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#HalfGirlfriend Two Half Relationships in a Life

"I am sharing a Half relationship story at BlogAdda in association with #HalfGirlfriend"

I have very closely seen two HALF relationships which were unfortunately there in Sarita Aunty’s life. It is a real challenge to carry an affair where in the other person is barely giving anything. This is the agony of a HALF relationship.

Subodh uncle and Sarita Aunty got married when they both were so young. Sarita Aunty had barely touched her 18th. As a typical Indian mentality, Subodh uncle’s parents forced him to get married because he was trying his hand in local politics. “Shadi kar do.. khud hi sudhar jaega..” following this, an unemployed boy got married to an innocent girl from a poor family. Sarita Aunty’s father was a Hindu pandit who used to perform marriage rituals. So he was always hand-to-mouth in terms of raising four kids. Sarita Aunty was the only daughter and her marriage was going to lower his father’s burden so she agreed to get married even though she wanted to study more. As a new bride, she joined Subodh uncle’s family which had Subodh uncle’s father, mother and Subodh uncle’s younger brother.

Sarita Aunty’s married life was going with ups and down. As Subodh uncle was not doing much to earn their livelihood, she was dependent upon her father-in-law’s pension. Sarita Aunty’s father-in-law, although a senior citizen, was infamous for his bad character. And soon Sarita Aunty herself realized this. Her father-in-law many times tried to touch her inappropriately. She complained about this to her mother-in-law but the old lady got furious over Sarita Aunty saying she was trying to defame her husband. Life was tough for young Sarita Aunty. Every other day, she used to have an argument with Subodh uncle. Sometimes over financial issues and at times over his bad behavior towards her.

Somehow, Subodh uncle got a technician’s job in a distant city and they both shifted there. Sarita Aunty felt little relief as she was away from that suffocating environment of her in law’s house. But her fate was not with her. Subodh uncle met with an accident at his workplace. While mending some equipment, he got a high-affinity electric shock. He was bedridden for months. Subodh uncle had to quit his job because of the long treatment. His eyesight also got affected because of the shock. The couple had no choice but to go back to their hometown and unwillingly Sarita Aunty had to start living with her in-laws again.

Financially, Subodh uncle and Sarita Aunty had nothing left so she finally decided to start giving tuition to local kids. Their house was in a lower class society where most of the people were businessmen and very few people used to know English. When Sarita Aunty started giving English tuition, there was a long queue of students who wanted to join her classes. She used to be a brilliant student of her time and she was also good in making kids learn basics of English so parents started seeing positive results. They started applauding Sarita Aunty and, as most of them knew her financial condition, they started helping her other than giving tuition fee. A family gifted her a wooden almirah as their kid got good marks in English. Likewise, somebody gave her kitchen utensils, other her gave clothes and this way her life got better.

After seven years of her marriage, she got pregnant and gave birth to a boy. Subodh uncle and Sarita Aunty named him Divyansh. Sarita Aunty continued giving tuition, although she was giving double of her strength to it now. She had a kid to take care but she was so strong minded, she continued her work. In a little while, the coin of good time flipped one more time against Sarita Aunty. Seeing her grow, a few envious people, corrupted Subodh uncle’s mind against her. They made Subodh uncle believe that Sarita Aunty had affairs with many of the men of local habitat. One day Subodh came home drunk and started beating Sarita Aunty saying her characterless. There was huge scene and all the neighbors were seeing this drama. But no one helped. Sarita Aunty kept on denying the charges but Subodh Uncle forced her to leave the house in the middle of night. Her destiny again showed her a very stony time. She, along with her 2-year-old boy came back to her parent’s place.

 After a week,Subodh uncle went to meet Sarita Aunty there. He said he was sorry for his behave and wanted to start their journey again. Sarita Aunty was happy to see her husband realizing his mistake. But this was a trap. Subodh uncle, without informing anyone, took their son along and returned back to his hometown. When Sarita Aunty didn’t see her son for a long time, she inquired her brothers to find Divyansh. Her brothers started looking out Divyansh and some local shopkeeper told them that Divyansh was with Subodh uncle at the bus stop. When they reached there and asked people, they came to know that Subodh uncle boarded the bus for his hometown and Divyansh was with him.

