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Chaman ji’ I AM WITH YOU (#ALetterToHer)

(During my BPO career, some five years back, I got to meet a women really passionate about her performance at work. She looked more than thirty which is an age of very few call center workers. She was not very friendly with others in our team, though not rude with anyone for sure. It was once, that both of us were chosen for an upskill training and being very talkative I happen to make her somewhat open to me. Chamanji had an excellent tone, confident voice and kind of perfect spoken English but lacked in her computer proficiency. However, her spirit was really high and I helped her in learning MS Excel. She used to talk to her sister and her kids in the breaks. One day while she was telling me that she was not able to take proper sleep as she used to reach home at 4 in the morning and woke up at 6 in the morning to get her kids ready for school. Her explanation provoked me to ask her about her husband. With a bit of hesitation Chamanji told me in short where she had come from. She wa…

#ALetterToHer. - The world is to conquer and move ahead

Honestly, I have never met with any such women who has faced domestic violence of any kind. I feel I have never sensed that dullness of faces could be a domestic violence shock. Or perhaps, if I have, I could not find traces of sadness and grief behind the smiling faces around me. It may also be that I have ignored the grins and nods being a super positive soul, who looks at only happiness all around. I have also not proactively tried to question at someone’s personal life to know why someone I know is silent or sad. Though I also feel, why none of them opened up ever? 

Is it like none of the ladies in my relation, friend circle or neighborhood or anyone I was ever in touch or I am now, took me as friendly as to share their hearts out?

Howbeit, I am well aware that it’s not easy to come out and openly express about an abusive married life of once own. We (most of the) girls are programmed to get tortured for the sake of the family. We fear of kid’s future, we fear of aging parents and w…

Vibhu & Papa - Day 21

When Papa and Vibhu had a friendly talk..

ShahRukh is Twenty-Five Years Old now..

One of the men who ruled over the hearts of a number of girls for over a generation has recently turned twenty-five. Yes, it is the King Khan of Bollywood I am talking about. You don’t need to get surprised as even I know ShahRukh has crossed fifty-one of his age since I am talking about the time period he has completed in the Bollywood. 

ShahRukh Khan started his career in Hindi movies as an actor in 1992 film Deewana. In that film he was cast against charming Divya Bharti in a love triangle. I still remember the bike riding style of King Khan in the song of this film “koi na koi chahiye pyar karne wala”. Almost all of us can visualize him playing on mandolin in a super romantic way that he did in DDLJ. Shahrukh clinched the title of lover boy with his romantic hits. While the continuous big hits in Bollywood made him the King Khan on Industry. He also lived unforgettable roles in Darr, Baazigar and Anjam while playing negative characters. ShahRukh won the heart of even critics when h…

जब मैं ऑफिस से घर देर से पहुंची..

कल मैं ऑफिस से घर देर से पहुंची. मेरा ३ साल का बेटा मेरे साथ ही creche जाता है जो मेरे ऑफिस में ही है. पर कल शाम एक जरूरी मीटिंग होने की वजह से बेटे को साथ नहीं ले गई थी और वो अपने पापा के साथ घर पर ही था.
कल का दिन कुछ अलग सा गया. ऑफिस बस में बैठी तो ऐसा लग रहा था कुछ घर पर भूल आई हूँ. आदत सी हो गई है बेटे को सीने से लगा कर बस की सीट पर बैठने की. फिर बस से उतरी तो सब लोग पूछने लगे "आज विभू नहीं आया..?" मुझे बड़ा अच्छा लगता है कि मेरे बेटे में सबके साथ घुल मिल जाने का गुण है, वो बस में साथ आने वालो से लेकर ऑफिस के गार्ड्स, सिक्योरिटी स्टाफ और कई सारे ऑफिस के लोगो को अच्छे से जानता है. जिस दिन वो ना आए ऑफिस साथ, तो सबको उसकी कमी महसूस होती है..उन सबको बताते हुए कि आज विभू घर पर ही है, आगे बढ़ी. ऑफिस में नाश्ता किया तो फिर से उसकी याद आई. रोज उसे भी बाते बनाते हुए नाश्ता कराती हूँ और कल चुप चाप जल्दी-जल्दी नाश्ता करके सीट पर पहुंच गई. फिर पतिदेव को फ़ोन मिलाने कि कोशिश करने लगी ताकि हाल चाल ले सकू. पर फ़ोन लग ही नहीं रहा था, शायद नेटवर्क में कुछ प्रॉब्लम थी. बीच-बीच में फिर से को…

Vibhu & Papa - Day 19

When Vibhu is angry, he likes no one..

Vibhu & Papa - Day 18

When Vibhu wants to be Papa..

Save your child from Drug Abuse

On International Day Against Drug Abuse today

What is the issue?
Drug abuse is the intake of toxic substances like Heroin, Opium, Alcohol, Cannabis and Propoxyphene etc. which causes an addiction and serious harm to mind and body of a person. A person involved in drug abuse is in immense distress. Once taken, these toxic substances generate an extreme desire to repeat its intake in a person. It is really very hard for an addicted person to refrain himself or herself from drug intake despite owning knowledge of its harms and a wish to overcome. The life of a person involved in drug abuse is very miserable and ruined, if timely and necessary assistance is not provided. Researchers reveal that children and adolescents are most likely to become victims of drug abuse. This is probably because childhood is a time for experimentation. Children and teenagers often become a victim of it just because of their curiosity, though lifestyle, friends, cultural factors and psychological factors also ex…

Vibhu & Papa - Day 17

To give antibiotics to Vibhu is such a task for Papa..

