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Being Extra Cautious As I am a working mother

I can’t help it but I keep on comparing my parenting experiences with my fellow mothers. At times I compare things with my mother and other family members as well. My bua ji (my father’s elder sister) was always a working mother. Although she used to be a modern woman of her time, yet she couldn’t understand the concept of family planning. She has 5 children. So, initially, the responsibility of her kids was over my parents, as we used to live near to them. There so no as such discussion between my father and my bua ji that he would keep an eye on them. But as an unsaid pact, my father used to follow them. This way I got the chance to closely see how my cousins felt every day when they needed their mother but she was in office. As a kid, I used to like that they were so free in absence of their parents but soon I realized that this absence made a huge impact on their minds.

Most of my family members (including me) set my bua ji responsible for my cousins’ average life achievements. …

#HalfGirlfriend Two Half Relationships in a Life

"I am sharing a Half relationship story at BlogAdda in association with #HalfGirlfriend"

I have very closely seen two HALF relationships which were unfortunately there in Sarita Aunty’s life. It is a real challenge to carry an affair where in the other person is barely giving anything. This is the agony of a HALF relationship.

Subodh uncle and Sarita Aunty got married when they both were so young. Sarita Aunty had barely touched her 18th. As a typical Indian mentality, Subodh uncle’s parents forced him to get married because he was trying his hand in local politics. “Shadi kar do.. khud hi sudhar jaega..” following this, an unemployed boy got married to an innocent girl from a poor family. Sarita Aunty’s father was a Hindu pandit who used to perform marriage rituals. So he was always hand-to-mouth in terms of raising four kids. Sarita Aunty was the only daughter and her marriage was going to lower his father’s burden so she agreed to get married even though she wanted to study…

बच्चो और बड़ो के राम..

राम, भारतीय परम्पराओ में एक जाना पहचाना नाम है. चाहे वो किसी भी धर्म- जाति का शख्श हो, राम को जरूर जानता है. हमारे यहाँ के बड़े त्योहारों में दशहरा और दिवाली का सम्बन्ध राम से है. वो सिर्फ एक अवतार नहीं है, राम पुरुषार्थ के प्रतीक है, राम एक आदर्श पुत्र, भाई और राजा है. राम का वर्णन कई जगह और कई बार मिलता है हमारे इतिहास में. न जाने कितनी ही भाषाओ में रामायण लिखी, सुनी और कही गई है. हिन्दू परिवारों में तुलसीदास जी की रामचरितमानस की बड़ी महत्ता है उसमे भी बस राम ही राम है. बड़ो से बच्चो तक को राम का पता है, अंतर बस ये है कि हर शख्श अपनी उम्र के हिसाब से राम को समझता और मानता है. 

ये अचानक राम की बातें कहा से आ गई..? बिलकुल, इनका लेना देना राम मंदिर के जुडी खबरों से तो है ही, पर इसमें मेरे बेटे के राम भी है. वो राम जिनकी कहानी मेरा ३ साल का बालक रोज सुनता है मुझसे और अपने पापा से. उसके बालमन में राम एक ऐसा नाम है जिसे उसके पिताजी (राजा दशरथ) बहुत प्यार करते है और जंगल नहीं भेजना चाहते पर कैकेई को दिए वचन से झुक जाते है और राम को जंगल जाना पड़ता है. राम वो हैं जो सीता को बचाने के लिए लंका जात…

How to survive your toddler's question..

These days my toddler has become a big question bank. Whenever he comes across a new thing, he starts asking a question around it. A few days back, I was making him remember animal’s name. He asked me “Animal kya karta hai (what does an animal do?)..” I was confused for next two minutes. What I should answer him? There are many different kinds of animals, and each of them does different things, to which animal I should introduce him first? A few other questions that made me scratch my head were “ AC kaise chalta hai..?” “Metro track me kyu chalti hai..?” “Bird me petrol kyu khatm ho gaya..?”

From the time kids first learn to talk, they constantly ask questions. They start out simple, easy questions with simple answers but soon their questions start challenging their parents. Kids have voracious appetites for knowledge and an insatiable curiosity for how the world works. So they keep on showing their curiosity in the forms of queries. However, unless you have a doctorate in everything, …

आम और अमरुद की कहानी..

