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#Mondaymommymoments Is Motherhood hard?

I did a lot of brainstorming around this topic and I have no clear answer whether motherhood is hard or not? If I say yes, it’s hard then I find no such incident so far in my motherhood trek that I should call HARD. In my dictionary, HARD is something you can’t bear at all.

If I talk about sleep deprivation when my boy was a new born, I would say it was happening with my husband as well. He used to wake me up for feeding the baby. Surprisingly, our new born son never cried when he was hungry. He used to toss over the bed but he never howled. And, as I used to be very tired and sleeping deeply, his little disturbance used to go unnoticed by my side. That’s why my husband took the responsibility to wake me up in every two hours.
For us, vaccinations were so cool. The baby used to chill after getting the injection whereas Papa used to feel shocked for a longer time. Teething was again not much painful or puzzling. The baby was never over cranky or over irritated. Thankfully my son was alwa…

It is your stronger will that makes it happen!

A man was attending to the speech of a saint. In his speech the saint was inspiring people to stay away from superstitions and misbeliefs. The saint told that there is only one ruler of this world and he stays inside all of us, so we need to search the surviving potential inside our own selves only. At this the man raised him a doubt.

The man told him about his friend who had been trying to get a government job since long. He added that after a few unsuccessful attempts his friend consulted an astrologer who told him to offer a distinct payer and distribute sweets outside a temple every Thursday to his selection in a government job. His friend did the same in complete faith and he got that job. If the gods are inside us and they don’t need anything from us, why such tricks work?
The saint smiled at him and explained, “Your friend had certainly done all the tricks in complete faith. His great faith in the tricks made his will power stronger than before. Every time he made efforts like of…

Why I meet and greet kids of my son's daycare Every Day

The first month after my son joined his daycare was really hard won. For few initial days, I left him crying in the arms of his daycare teacher. I used to be very sentimental and used to curse my decision of getting my son enrolled in the daycare. As per the daycare teacher, it is very obvious and normal that the child gets scared parting from her mother and having strangers all around. She used to tell me to relax my thought horses and give some time to my boy. Although, my situation was the most favorable one can ever get. The daycare is in my office only and I had the freedom to go and hug my son anytime. Howbeit, for a mother of home pampered kid, it was toilsome.

Days were going in hope of my 1 and half-year-old getting jelled there. What a tough time it was! One day when I was standing in front of the daycare door carrying my boy, and the daycare teacher lovingly called him  “Come, my child”, I saw my clingy tot willingly rushing to someone else’s arms. I was emotional and in tea…

SHE-box Portal : An initiative of Empowering Women

"Woman must not accept; she must challenge. She must not be awed by that which has been built up around her; she must reverence that woman in her which struggles for expression. " 

The Women and Child Development ministry today launched an online platform to enable women employees of the central government to file complaints related to sexual harassment at the workplace. Union minister Maneka Gandhi said that first this platform will cater the needs of central government’s women employees and based on its impact and progress, it will be further made widen to cover private sector employees as well.
What is SHE-box?
'SHe-box' (sexual harassment electronic box) is an online complaint management system hosted on the website of the Women and Child Development Ministry. Once a complaint is submitted to the 'SHe-Box', it will be directly sent to the internal complaints committee (ICC) of the ministry/department/PSU/autonomous body etc concerned, to take action on the m…

It was “No” One’s Mistake

Life is full of love, likes and expectations as nicely as it is full of clashes, conflicts and mistakes. We fall into all these, even if we know it is an illusion and these are meant to let go. Especially in relationships, we ride on a plane of uncontrollable emotions which take us from extreme of joy to extreme of sorrow. Those who make up easily and intentionally, keep on the ride. While those who fail to manage, stay back until they start another ride of the same kind. But what if we meet the companions of an old ride after we have moved on to new paths.

