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#MothersDay प्रियंवदा की भावनाए..

मेरा नाम प्रियंवदा पांडेय है और मैं एक शिक्षिका हूँ. मैं शिक्षिका होने के साथ-साथ एक बेटी, बहू, बहन और पत्नी के कर्तव्यो का पालन कर रही हूँ. परन्तु इन सभी रिश्तो से सबसे बाद में मिला रिश्ता मेरे लिए सबसे अनमोल और खास है. जिसे मैं इन सब रिश्तो से ज्यादा महत्व देती हूँ वो है मेरा रिश्ता मेरी बेटी आरोही के साथ. मैं माँ हूँ आरोही की. मुझे बेटों से कही अधिक बेटियाँ प्यारी है और ईश्वर ने मुझे एक साथ दो सुख दिए है, एक माँ बनने का सौभाग्य और दूसरा पुत्री देकर. आरोही को प्यार से गौरी भी बुलाते है सब. 

मैं एक कामकाजी महिला हूँ और अपनी नौकरी के साथ अपनी बेटी की भी जिम्मेदारी निभाती हूँ. जब पहली बार आरोही मेरे हाथ में आई तो लगा मेरे हाथो में सारी दुनिया की खुशिया समा गई. आज मेरी बेटी ३ वर्ष की हो रही है. स्वाद में नमकीन चीजे खाना, सच बोलना, खाना खाने में नाटक, हठीला पन, सभी आदते उसमे दिखती है जो मेरी भी थी. मेरी नन्ही परी मेरी परछाई है. अभी उसके पास किचेन सेट के बर्तन है जिनसे वो सारा दिन खेलती है. मुझे चाय बना कर देती है. मैं भी चाय पीने का नाटक करती हूँ. प्रशंसा भी करती हूँ कि चाय अच्छी है और उस…

#MothersDay A Message by ‎Shweta

माँ, समझ में ही नही आता कि शुरूवात कहाँ से करे क्यों कि शब्दों से ज्यादा भाव हैं इस शब्द में, जिसे सिर्फ़ महसूस किया जा सकता हैं। पूरी दुनिया छोटी लगती है माँ तेरे सामने.. जब हम छोटे थे, कोई भी परेशानी आती थी माँ सबसे पहले तेरी याद ही आती थी हर problem का solution था माँ के पास, बिन कहे भी वो हमारी हर परेशानी समझ जाती थी।
कितना सुकून था तेरी गोद में माँ.. माँ के लिए दुनिया में अपनी सन्तान से अच्छा कोई नहीं होता है। एक माँ ही का दिल इतना बड़ा होता है कि वो अपने बच्चों की गलतियों को माफ़ कर सकती है। मेरी सारी गलतियों को वो माफ़ करती हैं !
बहुत गुस्सा होकर भी वो प्यार देती हैं....!
उसके होंठो पर हमेशा दुआ होती हैं...!
ऐसा करने वाली सिर्फ और सिर्फ हमारी माँ होती हैं! आज मैं जब खुद एक माँ हूँ, माँ आप के लिये मेरा सम्मान और भी बढ़ गया है। आज मैं आप का प्यार, दुलार और आप की डांट सब समझ सकती हूँ कि आप की डांट में भी कितना प्यार छिपा रहता था। मैं तुम्हें शब्दों में कैसे पिरोऊँ ......माँ
मेरी परिभाषा और पहचान हो ....तुम

Myths About Periods

Talking openly about periods is still a taboo in many societies. There is a lack of awareness and information about it. So, these myths continue to live on and are not questioned from one generation to another.

Have a look at some of the myths and facts behind them : 

FACT : Menstrual outcome is just a harmless mixture of blood and tissue that was not used by your body to nourish a baby in the Womb. It's natural and very normal. This myth is often used to stop women from taking part in various religious events.

FACT : I feel this started when women used to take bath in open like in rivers or ponds. But now when most of us take bath in private bathrooms there is no place for such myth. Rather, it is a good idea to take a bath or a shower daily for a hygienic and clean body.

FACT: There is no fix formula to calculate when the ovulation will happen. Sometimes it  may occur before your period is over and sometimes it happens soon after. And in both cases, if there are sperms in the vagina…

#MothersDay The Unhappy Mothers Day! - A blog by Annu

Yes,you hear me right!Not this special day is special for everyone.Not this occasion brings happiness to everyone.
When everyone is sharing happiness of having a great mom or being a great mom on this Mother's Day,I would like to draw your attention to those who have not only never sensed such feeling but also have to be really strong on this day to keep themselves together.
I'm talking about the unfortunates who either don't have a mother they deserve or don't have her at all.While social media is all bloomed up with Happy Mother's Day messages,quotes and testimonials,if look around us we will find out there are people in society who :- Were born orphans(Mother died during child birth)Lost their mothers at a very young ageLost their mothers due to her illness/accident/old age etc.Are estranged from their mothers due to various issues like her mental illness ,one's own mental illness,family problems,misunderstandings,legal issues like divorce/custody,natural calam…

How to Maintain Menstrual Hygiene

Menstrual hygiene and management is for ensuring that your everyday life is not interrupted by menstruation.It is to make that you can continue with your daily routine such as going to school, going to work or doing household chores. It can also prevent potential situations of embarrassment and in turn, make you feel confident about yourself and your body.To avoid any illness and infection it is important to maintain menstrual hygiene. In this sense, maintaining proper menstrual hygiene is important for your well-being and development.