Sarita Auty was completely broken. Her husband betrayed her. After facing such public shame and false accusation, Divyansh was her only hope ahead. But she has nothing left to live for. She wanted to suicide but somehow her inner self kept her go with the flow. Many times, she tried to meet Divyansh but Subodh uncle never allowed it. Even worse, Subodh uncle started seeding Divyansh against her mother. He projected Sarita Aunty as a selfish woman who left her son because of her ambitious nature. Poor Divyansh, he got molded in the same way as Subodh uncle wanted to. He started hating his mother. On the other side , Sarita Aunty started doing a job in the nearest city. She was still staying with her parents. Despite she was doing good in her job, her motherhood used to make her cry every day for her son. She was not expecting this kind of ill reaction from Subodh uncle.

Howbeit, Sarita Aunty kept on chasing these two HALF relationships of her life. It was so unyielding to think positive about a HALF relationship that she had with her husband. And another awful and bothersome was her relationship with her son who hated her so much. Neither her husband nor her son behaved well with her since then but devoted Sarita Aunty kept on doing something for both of them. She used to send clothes and gifts for both of them without expecting any response. She used to call them with different numbers so that at least she could hear their voices. A mother’s heart used to crave for his son’s sight. Many times, she visited her in-law's place along with her brother just to meet Divyansh on his birthday. However, Subodh uncle never let her meet Divyansh. Although he used to keep all the gifts and money that Sarita Aunty used to bring for her son. And later Subodh uncle used to give it to Divyansh saying he bought all those clothes and toys.

Time was flying and Divyansh was growing so fast. Sarita Aunty still continued to do all her duties from her side to keep these two HALF relationships of her life in touch. It was full of hatred, abuse, and tears. But what a soul Sarita Aunty was, she never uttered a cuss word in response to Subodh uncle and Divyansh. In his teenage, Divyansh started knowing what had happened to her mother from others. Till then he knew the version that his father had seeded in his mind. Divyansh started understanding that his mother was never wrong. She became a victim of circumstances. She was betrayed by his husband and her own family members. Sarita Aunty by then was a senior member of her company. She was earning well and amazingly she never took a leave in her career. All his office-mates used to respect her so much.

One day she got the news that his husband, Subodh Uncle, was ailing with some incurable disease. Subodh uncle used to do some temporary work so he didn’t have enough money to go for the proper medication. Sarita Aunty, even though having a HALF relationship with his husband who had discarded her 16 years back, went to the hospital where Subodh Uncle was admitted. She discussed with all the doctors and requested to do their best for the treatment. Unfortunately, doctors couldn’t save Subodh uncle and he was no more fighting one day. Sarita Aunty was shattered. One of the most special people of her life left this world. People consoled her saying that Subodh uncle got what he deserved. But no one could understand the pain that Sarita Aunty had in her heart.

That day, one more thing happened. Both of the HALF relationships of her life eventually ended. After waiting for 16 years, she finally hugged her son, with whom she was separated when he was only 2 years old. Subodh uncle could never give good upbringing to Divyansh. He neither had wisdom nor resources to give Divyansh a good childhood and a better life. However, from that day a new chapter of life started, both for Sarita Aunty and Divyansh. They both supported each other through that difficult time. Soon, Sarita Aunty resumed her office and Divyansh got admission for a good computer course. She knew that she couldn’t fix what went wrong in the life of Divyansh but she decided to give him the best she could further.

She still has the soreness of those two HALF relationships of her lifetime. But she is glad and contended that, at least, one of the HALF relationships of her life is now complete. Divyansh is fully hers. 

Please do watch the trailer of the movie "HALF Girlfriend" which inspired me share a real life HALF relationship story above. 


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