Sometimes two close friends have serious clashes and call an end to their intimacy, understanding and affection. I often see people giving stranger looks to each other after they meet each other despite of the fact that they have shared unforgettable pleasure and pains together just sometime back their lives. Does this mean they have moved on? No. This means they still remember all that which is why they are not able to give each ot…

Take a Stand on the Weight of Your Child’ Schoolbag

The morning telegraph helped with feel positive this day with the news reading as “Telangana caps schoolbag weight, bars homework”. Yes the Government of this youngest Indian state has taken action to save school going children from unjustifiable harassment they come across while hanging seriously heavy schoolbags and also with loads and loads of homework from their schools. The government realizes the importance of physical and mental health of the fortune makers of the country and limits the weight of school bags of children in the state. With this positive development the weight of a school-going in Telangana should be between 1.5 kilograms to 5 kilograms only.
Researches reveal and careful parents are aware that the school bag of an average child usually weighs between 6 kilograms to 12 kilograms only at the primary level. Children bear upto 16 kilograms while they are at high school level, as estimated. However, carrying such load is a clear risk of physical health of children. It…

Thank you for being an awesome teacher Son

Don’t you think raising these tiny souls is no less than working for NASA? I always get such vibes when I see my son stepping on the milestones of his life. It is a feeling of proud mixed with sentimental reflex. “Khushi Ke anshu..” you see. Recently a few things happened at our end that made me so glad and eminent. Let me share with you those incidents.

One fine day I forgot to put the lunch box in my office bag. It was “Kadhi-Chawal” that day so I was happy that lunch would be a nice treat. Unfortunately, I missed to carry it with me. When I opened my bag during lunch hours, with dreams of having Kadhi-Chawal, I realized, I forgot to take it from the kitchen. I cursed myself for my forgetfulness. Back home, we enjoyed Kadhi-Chawal in dinner as Kadhi-Chawal is my son’s favorite as well. When I was tucking him in the bed, like every day, he demanded a new story. So, I made a whole new story around what happened with me (as I forgot the lunchbox) that day. My boy was with me throughout …

A Letter To My Father On His Retirement

Dear Papa, I am little fidgety as after a long time I am writing something to you. But I found this mattering much to express my feelings through this letter. Few things written words can express better! Papa, you are going to depart from your office life very soon, the life which you have been living since you were only 18. Its nature’s law that everything that starts comes to its end and now has come the time of your retirement from this duty, which you have been doing since last 38 years! I still remember your first interview experience that you shared with me. You were only 18 and selected for a dream job of that time. This job has given you so much; your pride, your confidence and the sense of responsibility. With this job, you were able to give wings to your siblings and family members. I know you have always been an honest employee of your company. Because of that, you gained so much respect and fame there. You are a well-known personality among thousands of employees. Your jolly …

I Am A Good Parent

My typical days start with heading office with my boy along. After reaching office we both, mother and son, do our breakfast together and then I drop him to his daycare. It is in my office building only. Not always, he makes a fuss about going to his Pinky didi. (Pinky is his attending teacher. She is such a nice soul and loves my boy so much.) But some days he does. So I take him for a walk outside to change his mood. We go to the beautiful garden nearby. We collect flowers, arrange them on grass and enjoy the fresh air. We also talk about how the day is going to be so exciting for him. I tell him that all his friends Alisha, Adhya, and others have come and they are waiting for him. Then, I find him asking about the ‘Others’, the names which I don’t take. Slowly he gives me signs to join them. I check my watch and without any further delay I hand him over to his Pinky did.
Many of my office mates see all this happening LIVE. When I came back dropping my son to the daycare, they say a …

SEAMO is Here..

Have you heard about SEAMO,The Southeast Asian Mathematical Olympiad? No, then this post is definitely going to give you much-needed insight here.

SEAMO, is not merely an Olympiad rather it is aimed at bringing the most creative and youngest mind of the world in a friendly competition at the highest level.

Now as it’s an Olympiad, it has the purpose of finding the minds which are extra ordinary and can think out of the box. This is first time that SEAMO is going to conduct test in India and the decided date is 6 of August. Students from class 5 to class 12 are eligible for this great Olympiad. The exam will provide students an opportunity to identify and discover their mathematical talents through creative challenges. Now, one other thing that I found interesting here was that the question paper will be prepared at the same time for India as for other countries, so the level of difficulty of both exams will be same. Thus this Olympiad will set a clear benchmark for Indian students about…

Menstrual Leave, Discrimination or Necessity?