Here are some ways to maintain good Menstrual hygiene :

Thyroid, kinds and symptoms - A quick read

It's World Thyroid Day today. In my family, many of the elderly ladies are taking medication for Thyroid problem. When my mother was diagnosed with Thyroid, it was very late and taking medicine for life time was the only option left. This is a very common issue with ladies as they couldn't realize that the constant fatigue and mood swings can be the symptoms of Thyroid.
The thyroid gland, located just below the neck in front of larynx, secretes hormones through the bloodstream to every cell and every organ in our body. This tiny, 2-inch gland regulates our body temperature, keeps our brain thinking clearly, our heart pumping fine, and basically maintains harmony among all organs in our body. When one is suffering from Thyroid, this grand becomes either over productive or under productive. 
If the thyroid gland doesn’t secrete enough hormones into the blood, this is called Hypothyroidism. On the other side, if this grands secretes too many hormones, bodily functions will speed up…

The Surname Culture..

Almost all of us put a surname after our names and for many of us our surname becomes our identity before many around us like I am called as “pandey ji” by many of my friends and followers and even I call many people by their surnames. This surname is really helpful in some cases of identity making. The most helpful case with use of surname I have ever noted was when there were 4 girls named as Puja in our class and we used to recognize them as Puja Singh, Puja Awasthi, Puja Mittal and Puja Verma 😊. 

Despite such big help I have experienced, I find the surname culture really dividing and antagonistic. Afterall our surnames decide our casts and religion. I have noted people offering favors to surname-sake like Mishra ji is expected to help Mishra ji and Chopra ji expected to help Chopra ji. I have a facebook friend who bears the same surname as mine, following me on twitter, may seem to many people my close relative. People of same surname appear to fruits of same tree and thus others …

तीजनबाई जी, पंडवानी की पहली महिला कलाकार

आज का लेख एक ऐसी कलाकार के नाम है जो महाभारत की जटिल कथा और इसके तमाम पात्रों को अपने चेहरे से बखूबी दर्शाती है. तीजनबाई जी . मैंने बचपन में पहली बार जब तीजनबाई जी की प्रस्तुति सुनी तभी से वो मेरे मन में बस गई. तीजनबाई जी छत्तीसगढ़ की लोकगायन शैली पंडवानी की गायिका हैं. जो लोग पंडवानी के बारे में नहीं जानते है उन्हें मैं ये बताना चाहती हूँ कि ये सिर्फ  गायन की शैली नहीं है, ये गायन और नाट्य दोनों की मिलीजुली शैली है. तीजनबाई जी इस शैली को अपनाने वाली पहली महिला है. इससे पहले पुरुष ही इस तरह से अपनी बात रखते थे.

तीजनबाई जी बताती है कि पंडवानी का मतलब है 'पांडवो की वानी', जिसे छत्तीसगढ़ के गाओं में गाया और सुनाया जाता है. तीजनबाई जी पंडवानी में पूरी महाभारत को अपनी आवाज में गाती है और साथ ही साथ अपने एकतारे के साथ भाव विभोर नाट्य प्रस्तुति देती है. वे स्वयं नायक भी होती हैं, नायिका भी, गायिका भी, निर्देशिका भी और अभिनेता भी. वो संवादों की लेखिका (मौखिक) भी हैं और उनके अनुकूल बनी पात्र भी बन जाती है. ये कला उन्होंने अपने नाना से सीखी. उनका एकतारा, जिसके साथ वो महाभारत का गान करती …

Eleven things about child psychology a parents must understand

Have you even heard the quote of Haim Ginott that states “A child’s mind is like wet clay in potter’s hand”.. .

According to psychologists, the positive or negative attitude of a child is well developed during his or her childhood. The recent movie Dear Zindagi has also reaffirmed this. There are many instances where children complain that their parents don’t understand them. This may be serious issue or your child as his overall attitude, perception and thinking is based on this. Hence, all the responsible parents must understand their child’s psychology.
Here are eleven key points you must be aware to well understand your child’s psychology:

Children need to be attended; So always be there for your child.Always give enough space but under gentle observationMind what your child has not said by understanding his body language, tone and gestures of your child.Mind that Not every child has the same learning patternUnderstand your child’ emotional patternHelp your child conquer his fear Chi…

“A man is what his mother makes him” Do you agree?

