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Fruity Fun of Summers

The summers have always been special as they bring vacation and reasons that you can plan a hill station holiday. However, one more thing that makes summers so special is the availability of a range of mouth-watering fruits through this season. Let me make you count these juicy delights of this season; mango, watermelon, litchi, apple, plum, kiwi, cucumber, guava, black plum (jamum), musk melon and many more.

Though we get most fruits all season these days in supermarkets, the real taste of these can only be tasted in their season according to me. All these fruits are not only tempting to our taste buds but also highly nutritious for us.

Most summer fruits like plums, melons, litchi etc. are rich with water content which is a must have in the summer season. They help you get calories (energy), calcium, vitamins, fiber and minerals. Summer Fruits like mango are source of vitamin K which is very good for our bone health. Summer Fruits like black plum (Jamum) are very helpful in controlling blood sugar and thus prevent diabetes. Summer Fruits like guava are rich in fiber and sooth our digestion system and prevent constipation.

Besides being a source of iron, calcium, potassium, carbohydrate, folate, calories and vitamins, the summer fruits are also rich in antioxidants. The king of summer fruits, that is mango, is rich with antioxidants that prevent macular degeneration that causes aging in people. Thus, summer fruits’ consumption is helpful in keeping us younger and beautiful too. These are delighting natural sources of nutrition that nourish our eyes, hair and skin.
These fruits are must haves not because of what they provide us but also because of what they take away from us. Consumption of summer fruits prevents obesity, cancer, asthma, heat stroke, dehydration and many other diseases that none of us would ever wish to meet with. 

So, go on pick these juicy delights of summer season before the season gets over because you know should not miss the nourishment they serve you with. 

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  1. I would totally agree with the choice of eating seasonal fruits. ALas, the mango sesaon is gone.

    1. We still are relishing them here in Delhi? In which city you are?

  2. I agree with you... not just fruits but even veggies. It's better to eat seasonal fruits and veggies because the quality and freshness is much better! This post is really good for moms like me who don't really have enough information about what fruits grow in which season! :)

    1. Adding color in life and adding color in plate always help us as a whole :)

  3. I am a fruit lover. We make sure we have not less than 2 servings for fruits per day. Mango is something I can quit everything for.

    1. I know Mango lover can do anything for a mango bite :)

  4. Good post on summer fruits. Seasonal fruits are always better than others. My daughters love fruits but not a very big fan of veggies.

    1. Kids are like that. Even i hate veggies in my childhood.

  5. Thankfully one of my daughter is a fruit lover & demands any seasonal fruit available. Loved the article.

    1. This is great that your daughter likes fruits. I know many families where kids hate them. Parents run after them so that they have it.

  6. Mango is my all time favourite fruit. I wait all year round d for it..really the best part about summer.


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