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The Client Visit

Yesterday we had our first client meet. And this was no less than a movie for me. Entertainment - Entertainment - Entertainment . So here goes the story of this very movie “The client visit”. I know title doesn’t look appealing but as Shakespeare said “What’s in a name?” I have spent only few seconds in deciding this title. If you are still not convinced with my answer, go watch Hindi movie “Suraj ka satvan ghoda”, directed by legend Syam Benegal. Any ways, let me come to the story of this movie. But before I sail through the movie scenes, let me introduce you with star cast of this movie:

·Actor/Actress: Thomas, Jenny and Ashish
·Supporting Actor: DS
·Comedians: Nitin Jain and Sanjeev
·Special Appearance: Ravi

Scene 1 :
Our team is quite big including 10-15 people. And Those awesome foursomes visited our bay to say hello to us. Sanjeev was with them and as he quickly introduced them, I got first glimpse of Thomas.I was so impressed with his first look. I don't know how US people get suc…