This mothers’ day, there have been a lot talks about mothers and motherhood. Meanwhile a start plus promo clip caught the attention and we noticed how a mother made his son learn how to care and respect women. (Watch the video at the end) 

If you have not watched it, let me tell you in this video a cute boy of 5 or 6 is sitting on the first seat in a bus while there comes a little girl with her mother. The mother of the boy vacates her seat to accommodate them and the little boy follows her mother by letting his seat to the famine duo. The clip tells us what and how much boys learn from their mothers when it comes to their way of treating another female in their lives. 
There was another picture message I noted a few years back in which a boy asks his mother how he can find the best women for himself. At this his mother replies, “instead of focusing on selection of best women, focus on being the best man.”
We know that family is the first school of a child. For a boy his mother is the fi…

A women can be sexy even after marriage and having two kids..

Have you ever noticed how you had suddenly changed to 'anty' from ‘didi’ for the neighborhood children just after you got married? With no surprise you own the title ‘Anty’ forever after you become a mother.

The perception of people is not the only thing that changes we ladies from didi to an anty. Most women including myself themselves change their appearance after marriage and after having kids. We abandon jeans top and fit in kurtas and kurties. We inbox our funky jewelry and get on with the traditional earrings, rings and necklace. There are many more things we change and the most ridiculous thing we do is when we start listening to others. This hardly matters for you as an unmarried cool babe that you are wearing pink lipstick on a maroon dress; even if someone says that is not a match, you would have taught it’s the upcoming fashion with a wink. But after marriage and kids, we become a learner who can take advice from absolutely anyone. Even your house help Suneeta can co…

गर्मी की छुट्टियाँ..तुम बहुत याद आती हो..

अभी कुछ दिनों पहले ही मैंने अपने बेटे के लिए एक वर्चुअल समर कैंप ज्वाइन किआ. ३० दिन के इस समर कैंप में ३० क्राफ्ट की एक्टिविटीज होगी और हर दिन बच्चो को कुछ न कुछ सीखने को मिलेगा. आज नौवाँ दिन है और मैं उफ़ करने को आ गई हूँ. रोज बेटे को एक्टिविटी के लिए बैठना, उसे समझाते हुए उस दिन का क्राफ्ट बनाना और फिर उसके साथ उसकी फोटो लेना. बड़ा मुश्किल है मुझसे पूछिए तो..ये २ से ३ साल के बच्चे सबसे ज्यादा चंचल होते है. एक जगह शांत होके बैठना उसके लिए बेकार की बात है. वो तो सबकुछ अपने हिसाब से चाहते है. अपने हिसाब से कागज काटना, रंग फैलाना, चीजे तोडना और जब कहो कि "बेटा थोड़ी देर सीधे खड़े हो जाओ.." वो और नहीं आपकी बात सुनते. मस्त है जीवन का ये समय भी.. कोई चिंता नहीं, कोई फ़िक्र नहीं बस आनंद ही आनंद...
अब जब ये समर कैंप शुरू हुआ है मुझे अपनी गर्मी की छुट्टियाँ याद आने लगी है. वो लगभग २ महीने कितने मौज के होते थे स्कूल के समय के. सारा साल बस इन्ही छुट्टियों की आस में कट जाता था और फिर जैसे ही लास्ट पेपर हुआ, मंसूबे बनने लगते थे कि क्या क्या करेंगे इन छुट्टियों में. लास्ट पेपर तो सच में पढ़ा …

Where We Are Heading As A Society?

Do you also think, we as a society, have turned quite inhuman and vicious?  At-least I think so, and I am in much distress after witnessing this everyday increase in number of dreadful rape incidents. A few days back, the body of a 23-year-old girl was found at a secluded place in Rohtak, Haryana. As per reports, the girl was sedated and gang raped. Medical examination unfolded that she had been violated with some foreign objects. Her head was smashed with a brick to blur identification and the body was run over by a vehicle. Our so-called high tech news channels ran this story as Haryana's Nirbhaya but I found it least appreciable way of reporting such a hateful crime incident.
Somehow I lived with this news. But what is not letting me live is the fear of where we are leading towards. Even after the death sentence to the accused in Delhi’s Nirbhaya case, there is no decrease in number of such brutal crimes. In this deep anger, I said to my husband, “I think we could live better …

#MothersDay The decision to become a ‘sitting at home Mother’ - A blog by Manjari

I would not hesitate in saying that there has been a culture of women forsaking their jobs after they become a mother of someone to be taken care of at their home. This is also a bitter fact that no mother has a choice when her young one is expecting her presence at home and she has to be out at work. On this mothers’ day I am dedicating my deep thoughts to all those women who had given up their career a few years back for the right up-bringing of their children. This was my mom too.