A recent news notification brought to our notice that two of Indian companies have started a culture of menstruation leave for their female employees. Though many foreign countries have already given this gesture to their female staff which allows them a day off when they come across with their menstruation cramp every month. In countries like Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia and South Korea, working women have legitimate right for paid leave if and when they are not able to work during their periods. Some countries, like Germany, even wanted to allow paid leave of upto three days for working ladies with regard to social sustainability concerns. However, this brought up a debate on this matter that continues till now.

The debate is about how fair and important are the menstrual leaves. On one hand we all know how hard it may be to manage at workplace for a women on the first day of her periods, we also know a day of paid leave is a loss of business. Some people including women believe that a l…

#MondayMommyMoments क्यूकि तुम बड़ी जल्दी सीख रहे हो सब..

छोटे बच्चे कितने जल्दी चीजे सीख लेते है ये मैंने अपने बेटे को देख कर समझा. टीवी का रिमोट कैसे काम करता है.. खिलौनों के सेल कैसे निकल सकते है.. स्टूल को इस्तेमाल कैसे करे कि स्विच मिल जाए खेलने के लिए.. ये सब मेरे ३ साल के बेटे ने ना जाने कैसे सीख लिया!! मैं अपने फ़ोन में पासवर्ड डाल कर रखती हूँ ताकि जब तक मैं ना चाहू वो फ़ोन में गेम्स ना खेल पाए. पर उसने पता नहीं कैसे पासवर्ड भी डालना सीख लिया 😃.

अभी कुछ दिनों पहले मैं अपने बेटे को सुलाने के लिए माहौल बना रही थी. माहौल से मेरा मतलब है उसे बताना कि अब सोने का टाइम है और उसे अब अपने दिमाग को आराम देना चाहिए. तो मैं नाईट लैंप जला देती हूँ और कमरा बंद करके माहौल बनाती हूँ सोने का. इसी दौरान मैं उसे नाईट सूट भी पहनाती हूँ जिसका भी मतलब है अब गुड नाईट करने का वक्त आ गया. मैंने अभी नाईट सूट निकाला ही था और मैं अलमारी बंद करके पलटी तो देखा मेरे बेटे ने नाईट सूट पहन भी लिया था. मैं एकदम भौचक्की रह गई. खुश भी थी कि खुद से सीख गया एक और चीज पर उससे ज्यादा हक्की- बक्की थी कि कितनी जल्दी सीख रहा है सबकुछ ये..

मेरी दोस्त कहती है कि वो एक होशियार बच्चा…

#Mondaymommymoments A few things I would change in re-living my motherhood trek

Touch-wood, my motherhood journey seems quite well when I look back to those days. I had many issues that could have created road blocks for me, but fortunately, my family always supported me. The best supporter award, of course, goes to my husband who always stood by me. And even today, he never misses a chance to give me wings.

I am a working mother and when my maternity leaves came to end, the very first dilemma was “Who would take care of the baby?” My mother-in-law came to rescue the plot. She stayed with us until my boy was one and half years old. Then I enrolled him in a daycare and sent my mother-in-back back to my in-law’s place. Things are going good so far. However, whenever I sail through those initial days of my motherhood, I find a few things that I would definitely want to change:
I want to extend my maternity leaves. Now maternity benefit bill has suggested 26 weeks of maternity leaves but when I was pregnant, it was only 3 months. I went to my home town (from Delhi) for…

The importance of 'Forgiving'

This is special post on the International Day of Forgiving(7th July)

We all are human beings and what makes us humans is the quality of mercy and compassion. This compassion makes all of us able to forgive. 
Forgiveness is one of the most appreciable qualities of human beings. Those who are full of forgiveness to others are known as Saints. Normal people might get angry on those who perform an action that hurts as this causes them go angry. Anger is not at all good. An angry person is most likely to hurt others as well as his own self. But there are many kind of people around us and their behavior is often very annoying to us. So can we escape ourselves from anger? The answer is exactly what I am talking about, “forgiveness”.
To forgive is to let go something that is otherwise not pleasing or painful to you and allow an excuse to the person who cause you anger or pain.
A famous saying states that “There are two ways to make your life happier; one is to forgive and the other is to be f…