Vibhu & Papa - Day 15

Mumma gives up in keeping Vibhu entertained all the time. But Papa has the key to keep Vibhu happy.

"Saare Nakhre Mumma ke samne hi hai Vibhu ke.."

Few more days for GST to roll out.. Know what changes this would bring to a common household’s life.

Goods and service taxes, as the name suggests, are the taxes levied on the goods and services we consume. Currently most of these goods and services come under a taxation policy that imposes many different taxes on them like excise, VAT, service tax. If you have noticed any of your recent restaurant bills, you can find changes under various category of taxes. This is what the GST would be replacing. There would be only one category of taxes shown on such bills after 1 July 2017.

For GST imposition the goods and services we consume are categorized under four major heads. Thus you can say that there are 4 tax slabs under GST. The following points are worth noting regarding this new taxation system: The first category of goods include Edible oil, spices, tea, coffee on which current taxes make upto 9% however, GST would be only 5% on these goods. So you next purchase of these daily needs is going to be cheaper. The second category is of 12% GST that would be levied on Computers, process…

Vibhu & Papa - Day 14

Vibhu understands the deals and profits so quickly..

Vibhu & Papa - Day 13

Vibhu on the question of Dursa baby..

Vibhu & Papa - Day 12

Vibhu when asked to talk to someone on Phone..

Vibhu & Papa - Day 11 ( Father's Day Special)

On Father's Day..

Vibhu & Mumma - Day 10

Vibhu don't care what mumma says..

Vibhu & Papa - Day 9

On World Yoga day, this happened..

Vibhu & Papa - Day 8

Poor Papa, he recites the same story everyday and infinite times.

Vibhu & Papa - Day 7

Vibhu know how to make Papa happy..

Vibhu & Papa - Day 6

Vibhu jokes with Papa 😃

Vibhu & Papa - Day 5

No one can make Vibhu work.. 

Vibhu & Papa - Day 4

When Vibhu talks to Nana ji..

Fruity Fun of Summers

The summers have always been special as they bring vacation and reasons that you can plan a hill station holiday. However, one more thing that makes summers so special is the availability of a range of mouth-watering fruits through this season. Let me make you count these juicy delights of this season; mango, watermelon, litchi, apple, plum, kiwi, cucumber, guava, black plum (jamum), musk melon and many more.

Though we get most fruits all season these days in supermarkets, the real taste of these can only be tasted in their season according to me. All these fruits are not only tempting to our taste buds but also highly nutritious for us.

Most summer fruits like plums, melons, litchi etc. are rich with water content which is a must have in the summer season. They help you get calories (energy), calcium, vitamins, fiber and minerals. Summer Fruits like mango are source of vitamin K which is very good for our bone health. Summer Fruits like black plum (Jamum) are very helpful in controlli…

The Adopted Dad Of Superstar Rajinikanth

Yes, you read it right! Superstar Rajinikanth had adopted his father Mr. Kalyana Sundaram 5 years back.

When I shared this fact with one of my office mates, he joked and said: “Ab wo 'the great Rajinikanth' hai.. wo bachche nhi, direct Papa adopt kar skta hai..”  But jokes apart, this is a beautiful truth that touched me till deep.

We all know, other than his movie zing and bang, actor Rajinikanth is also famous for his simplicity and humbleness. Through his magnificent acts, he took a completely new gesture when he adopted Mr. Kalyana Sundaram as his father. Mr. Sundaram is himself an epitome of selflessness and humanity. I would call him the finest example of simple living and high thinking.
If you look at his picture, he looks like an average man. But what a soul he is! He has dedicated his entire life to the welfare of poor and needy.
A gold medalist in library science, and an MA in literature and history, Mr. Kalyana Sundaram, is a philanthropist, who prefers to perform …

Vibhu & Mumma -- Day 3

एक दिन मम्मा विभु को नहला रही थी.. और हमेशा के जैसे विभु खुद से नहाना चाहता था. मम्मा ने विभु को बाथरूम में थोड़ी और देर नहाने दिए. और फिर ये हुआ.. 

Vibhu & Papa -- Day 2

Papa love teaching Vibhu slokas and chants. He even recites verses from Ramcharit Manas so that Vibhu can learn and catch them. It's really amazing that with time Vibhu is actually master in them. 

But naughty Vibhum whenever asked to revise them, he never listens to Papa. 

One day when Papa asked Vibhu to revise 'Karpoor Gauram..' this happened..

Vibhu & Papa -- Day 1

One Day Vibhu was doing what he should not. He was littering things, wasting water, messing up with bed-sheet And then Mumma screamed "Vibhu Shaitani Nahi.." 
She even snatched Vibhu's water bottle as he was spitting water everywhere. Vibhu started wailing and this happened when Papa asked "Vibhu kya hua..?"

Abundance of Talks - #FathersDay Contest For Kids

Remember this "My Daddy Strongest" Dhara ad? This is the idea of our Kiddy #FathersDay contest.
Share with us a video of your child saying this wonder-some line in her/his unique style. The most creative video can win an exciting kiddy gift :)
1. Like our Facebook page  :
2. Duration of the video should not be more than 10 seconds.
3. Selection of the best video will be based upon clarity and creativity of the video clip.

4. Last date of sending the video clip is 30 June 2017.
Send your videos at the email id Or, send us that as a Facebook message.