I had a chance to read an article of Victoria Beckham where she explained her feelings of trouble while leaving her children at home when she was out of country for work. She is wife of David Beckham and a model turned renowned designer herself who is a mother of three lovely kids. She said she felt guilty of not being able to be with her kids when they were babies and needed their mother the most. Though she thinks she had to be strong and leave her kids at home under the service of care takers.
Women have…

#MothersDay - A Timeless Journey - A blog by Pallavi

“Wake up Mumma…I am done with my sleep…it’s time to play!!” This should be music to the ears at any time of the day with a toddler, but at 2 am in the night you simply wish that you are hearing it in a dream.

Although the past three years of motherhood have been nothing short of a dream, the sleepy and dreamy nights have simply vanished and are a very rare occurrence. Instead as a mum I have realized the importance of power naps, the importance of syncing your needs with the expectations and needs of your little one and finally the importance of giving it all to the most important part of your new life.

Life has amazingly traveled a complete cycle for a little girl from a little city. When I started growing up, I was a unit of a family and the entire school and college life was spent struggling hard to etch out an individual identity, in search of a confident and unique entity to stand out among the crowd. Even after marriage, while I started sharing my life and its special moments w…

How I celebrated Mother’s Day this time..

We just celebrated Mother’s Day. I am hoping we, mothers, had a blast of the day. I thought to write how I and my tot celebrated this Mother’s Day because this time it was different. 
A day before, on Saturday night, I requested my husband “NO More comments tomorrow, please”. He laughed and said, “How that is possible?..” I left it over him and slept peacefully looking forward to next day. The Mother’s Day. I got up with the heed of juggling with the washing machine. But after lying on the bed of the next room, I said to myself “It’s Mother’s Day today. It’s for me. I should enjoy every minute of this day”. I postponed washing clothes and slept again. At 9 ‘clock, my mother called and I wished her. With my first line, she could comprehend that I was sleeping so next minute only she said “Sleep now. We’ll talk in evening.” And I closed my eyes again, aiming to sleep for some more time. However, with the hope to wish everyone on my FB page, I got up. It was another nice thing happened t…

#MothersDay माँ..ईश्वर की खूबसूरत नियामत

मुझे बचपन में दूध बिल्कुल पसंद नहीं था अपनी माँ की तरह। माँ जबरदस्ती एक गिलास दूध हम चारों भाई बहनों को देती थी। मेरी दादी भी हमारे साथ रहती थी। उन्हें दूध और दही बहुत पसंद था तो वो सुबह शाम इसके मजे लेती थी। मेरे पापा को खाने के आखिर में थोड़ा सा चावल दूध और चीनी के साथ खाना बहुत रहा। माँ को उनकी जबरदस्ती के लिए बहुत उलाहना देती थी मैं।
मेरी शादी के बाद जब मेरे माँ पापा पहली बार मेरे पास आये तो मैंने ख़ालिस दूध की चाय बनायी। माँ खुश हो गयी। दोपहर के खाने में मैंने दही भी परोसी। पापा, अपने पति और अपने लिए कटोरी भर दही और माँ के लिए थोड़ी सी। मेरे पति बोले ‘मम्मी जी के लिए बस इतनी सी दही’! मैंने गर्व से अपना ज्ञान झाड़ा ‘मम्मी को दही पसंद नहीं है’। इस पर पापा बोले ‘नहीं बेटा, मम्मी को तो सुबह शाम दही चाहिये’। मैंने हैरानी से माँ की तरफ देखा और माँ बस मुस्कुरा दी। मैंने बाद में अकेले में माँ से पूछा ’अब तुम्हें दही पसंद आने लगी?’ माँ ने कहा ‘बेटा, दही तो मुझे हमेशा से पसंद थी। लेकिन चार बच्चे, तुम्हारी दादी और पापा के लिए कहीं कम न पड़ जाए इसलिए मैं नहीं खाती थी। तब पापा की तनख्वाह भी कम थी।…

#MothersDay - A message from Udita

For me Mother stands for my identity. Whatever I am today, my past and my future is all because of her. She has always been my source of inspiration, my never ending support and my 3 am friend. There were times when I craved to find my identity beyond her, but the more I tried, the more I have realized that it is her I am a part of. I think it is the only relation in the world where you do not judge the other person. I have never judged my mother. Whatever she has done in her life, whatever decisions she has taken has always been right according to me. We can never hear wrong about our mother like we cannot hear anything wrong about God. 

I can still remember the long conversations I used to have with my mother about life and its problems. She had so patiently listen to them and given me advice on each and every thing. I can still rewind those advice in my head today and find their relevance in my life.

Even today when I feel lonely or ill it is my mother I call. I sincerely hope she al…