गर्मियों का मौसम आते ही आम के किस्से शुरू हो जाते है घरो में. कितने किस्म के आम आते है? कौन से आम ज्यादा मीठे होते है? और कौन कितने आम खा सकता है? ऐसी बातें रोज होने लगती है, कम से कम ईस्ट UP में ऐसा ही है. मैं भी वही से आती हूँ और बचपन की यादो में आम काफी जगह है. अगर आप अवध के किसी भी बच्चे से पूछे तो वो आम को ही अपना पसंदीदा फल बताएगा. वहाँ बच्चे और बड़े सब आम का बेसब्री से इंतज़ार करते है हर साल. और जैसे ही बाजार में आम दिखे बस आ जाते है खरीद कर, ये जानते हुए भी कि शुरुवात के आम खट्टे होते है.पर मेरा किस्सा थोड़ा अलग है. मुझे आम से ज्यादा अमरुद पसंद है. एक बार ऐसे ही घर पर बात हो रही थी और जैसे ही मैंने कहा मेरा पसंदीदा फल अमरुद है, किसी ने कहा "अमरुद भी कोई फल है, फलो का राजा तो बस आम है आम.." मुझे बड़ा गुस्सा आया. सबकी अपनी पसंद है भाई , क्या कमी है अमरुद में?

बचपन में मेरा घर कॉलोनी की जिस गली में था वो अमरुद वाली गली के नाम से जानी जाती थी. मेरे घर के सामने के सारे घरो में एक-एक अमरुद का पेड़ था, आगे के आँगन में. पेड़ की पत्तियों से कूड़ा बड़ा होता है तो मेरी माँ की इच्छानुसार…

"The Terrible Two's" How I Am Handling Them..

A few days back I was telling my husband that our toddler made me feel insulted in front of everyone in my office cafeteria. Actually what happened, one day we both mother and son were heading to the cafeteria for having our breakfast. The passage is also having lifts which many other employees were using. My 2.5 year old saw them and immediately tried to break free and rush inside a lift. I stopped him and forcefully carried him as he was trying hard to get his hand free. And then his anger came out! He pulled my hair, scratched me on my face and shouted to show his temper tantrum. Many of my office friends were witnessing this drama and everyone was like “Ye Vibhu ko hua kya hai..”

These days we both, husband and wife, are going through a phase we called “The terrible twos”. Many of the times, without any big reason, our son gets dissolved into howling puddle of misery. We try our best to distract him from the very reason of his temper but it takes time to bring his good mood back. …

#MoreIndianThanYouThink Being an Indian Mother is Success for me

This world is a beautiful place. It’s really amazing how different countries with their unique cultures exist in harmony here. I know, there are some exceptions; however, I think that is almost negligible when I see the culmination of values and beliefs in our universe. Everyone is exclusive and different, yet all of us make this planet livable. As a mature person who got the chance to understand the ethos of a few other continents, I can proudly say that our country holds a different space in this world, a culture that is known for its strong family system and core values. Feeling proud about our mother land is no unique. But being an Indian, I have gained so much at my professional front.

Yes, I am a working mother of a 3-year-old boy. I have close to 9 years of experience in software industry and I am looking forward to work for more and more years. Being a mother and being a professional person bring two different kinds of challenges in life. And when you work for a demanding clien…

White Vs Brown Bread : A quick read

I am always confused about one thing. Should I eat white or brown bread?  Whenever I don’t have breakfast with me, after reaching office I ask the cafeteria wale bhaiya to give me bread-butter with chai. He is so informed that every time he asks me “Madam white or brown?”
My bestie Saumya has an inclination towards brown bread as she considers it healthier than white bread. But to be honest, leave aside the health factor, I don’t like the taste of brown bread at all. Also, I don’t think it is anyway better than white bread. A few days back, I read a book “Unjunked” and it again made my belief stronger that it’s better to go with taking white bread when one has to decide between brown and white bread. As per the book
“Whole wheat bread has no added beneficial ingredient that can enhance the nutritional composition of that bread. In fact, wheat bread has extra gluten added to it to get the sponginess. Due to the presence of bran in wheat bread, gluten needs to be step up to 14% whereas w…