judge the loyalty and sincerity of friends, people have started making friendship with only those who can serve them in need. For example,I remember when I was a child, someone who had a car in our society was a friend of most people. The car owner uncle and his family was invited at everyone's party. The car owner was greeted with morning/evening wishes by most others. In short, everybody wanted to be a friend of the one who has a car so that they can ask for their car when in need. Now, if the car owner does not refuse to give his car to others in need, he is a good friend; else, not. Because we know that a friend in need is a fri…